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Tongue at "The Best Little Hair House"

K Its February 13,99 and my appointment is for 4pm. I can't wait I get to "The Best Little Hair House" when I got there the lady said it would be a little while before I went in I said ok,but had no idea it would be an hour so I waited and waited and I was thinking of how fun this was going to be when it heald.She asked me if I was ready (derailing my train of thought)I said yea and in to the back room we went.I had some of my friends w/ me (They wanted to watch) I sat in the "Chair 'O' Pain" at least that's what she called it,anyways she washed her hands,told me the aftercare(that's a bitch)made me sign some "If I die or my tongue falls off its not their fault"papers told me to keep my eyes open because some people think its worse than it is and cry,so I said ok no prob.She put her gloves on,grabbed a clean needle and showed me the barbell that was sitting in alcohol for a good long while.She asked me where I wanted it,so I showed her she said ok put on the clamps and told me to hold them (Now everybody that said "The clamps are the worst part" that's bullshit the clamps don't hurt in fact I didn't even feel them OK)she showed me the needle and then WHAM right through my tongue she told me to hold on she grabbed the barbell and threaded it through,she told me she was screwing the ball on and Finished!That's it? yep she said oh ok that didn't even hurt she said "Have you had other piercings?"yea,that's why she said ok I got up from the "Chair 'O' Pain" and looked at my friends,they were all like I can't believe you just got that done!.One of my friends said did that hurt?I said picture a big needle going through your tongue! OH hell no that just sounds like it hurts like a bitch. nope I said no pain! My other friends said damn you went in,then came out like nothing happened....:)

The After Care........

The day I got it done:

Left the place,stopped at a restaurant on the way home got a cup of ice sucked on that for awhile felt really weird,tongue throbbed so I took like 4 motrin took a nap at friends house woke up no pain got home my mom was like "Let me see"I stuck out my tongue she said yuck! and she was amazed that I got it done (oblivious to the numerous piercings i already have.Listerened before bed.

The Day after:

woke up,listerened looked at my tongue hardly swollen divot where ball sits,its cool,got some ice water,drank that forever.No pain,No lisp had mashed up bananas for breakfast that was painful had 3 motrin went w/ friends to a restaurant had a strawberry milkshake (ummmm milkshake) listerened after that came home later that day had dinner (ice cream)family had pizza(those bastards)tried to eat it,ate some just a little though took forever. Bit my barbell in this slow process called eating food w/ metal bar through tongue had cold ass water felt oh so good :-) listerened before bed.....

The Day after that day:

woke up tongue hurts like a bitch popped in 3 motrin went upstairs to brush teeth (I live in the basement) did that OK mom got some amosan oral-b and washed my mouth w/ that felt good accidentally swallowed some NOT A GOOD IDEA! made me gag listerened twice to get the taste out of my mouth,tongue is still swollen but it didn't swell up much to begin with no breakfast,don't wanna bite barbell again Just some water before school Lunch....went with (really sexy friend) Walter to lunch and The Brown Cow Icecream Parlour Brown Cow Icecream Parlour

Day 4:

Woke up tongue hurts like a bitch (again) probably cuz I played with it all day yesterday (Big fuckin mistake) brushed teeth amosaned listerened tongue is still white and still swollen went to school popped 4 motrin cold water as much as I can no difficulty talking YET no lunch not hungry so I went back to school dinner was grilled cheese cut into tiny little chewable pieces ate pretty well worked out after dinner at community center doughnut after that Did my nightly Ritual (cleaning barbell)before bed.

Day 5:

Tongue is LESS white now(yippee) still a little swollen but not much brushed teeth did my ritual had water all day,easy talking No dinner came home from school sick no lunch either puked all night (did my ritual after every time)it hurt my tongue like hell.

Day 6:

No school still sick did ritual this morning felt ok later in the day had a cookie that's it tongue hurts from last night did ritual before bed woke up at 4am looked out side (oh look snow)ran out there stuck out my tongue (don't ask it was 4 am.)

Day 7:

Did ritual this morning felt tongue is better hardly sore feels like a bruise cold water all day no lunch no dinner did ritual before bed.

Day 8:

Did ritual this morning like every other morning went to Kelowna really boring had smoothie for lunch on way home stopped at McDonalds had Quarter pounder w/ cheese and fries and large sprite tasted soo good finally real food! did ritual before bed.

Day 9:

woke up did ritual got on comp. TONGUE IS NOT SWOLLEN! or WHITE no breakfast not hungry had tunamelt for lunch though(I was hungry ok!) stayed on comp all day talk to friend in the UK dinner was spaghetti w/ garlic bread forgot ritual before bed... oh well shit happens

Day 10:

woke up did ritual no breakfast Doritos for lunch then some gum dinner was a PBJ (Peanut butter and jelly) did ritual before bed

OK I think im pretty much done anyone who really cares about my tongue you can e-mail me ok at NsNicotine@hotmail.com peace out


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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