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Oriel13's Tongue Piercing

Oriel13's Tongue Piercing

10/9/98 After pondering a tongue pierce for a month or so, I finally saved

up the cash to have it done. I went to Today's Tattoos in Cleveland, TN because I had my last tattoo and my navel pierce done there. I got in at about 9:45 after I got off from work, and I got there just as they were about to close.

After I signed all the paperwork, I decided on a 3/4 in.  14 ga. SS

barbell. I would have liked a larger gauge since I am going to stretch after I heal, but upon finding out that I have a small tongue, I decided against the larger gauge.

I went into the piercing room to watch Mike prepare all the equipment.

Everything was nice and sterile, just like it was all the other times I have been in. I was so nervous about this pierce (more so than any of my other pierces or tattoos) that I just kept pacing around until I felt calm enough to sit down.

After swishing with the obligatory Listerine (cool mint) Mike examined my

tongue to decide where to put the hole. As I have a short tongue, the top ball is a little farther back than the bottom, which is directly in front of the frenum. He kept telling me to stick my tongue out as far as I could, but my poor, scared little tongue just didn't want to come out very far. After getting enough of my tongue out to pierce, he put the clamps on (which did slightly hurt, but it helped numb the tongue for the actual piercing) and told me to take deep breaths and let them out slowly. Upon my exhale, I felt pressure being put on my tongue and a strange sensation radiating through it. I wouldn't call it pain because it didn't hurt, but it is a feeling that can't be easily explained. I didn't feel anything rip, I didn't hear anything pop, I only felt a warm radiation going across my tongue. I had trouble keeping my tongue out while he tried to put the barbell in and he had to keep reminding me to stick my tongue out. I would have to say that the inserting of the barbell was the only part that I felt any pain, the rest was merely uncomfortable or annoying.

Afterwards, I rinsed again with Listerine and there was a little blood

that time. When I looked in the mirror I saw a bit of blood, but it ended in under 5 minutes. He gave me a sheet with aftercare, asked if I had any questions, and sent me on my way.

I headed over to my local movie theater to stock up in crushed ice (since

my best friend works there). I went home and sucked on ice, and also drank a milkshake with some Ensure. Later that night, some friends came over and I decided to chance some alcoholic beverages. It was no problem; no stinging or anything. I finally called it a night around 3 am.

The next morning I woke up to find my tongue swollen and sore. I

immediately took some Ibuprofen and it went down considerably. Had another Ensure-milkshake and sucked some ice. I went to the movies that afternoon and sucked ice some more. That night I got a craving for solid food so I had a grilled chicken breast with some boiled potatoes. This was no problem, I just had to tear the chicken into pieces and place it onto my teeth. The potatoes were easy to handle as well.

It is now the second night. As long as I take 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours,

the swelling and soreness are minimal. I hope that my tongue will be back to normal in a few days, as I have a slight lisp and I am taking a speech class at school! But I have been able to eat normal stuff as long as I don't take huge bites and I put the food on my teeth first.

It's now February, and my tongue pierce is my favorite of all. I stretched

it to an 8 gauge last weekend, and I have a goal of reaching at least a 4. I would recommend this pierce to anyone considering it. Just don't make my mistake and psych yourself into thinking it will be the most painful experience of your life. I had my wisdom teeth taken out a few months ago, and that was much more of a painful inconvenience. It is pretty easy to take care of : Listerine after everything but water, Gly-Oxide twice a day, and take ibuprofen for pain or swelling. I am so happy with my new pierce because it looks cool and it is really fun to have. Plus, my work can't complain because it is fairly inconspicuous. I hope this has helped anyone considering this to go for it!

Oriel13 [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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