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Dutch tongue piercing

Dutch tongue piercing

Hi, I'm Pieter and I'm 21 years old, live in the Netherlands, and my life's pretty average. About two years ago I got my first tattoo. It was one of those thing's I felt I had to do, no particulate reason, just this strong urge to get tattooed. Well since the blessed day I got injected with the well known tattoo virus I've been obsessed with this wonderful form of art. This obsession made me get a second tattoo and it made me buy tattoo magazines. Reading these magazines I stumbled onto some Internet addresses and I decided to check them out. After a while I reached this site, BME, and the piercing pictures just sort'a grabbed me. Piercings interested me before but I never got one for the simple reason that they were getting to fashionable. Everyone who wanted to be cool got their eyebrow or navel pierced. Well, BME now introduced me to the world of piercing and my vision changed. I wanted one, and I wanted it BAD. Only, which one ? Eyebrows are a big no no and the rest ... well, I started reading. Finally I decided that a tongue piercing would be the thing for me, not to visible, easy to take care of, virtually painless and most of all FUN. I told my sister that I wanted to get my tongue done and she proposed that we could give each other one for our birthdays (they're still 6 months away though) I said OK my sister asked around, I read some more and finally we picked a place and a date. Body Manipulations in Amsterdam, the day before Carnaval (no school for a week). It would give us a week of rest so our piercing would get all the opportunity to heal. After that we told our parents about our plan, they didn't really like it but, who cares ...


Friday 7:30 hr. Feb. 12th

Today's the day. I'm going to get my tongue pierced (finally). I have to go to school today but I think I'll skip the last few classes. That'll mean I'm out of school about 13:00 hr. I'll meet my sister at the train station (she'll get her tongue done too), we'll have to get some supplies like Listerine and ice and then it's two hours in the train, somewhere around 15:00 hr. at the piercer, hmmmm...that gives us two hours to get pierced, should be enough. We'll have to be back home at seven 'cause otherwise we can't use our OV (sort of a free travel pass) to travel anymore and I don't want to buy train tickets. Hey, I'm a student, I'm poor :)

I haven't told anyone at school about my piercing plans and I'm not going to tell them either. It's a surprise. There's no school next week so my tongue won't be swollen anymore (I hope) when I'll get back in school. I've read just about every piece of information about tongue piercings I could get my hands on and they all say that the piercing takes about 3 to 5 day's to heal. Or at least till you can talk again, let's hope I'm a quick healer.

Well, It's of to school for me, can't wait to get that fat needle trough my tongue.

Later that day ...

I was supposed to meet my sis at the McDonalds, I figured this would be the place for my last meal. I definitely got the time to enjoy my food 'cause my sister was about 30 minutes late. Finally she came and we went to take the train to Amsterdam. Of to get Manipulated.

Finally we reached Amsterdam CS it seemed to take ages to get there. The only thing to do now was to go and find the piercing studio. I got the address from the internet but Amsterdam is so F'n big. Well, we search for a while, asked around for a bit and then reached our destination. It was really busy and when I was up to talk to the counter girl she told me I had to wait for two more hours and my sis had to wait even longer because she wouldn't do us both in one session. Well, as you can imagine we didn't really feel like waiting that long and we were planning on getting home around seven. After some thinking we decided to search for an other shop. Then I remembered a place in Rotterdam (Tattoo Bob), a friend of mine got tattooed there, I looked up the address and off we went. Back to the trains. About an hour later we reached Rotterdam, asked for directions and took the subway to see Tattoo Bob. Finally we reached the place and we were so relived to see that it was nearly empty. We went in and the people there were great. We asked for a tongue piercing and immediately this piercer guy takes out this fake tongue with this huge piercing in it and puts it in his mouth. Man, what a stupid sight that was. Well anyway, he agreed to pierce us and my sis demanded that she would go first. That way she couldn't run away after I got mine. I wasn't allowed to look but everything went fine. Then it was my turn.

Getting pierced

When my sis was done Ralph (the piercer) called me. He told me to sit down, in one extremely comfortable chair I might add, and he got a pair of clean gloves the needle and the barbell. Then I had to fill out a form in which I claimed full responsibility for my actions and at the same time it was a sort of coupon for a free barbell change ( I can change the large one I have now for a shorter one later ). When everything was filled out and he told me the basic piercing story he sterilising the barbell rapped me in paper just in case I would drool and told me to close my eyes because he didn't wanted me to see the needle. I told him I could handle it but he insisted on closed eyes because he knew from experience that people easily panic when they see the needle, even if they say they can handle it. Well, I sorta agreed and decided to close my eyes. He wouldn't pierce me if I didn't. Now I didn't see anything so I can only guess what really happened but I'm pretty sure I basically know what he did. First he told me to stick out my tongue so he could apply a pair of clamps. I flapped my tongue out, he put the clamps in place and then told me to relax my tongue. Well, first part was easy, on to the second part. He placed the needle on my tongue and I felt a pinch. He pushed the needle trough and at the bottom I felt this little pinch again. I was an unpleasant feeling but it was short and I wouldn't describe it as real pain. When the needle went trough he removed it but a plastic tube remained to stick trough my tongue. He placed the barbell in the tube, pulled the tube out and placed the barbell in my tongue. After that the top ball was screwed on and I could open my eyes again. I got a glass of water and the piercer checked if I was all right. Well, I was so fucking excited I couldn't even remember how felling bad was supposed to feel. He quickly noticed I was OK and I was allowed to get up from the chair. I made an appointment for the barbell change, it's in two weeks, and we went home. Again we took the train but this time we had to buy a ticket. All in all we spent about 8 hours in the train and 30 minutes getting pierced. Well, finally we arrived at home, we got some ice and then we called our parents (they had to go to a party) and they still really couldn't appreciate our adventure but right now I couldn't care less. Well, I don't have any problems with the piercing yet, no swelling, I can talk and it doesn't even really hurt. I just have to keep my tongue still 'cause when I move it around to much it starts to irritate a bit. I'm going to sleep now, let's see what the rest of the week has in store for my new toy.

Saturday ... the day after.

When I woke up my tongue was pretty swollen and dry. It hurtled a bit in the morning but nothing serious, sucking on ice helped a lot. Tried to speak but I have a terrible lisp. Later in the day I got some Listerine and rinsed for the first time. Wasn't to bad. I ate some ice cream and managed to eat a banana and some cake, really slow but no real problems there. Well, up to now it's going fine let's hope things will only improve in the next couple of days.

Day nr. 2

When I woke up my tongue was bleeding a bit. Probably had a dream with some nice girls in it, if you know what I mean :) Well, after some Listerine and ice the bleeding stopped. My speech is better but I'm still having problems with L's and there's a slight lisp. Eating is going great, I ate some soup and bread today. I'm also able to eat soft cookies and stuff. I hardly notice the barbell most of the time so I guess it's healing just fine. Now I'm going to sleep but first I'm going to try to eat a candy bar 'cause I don't think I can handle living without candy for one more day.

Day nr. 3

In the morning my tongue was covered with a brownish goo, yuch. I tried to remove it with my toothbrush but that didn't help much, guess I'd better dilute my Listerine some more. There's no pain but my tongue was bleeding a bit this morning, ice helped. I'm able to eat almost anything as long as the food won't get stuck between my teeth. I can't use my tongue to get it out so that's a bit of a problem. Talking is getting better, my lisp is nearly gone. I caught myself playing with my piercing a couple times today, have to remember not to play to much or my tongue will heal slower.

Oh yeah, I told one of my friends about my piercing today and he couldn't believe it, now he's dyeing to see it.

Day nr. 4

The morning swelling is getting less. Didn't need any ice during the whole day. My tongue was pale again today and my mom got a bit worried so I called the piercer (to calm my mom down) they told me it was the Listerine, I needed to dilute it some more, just as I expected. I had my first "real" meal today and there was no problem there, even the meat chewed down fine. The bottom ball is sticking out a bit now so it looks like the swelling is going down, joy joy. Well, that's it for today.

Day nr. 5

Everything back to normal now. There's still a little bit of swelling but noting serious. The bottom ball is really sticking out of my tongue now. For the first time I have to be careful not to bite on the balls while I eat. Well, there's nothing more to tell, everything is going great. I can't wait to get back to school to show off. The girls in my class will go crazy. hehehe :)

Monday ...

Went to school today and one of my class mates told everybody about my piercing. Well, I had to stick my tongue out for about a million times. Most of the people I showed it to reacted with an "AUCH !!!" or a "YUCH !!!" but in the end they all liked it. One girl wanted to kiss me on the spot just to check out how it felt, kissing with a tongue piercing, but I have to wait a few more days till my tongue is totally healed, to bad ;) Anyway, now I'm the coolest guy in school :) (or I'm just a bit cooler than I was before :)

Two weeks later (barbell changing time)

After school I took the train to Rotterdam to see Ralph to get a shorter barbell. I walked the last bit 'cause I didn't feel like waiting for the bus. Well, I reached the shop and got a warm welcome. Man, do I like it there. Anyway, I asked for Ralph and told him I wanted a barbell change. We talked a bit about the healing and how I liked it so far and then he told me to sit down and he got the shorter barbell. After he took the old one out he had to go answer the phone and I was sitting there with a "naked" tongue, it felt really weird not having a piercing, I couldn't wait till I had that precious piece of metal back in my mouth. Well, when Ralph came back it was a matter of seconds before the smaller barbell was put in. I thanked the guy and went home, totally satisfied.

To conclude this story I just have to say "PIERCE YOUR TONGUE !!!! NOW !!!!" it's fun, believe me.

If you have any comments, questions or you just need to talk to someone and your psychiatrist is on a holiday you can always reach me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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