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"Oh my God!I can't believe YOU did it"

h1>"Oh my God!I can't believe YOU did it"

That's basically the reaction I get when I show my new piercing to everyone. My story is pretty normal. Most people think of me as "The girl who never smiles"

I don't understand most people. I basically analyze everyone I come in contact with. I guess my personality is besides the point. I am 17.i live in Texas.(By the way if your in San Antonio and looking for a place. Go to Adrenaline)So that means I have to be 18 to get anything pierced. But let me tell you.. when u want something bad enough you'll get it. Ok so here's my story.

I've wanted to pierce my tongue for the longest.Basically because my mom would be pissed if I did it.And I would impress everyone by proving them wrong about me.I wouldn't really call myself trendy.But ever since I saw this girl in the mall with one I HAD to have it.After that day I began to see that a lot of people have them.(remember I analyze everyone.so I was looking at peoples mouths when they were talking.Alot of people thought I was a little retard or something staring at them.But o well.) So I said to myself...I'm going to do it. I told some friends and my cousin about it.All of them said it wasn't "like you to do something like that" Screw them I though.

So I did a lot of asking around and looking on here to find all the information I could get.(BME was the 1st and last stop for me.They have everything u need to know and more.Thanks BME! If it wasn't for this page and all of its stories I would have been screwed.But that's later on....)

So one Friday I said what the hell today's the day.(Feb 5th).One of my cousins(carol) said she would take me and act as my guardian.(Plus I didn't tell my mom about it.I did get my ass kicked afterward though)Around 7 o' clock we drove to Adrenaline.I made carol drive cuz my nerves weren't exactly calm.When we were walking to the door I was thinking to myself.."What the hell are u doing crystal???You don't belong here!" But I shut myself up and went in.The place was a normal Tattoo shop.Sample pictures on the wall.The lovely nice "clean" smell.No one was in the front room so we looked around.Then Andy (my piercer.god he was hot) came in and asked us what we wanted.Carol told him I wanted my tongue pierced.And he was trying convince her to get it done to.But she was a wuss and didn't do it.He told me it wasn't going to hurt and that I "wasn't gonna feel a thing" I trusted him because to had so many piercing's I couldn't even count.I asked him how much and he said 50$ I thought it was kind of cheep compared to what others have wrote about.He told me to sit down and wait while he cleaned up and stuff.I was glad it gave me time to contemplate..and to memorize all the pictures on the wall.

Andy came back and led us in to the back room.I walked in and saw on my right a dentist looking chair.Which I assumed I was going to sit.But he told me to have a seat on the long doctor looking table on my left.I sat down and he came and sat on a chair in front of me. He told me to stick out my tongue so he could see where to mark it.He got out a marker, dried my tongue and marked the spot where he would pierce it.I thought he would ask me to see if I liked where he put it.But he didn't.I was too nervous to say anything.(But if you decide to do it ASK!) He told me to lay down.He sat behind me so I couldn't see what he was doing so these next parts my cousin told me what happened.He opened the needle and put some Vaseline looking stuff on the barbell.Before I sat down I caught a glimpse of the needle.I was expecting something bigger.I was glad that it wasnt.By now I had closed my eyes. I was in "another place". I felt him putting the clamps on.(Some people have said they had hurt.but I didn't feel anything.the needle hurt more!) I was a little more calm by now. He asked if I was ready.All I could do was mumble and nod yes.At 1st I didn't feel it go in.But when it passed the next layers....I felt it.It wasn't a pain like you wanted to cry.It was just an uncomfortable feeling.I started to tear up, I don't know why.Andy asked if I was ok.I just noded.The needle was in and next came the barbell,which I think hurt the most.The whole process, from the needle to the barbell being screwed on, took about 10 seconds at the most. He told me to put my tongue back in my mouth..WOAH did that feel weird.it was like I had a bunch of marshmallows in my mouth and I couldn't swallow.Well..not really but that's how I can describe it. After it was in my mouth,my tongue started to tremble.I guess it was all that adrenaline rushing in me.So then I got up,paid Andy 50$(I forgot to tip him) and that was all really.He did give me a paper that said go go get some ice,listerine and glyoxide.But he really didnt explain much.That's why I'm glad I read all the information on here before I went.

That night....... So I went to Carol's house.I wasn't about to go home.But earlier I went to the store and bought some popsicles,glyoxide and listerine.That night I was soooooo hungry.I hadn't eaten before I went to get pierced.(Do yourself a favor and eat all u can before u go)I ended up chewin on ice the whole night.I could talk but I sounded like I was retarded.I had to use my hands a lot while I was talking.And I was afraid to swallow so I had a bunch of spit in my mouth.The "S" and the "Th's" aren't going to be your friend for about a couple of days. I took some Tylenol before I went to bed.(I forgot to take some before I went.thats probably why the needle hurt a little.i recommend you take some before you go)

Day 2 (Feb 6th)

I woke up and my mouth was very very dry.And swollen.It didn't hurt thought.I drank some water,took Tylenol and ate ice.Ice Ice and more Ice. Today I had to go home, I had to pretend I was sick so my mom wouldn't bug me. She made me soup.That was good but took FOREVER to eat.I kept drooling all over myself. Basically all I ate was soup and yoguart.Of course I listerine after everything I eat(I dilute it because I was told listerine can make your tongue swell up more)I use glyoxide about 4 times a day.

The guilt took over me and I confessed to my mom that night...she wasn't very happy.She later got over it.And now she's cool about it

Days 3-4

It was still sort of swollen.And checking the balls to make sure they are tight is still kinda hard cuz I drool alot.I still listerine and glyoxide after everything I put in my mouth.I ate a tortilla today.It was very difficult I had to stick it way in the back of my mouth.I mostly eat soup,soggy cereal,pudding and drink cold water.(Stay away from sodas for awhile) But it doesn't hurt.Talking is getting better.

Day 7-10

No swelling at all.No pain and I can talk perfectly.Eating is still sort of a hassle.i just have to eat real slowly.I listerine in the morning and at night .And I use glyoxide before I go to bed.

3rd Week

Last Friday(Feb 26th) I decided to go back to Adrenaline and see if I was healing properly and to downsize my barbell because it was too long.And when I talked it hit the bottom teeth..it didn't feel good. While I was there I decided to stretch it to a 12 gauge.(I like pain) Andy wasn't there.(I was sad)Some other guy was there.I was a little hesitated letting him do anything to me.But I needed it changed badly. The guy(I didn't ask his name) ended up being really nice and told me more things then Andy did.He said he could stretch it for me.He 1st had to see if it went in with no problem or he had to use the stretcher.(I didn't like the sound of "the stretcher") I wasn't very nervous this time.The guy made me feel real comfortable. So I stuck out my tongue he took off my old barbell.Then he got the needle stuck it in.As he was doing this he said I wouldn't need the stretcher because my hole was big enough.Next came the barbell (it was big with these big big big balls)That kinda hurt.But it was all over in a about 5 seconds.After I put it in my mouth...it felt SOOOO much better.I definitely recommend getting big balls and a shorter barbell. You can talk without the damn thing hitting your front teeth.You can actually eat without worrying that your going to bite down on it.I paid the guy my 25$ and tipped him 5 bucks cuz he was really nice.

Today(March 1)

Everything is good.I now live in California with my dad(who is the only one who likes it).I can eat everything I want. Talk with no problem.But I still listerine every morning and night.And use glyoxide every once in a while.I LOVE this thing in my mouth.I think I'm getting addicted to pain. I think my next piercing will be my labret.If you decide to go through with it..let me tell you..it was all worth the discomfort in the 1st few days.Trust me!

If you have any questions,comments or just want to talk.Email me at GirLSyko@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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