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Liz (16) gets her tongue pierced

Okay, first, a little background. I am 16/female and I live in NY. I am EXACTLY the kinda straight-laced, intelligent, blonde haired blue eyed angel, babysitting, catholic school, girl next door, sweet as pie girl who does NOT get her tongue pierced. Maybe that is why i HAD to do it. Maybe it was rebellion. Who knows. What i do know, is that you only live once. Everyone has regrets...if this turns out to be one....then so be it..i will have learned from it. My parents said no way was i gonna get my tongue pierced (even after much begging and pleading) I read all of the BME tongue piercing accounts and they were very helpful. Sooo..i decided i HAD to have a tongue piercing, and FINALLY, March 5, 1999, I got one!

My best friend went with me. We went to Tuff City (which I HIGHLY

recommend...email me for more info if u r in NY). I filled out the "I won't sue you" form and waited my turn. OHHH!!! excited and NERVOUS.

Finally...my turn. The piercer's room was VERY clean, like a doctor's office.

I sat on a chair and opened my mouth wiiiiiiide. She looked at my tongue, wiped it with gauze, dotted it with ink, and put on the clamps (which were not any problem at ALL), she told me to take a deep breath and then exhale slowly saying "ahhhh" like at the doctor's office. Sooo...I did...the moment i exhaled...she put the needle through (top to bottom). It didn't hurt at all! Actually, i don't even remember if there was even a tiny pinch, i dont think so! it just felt weird, i was tripping a little bit, but she was done in literally 10 seconds (needle pushed through, barbell pushed through, ball screwed on). I got up, looked in the mirror.. EWWW BLOOD. Lol, but i rinsed once and it washed away just fine. It looked great. The barbell felt and looked HUGE...but believe me, even if it looks way to big, you need it to accomodate the swelling. It was only $40 bucks including jewlery!!! pretty cheap by comparison i think---at least in NY. They say the more relaxed you are, the easier the piercing will go (i know what you're thinking, "relaxed?!? when someone is jabbing a needle through your tongue?!? are you crazy?!?"...but, it is true. Just try to relax as much as possible during the actual piercing..it is not at ALL, REMOTELY painful, i PROMISE. Hey, if you are reading this story and the others in BME, it shows that you are at least researching it and making an informed decision. I applaud you =)

OOOOkay, so the night of the piercing i felt fine, i put ice on it and went

out. Slept over my friends house. In the morning (post piercing day 1), I expected pain. Not bad at all! I didnt even need aspirin or anything! It was just a little bit sore and SWOLLEN..but it didnt hurt.

Soo...that day i went to a bball game, that night I babysat and then slept

over my cousins house, concealing it from everyone the whole time--cause basically, if my aunt and incle found out, first they would kill me, then let my parents kill me again!! lol. but no problems. Soooo...the next day (Post piercing day 2) I passed a huge test. I talked to and went out to breakfast with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and hid it from them perfectly!!!! My parents still don't know....everyone in North America will hear the bloodcurling screams when they do, lol...It is now Monday (I was pierced on Friday). My tongue is still swollen, but no problems at all! I use my listerine =). I talk and eat like normal (but i am careful not to bite the barbell!!!).

It is a great piercing because i can hide it from whomever i like and i can

play with it allllll the time. I can't wait to go back to Tuff City (oh, btw, in case neone cares, Mase and Puffy were tattoed there--there are awesome pics of them with the owner, plus some magazine articles and they are LICENSED--all reasurring factors, i strongly recommend this place!!!!).

So far, i love this thing in my mouth!!! The whole experience has been

positive. It feels like it has always been there and everyone at school LOVED it today, it seems i have started a piercing trend--numerous people have asked me to take them with me when i go back to Tuff City. Hmm..what should I pierce next? belly button maybe? i dunno? any ideas? If you have ANY comments or questions (no matter how silly or important..i will try my best to answer them!) you can email me at [email protected] (preferably with tongue piercing or some other apparent subject, so i don't delete it like junk mail). Happy Piercing..Drop me a Line, Anytime!!!!

LL<3VE, Liz


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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