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Bad 2nd Tongue Piercing

lright, this story can be long and complicated or short and sweet, so I'll have to compromise a litte bit. the first time I had seen a tongue piercing was when I was 16 years old when my gurlfriends bestfriend got hers done. Ever since that day I wanted it done(and her). But there was a little problem to this fantasy, I was underage and there were certain laws that were in my way.

So for a year I waited and waited to get my tongue pierced.  Finally, my

enior year, a lot of my friends were getting their tongue's pierced and they were all underage, so I asked them how they were getting it done underage. Some of them got their parent's permission, which wasn't an option for me. Everyone else was going to a hair salon named Zimar's that also did piercings and didn't card. It was only $40 compared to the professional prices of $60 around town. How could I go wrong with this deal I thought to myself.

After finageling for the cash I finally got to the place.  After having to

deal with the piercers precious schedule I gfinally got in. After a little bit of waiting and preperation, I got to pick out my barbell. I chose the biggest one he had, which was an 8 guage. he said it would cost extra but eventually let me off. So I got pierced with my big 8 guage the first time. After the normal healing process I wanted it down again. All my friends thought I was crazy to even think about going through the discomfort again, but I wanted it, and I wanted it pretty bad.

 I was working now so it was a little easier to get the funds this time.  So

with a few of my friends and a gurrl that I was paying for to get pierced, we headed back to Zimar's to get pierced. I let Nipple(its her name, trust me, I know) go first and she cried from the pain. Then it was my turn at the needle. This time I chose a smaller 12 guage to start out with, and maybe I'd work up from there.

It was the same routine as the first time.  I chose where I wanted it, at

first I wanted it in front of the original, but i didn't think there would be enough room, and did not want it ripping out. So behind the original it was. The piercer marked the spot he was to pierce. He finally realized he would need to take out my first barbell in order to get to the second hole. So he takes the first one out and then proceeds to poke the needle through my tongue FROM THE TOP.

Now the pain the first time was nothing more than that of a needle prick, but

this time was different, something wasn't right. I could see the blood pouring down from my mouth and the pain was almost unbearable. I could see my friend's faces as they either left the room in disgust or stayed to watch the carnage. I had no idea what was going on as he was telling me to hold still(which I was doing the entire time). It took him at least 30 mins just to get the barbell through the bottom of my tongue, after a long period of digging around. At one point I stood up to take a break from the gouging and nearly fainted from the massive blood loss.

Finally the moron had gotten it screwed in.  When I looked at it in the

mirror, I could see that he had pierced right through my vein, so I told him to look at it. He told me straight out that it was resting snuggling next to the vein and it wouldn't be a problem. I was reluctant, but I just wanted to get out of there. I felt more discomfort than I expected, and by the third day, my tongue was turning some strange colors(purple, green, etc.) At that point I knew it was time to take it out before any permanent damage started. That night I took the barbell back to the dude who pierced me and got my money back. The sad part is he took the barbell back and he'll probably be using it again on some other underage sucker.

P.S. Both of the piercings were done from top to bottom and both were slightly crooked. if you're ever in Kutztown, Pa, don't go to Zimar's it is unsafe and even warned against by other local shops for its high rate of infections and mishaps.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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