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Tales of a Tongue...

Tales of a Tongue...

Originally, I'd wanted to get my tongue pierced last summer while I was living up in the Yukon, however the arrangements I'd had with that piercer...shall we say...fell through. grabs the gun Enough about that.

Upon my return to Vancouver, an old friend and I hooked up and started dating, and my birthday was fast approaching, so my boyfriend, kind as he is, volunteered to pay for me to drive a piece of steel through my tongue. Sounded good to me, so we jumped into the van and headed for Next! down on Granville St in Downtown Vancouver. Brayden (my boyfriend) had gotten his tongue pierced there about six weeks earlier and had no problems whatsoever, and highly recommended the shop. I'd already had my brow pierced there (but it migrated -- not as a result of a bad piercing job, but rather because my brow just wouldn't hold the pierce pout) This place was fairly interesting, you could see the sterilization area, a nice display with all the types of jewelry they offer, all sorts of good stuff. After filling out a form and a little bit of waiting, a group of us were ushered through a door with a sign on it marked "No Drama Queens." Nice touch. Right across from that is the washroom, bearing the familiar Trainspotting logo "the worst toilet in Scotland." Equally nice :) Now came the fun stuff.

Fogg (the piercer) sat the piercees down on a bench in this room. He had a little incence burning in the background (mmm...Nag Champa!) and some Loreena McKennitt (Way to go Ontario!).. Now came the introduction. "Welcome to Next!, my name is Fogg, and I am going to hurt you...I thank you for trusting me to jam a piece of cold steel through your warm bodies..." He then proceeded to give us a brief history of piercing, a fairly thorough explanation of sterilization vs. disinfection (and the hazards involved) as well as why you should never stick a gun to your head at Claire's (or any other place that does ear-piercing with a piercing gun) :) After that, he described all the different piercings which were going to be performed in this batch (I believe there was a navel, a tragus, my tongue, an eyebrow, and a nostril).. Fogg gave me a quick story about how when he was in Honduras he accidentally swallowed his barbell and had to go fishing for it. Translation: Keep your barbell on tight :) Anyways, he did the navel piercing first, then it was my turn...

Game time...I hop up onto the dentists chair in the room, Fogg donned some latex gloves and started to get everything ready, laying out the tools, paper towels, needle, barbell, etc. He told me to stick my tongue out as far as I could, then try and touch my chin, then my nose. "Wow, you're 1/4" shy of a marriage proposal!" he said. Chuckles from around the room, and a little smile from Brayden who was sitting in the corner :) Then he gave me some eviljuice to swish with (Cool Mint Listerine -- not as bad as the original stuff!), I spat that out, then he showed me the clamp, giving me the explanation that he didn't want to have to use the surgical clicks, but if I moved, he'd have no choice :) Instead, he just wrapped an elastic band around it so that it would be snug but wouldn't hurt. He lined everything up with the clamp and then started using some aromatherapy to calm me down a little bit (not that I was really nervous or freaked out about the whole thing to begin with...) He used some Ylang-Ylang and some Lavender (good stuff!), then told me that he was going to count to four...breathe in on one, out on two, in on three, offering a reminder to stick my tongue way out, and then he'd perform the piercing while I was breathing out on four...

in on one...out on two...in on three...stick your tongue out...and...jab

It just felt like a pinch, the next thing I know, he's screwing the bottom ball in, the needle's out, wipes up a little drool, and tells me to "go forth and be cool..." Too easy!

Brayden and I then strolled down Granville a bit to hit up the Taco Time for some ice -- my best friend suddenly. Brayden says that my tongue bled a little bit afterwards, but it wasn't really noticeable.

The next day, the fun and enjoyment was over...I could barely swallow!!! My tongue was SO fat! Had to spit into a cup for a few days afterwards. I went back to Next! to have them check it out after the week had gone by and things weren't back to normal yet...they just said that I was a bit slow in the healing department, and sure enough, as time went by, everything calmed down and went back to normal.

When selecting my barbell, I chose one that had interchangeable balls on it, so shortly after things healed, I was in buying new ball ends...I now have a rose quartz ball, a jade ball, and a third one (brown with gold speckles) that I can't remember the name of right now (whoops!) :) I absolutely love my tongue piercing (and so does Brayden for that matter), and things are good :)

I'd highly recommend Next! for piercings in general -- I've had an eyebrow done by them, and Brayden and I are contemplating more piercings there in the not-too-distant future.. They're located at 1063 Granville St in downtown Vancouver (east side of the street between Nelson and Helmcken). Their email address is next@direct.ca if you want to get in touch with them...



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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