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Self done web

Hello I'm a seventeen year old male from Ontario Canada. Well I was exploring BME I came across a really cool piercing "The tongue Web Piercing" I had never seen it before but I know it was right for me(I wanted my Tongue done before but my mom said there is no way). With the web I would only show my friends and My parents would never Know !! It was on my mind for a while I phoned around to the four places that pierced in my town, and it was $50-70. One lady said she would do it for $35 I was excited but she told me she had never done the tongue web before.

I finally decided to do the piercing myself I used a Leather needle for their length and width and felt around the bottom of my tongue I got the right place, and quickly jabbed my tongue(do it deep to avoid migration). I put a 14 gauge 5 eighth of a inch barbell into the hole I jabbed. A annoying sting stayed in my tongue for a few minutes followed by light pain. I covered the bottom of my tongue with tissue for several minutes until the bleeding stopped. My tongue felt tender so I used a 50-50 mix of Listerine and water to clean it and went to bed. The next morning my tongue had swollen slightly though I could talk fine eating was a little difficult!!!.

For 3 to 4 days I ate slowly

and chewed carefully after that my tongue was(almost) back to normal. I swished a 50-50 mix of Listerine through my mouth for 2 weeks after every cigarette and meal I had and my tongue was just great!. Now I have had my web pierced for 2 months and will soon do a second web piercing!I play with it all the time and bang it against my teeth. The girls and even most guys I know like it and 2 people got it because of mine! It is un-noticeable and my parents have not asked a thing. There are no effects because of this piercing and it is as good if not better than a regular tongue piercing.

Here are some steps to doing a home tongue web piercing...

Clean hands and mouth. Take your time (pick where you want it!, do it far into the web to postpone migration). Be sure to use thick needle. Pick ring or barbell out that you like a lot. If you're to nervous about a self done job, think about going to a professional to get it done it is better safe than sorry!

After the procedure is done

Swish a 50-50 mix of water and Listerine through out your mouth for 30 seconds after you drink,eat or smoke. Try to avoid spicy foods and alcohol for a week. Do not play with the piercing for a week or until you think it is back to normal.

Well I would recommend the tongue web piercing to anyone who is interested or not allowed to get their tongue done it swells little and you will have no trouble speaking after a few days and it does not hurt !!! I have both my ears pierced twice my naval, spectrum and the prince Albert done so 8 piercing is enough (For now at least).

Any questions or comments please send them to [email protected]

I would be pleased to help you!.

Hey do not worry you're parents will never know, my parents know about my ears, naval and spectrum, but the Prince Albert and Tongue web are my little secrets!

Just do it don't worry Know one has to know!!!!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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