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My self-done tongue piercing story

Well, let me just start out saying that I'm a 16 yr. old female, and I've wanted my tongue pierced since I first ever saw someone with it done, which was about 4 years ago. But, my parents where really against it-like most parents, they thought it was stupid, gross, etc., etc., etc.

But, In late December, my friend told me about her doing her tongue piercing

herself, and before than I never ever thought that was possible-well, I guess I thought It was possible, but, I never thought about doing it. After lots and lots of thought, (not to mention lots and lots of research on the pierce-good and bad, thanks to BME) I finally decided to do it. It was around Christmas, and I bought a 1/2 16 g barbell when I was buying my friend's belly button jewelry. But, I wussed out-I decided that doing it myself would be my last resort if I couldn't talk my mom or dad into taking me, or getting another parent to sign for me.

As I suspected, my mom and dad would not go for it at all. So, I planned it

all out. I first got a diaper pen (not a really huge one, but a medium size--kind of the size of a 16-maybe 14 g barbell) and along with that, I sterilized them both by boiling them in hot water. After that, I soaked them in peroxide. Also, before I started, I washed my mouth out good with Listerine. Than, I started at the bottom, and tried not to focus on the pain that awaited, and pressed it through. Luckily, after maybe 5 minutes, It came through the top of my tongue-well centered. And, the pain wasn't nearly bad at all-not even as bad as a hard tongue bite. I slobbered a lot, which made the process kind of slow. I wanted to keep in the safety pin for a couple of minutes, but b/c of the anticipation, I say It was probably in there for about 45 seconds. Removing the safety pen was a pain. It kind of hurt, and it slid out slow.

Now, was time to get the barbell in. I started again at the bottom of my

tongue, and It went in fairly well. But, around the top of my tongue, I had to push it out-and it made a "pop!" noise. But, it was in. And I was very happy. So, I washed my mouth out really good again with Listerine, and It felt fine.

The pain of the pierce was nothing compared to the following days of

swelling and trying to hid it from my family while eating. I got my mom to fix me fried apples in the morning, which, at first was kind of hard to get used to eating, but with time, I got used to it. For lunch I basically just had water, since I hadn't got a travel size bottle of Listerine yet to keep for school. Supper was pretty hard, but I did the best I could-and took my time. I sucked on a lot of ice, which kept the swelling down very well. After every meal and drink that I had that wasn't water, I washed my mouth out with Listerine-which made the pain go away. And, I also took 800 mg of IB Profrin, which decreased the feeling of pain as well. A lot of people's swelling last for about 3 days, but, mine lasted about a week-and the worst was in the morning, and I could hardly tell the swelling later on--after a couple hours or so. It also had puss coming out of the pierce-but, that's basically normal with every pierce.

Its been over 2 weeks since I got it done, and I really like it.  My friends

really liked how it looked on me, but my tongue is incredibly small, and with my 1/2 length barbell, people with their tongue's pierced ask me if the swelling was really bad since the barbell was so small, and it wasn't-since my tongue was much smaller than the barbell. I tried once putting a 3/4 size in, but its way too big for my mouth-(I couldn't even talk! ) So, If you have a fairly small tongue-you don't have to get something majorly big. And, 1/2 is much more comfortable. Half the time, I totally forget its even there.

My tongue still kind of has a little knot around the hole of the pierce-but I

can eat everything perfectly, and after a week or adjustment-everything was just fine. My mom did notice it once, when I yawned, but I told her it was magnetic balls, that made it look like it was pierced (she's not very piercing-smart) But, other than that, no one that I haven't wanted to notice- has noticed it-like at work, where body piercing isn't allowed.

If you want to get your tongue pierced definitely go for it. But, taking care

of it is a big responsibility--you can sometimes get by with aftercare of piercings like ears, but not with a tongue. And, make sure its something YOU want-and PLEASE do research on it-like bad and good tongue piercing stories.

I also don't recommend doing your tongue yourself, get it done professionally

if you can. But, if its something you really want-go for it-just make sure you sterilize your needles and stuff very well. And, If you can get a hold of some Gly-oxide (which unfortunately I couldn't) to help reduce swelling, get some.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to BME for all the help and information you've

provided on piercing.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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