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I done it. . .AGAIN!

ast year around may i finally talked my mom into taking me to get my tongue pierced, i had just turned 17 in late april so there was still the age deal, so mom took me to a little shop in liverpool, NY called "tattoo depot" yeah real safe, no not really, it was a pretty shitty looking place, but since i was too excited to get it done i went ahead anyway, the Biker Chick took my into a little room, not as clea as i expected and told me to rinse with an entire CUP of listerine, not a small cup mind you, a rather large one, then she had me sit on a table, she didn't mark my tongue and let me choose where i wanted the Barbell placed she kinda just did what she wanted, but she clamped my tongue shoved the needle through top to bottom and i was done, i asked if that was it and she's like "unless you want anything else done!?!" she wasn't very nice about it so i wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

i went home and ate lots of popsicles and cold water and tried to eat solid but it didn't quite work, so i stuck to the cold stuff.

Went to school the next day and showed everyone, i noticed my tongue starting to turn a not so attractive shade of green, i didn't know what it was and one night it suddenly started bleeding, so after another day fo trying to clean it up unsuccesfully i decided to remove the barbell. . .i cried, it sounds pathetic but after putting so much into something it sucked to lose it.

Mom and i ahd an agreement that if she took me to get it done the first time that i wouldn't ask her to take me to get anything till i was 18 and could do it myself, so that put a damper on getting it done again anytime soon.

about 9 months later i grew some knew friends, they were a lot differnet from some of my odl friends, but still awesome, i knew some of them had piercings and they told me that at Modern Tribalism, in Syracuse New York, for non- permanent piercings(tongue, eyebrow, etc.) you only had to be 17, so i drove 5 people down to the shop all of us wanted piercings, but due to problems like, not having Identification, or being to young, or the piercing someone wanted was "permanent", i was the onyl one who had ID was old enough and able to get what i wanted, everyone was dissappointed but me, so i talked to the Piercer, his name was Sean, real nice guy, explained everything super well, even though i knew most of it already he cleared up anything i was confused on, then he told me to look at the jewelry while he went and sterilized the piercing room, i picked out(with the help of Sean) a 12 guage bar, so we went in the room, he had me rinse with a SMALL cup of listerine for about a minute, then he had me stick out my tongue and he dried it off with some gauze, then took a toothpick with some purple ink on it and made a dot on my tongue he told me to get up and look at it, he said he put it in the same place as my first one was, and asked if that was where i wanted it and i told him to move it forward a little bit to make it easier to glimpse to other people when talking to me(shock value) but not too close, so he did and i liked the spot, his assitant came in and held the clamp on my tongue which really isn't painful like everyone says it is, he then told me to stick it out as far as possible and i felt the needle going through my tongue, it didn't hurt like everyone says, it was jsut fun feeling it go through and then pop out the bottom, he grabbed the bottom ball and quickly screwed it on and took the clamp off and said i could get up and look at my restored tongue piercing, DAMN i love this thing.

it's been easier the second time, i ate semi-solid food teh 2nd day and i'm on the 6th day now and i can eat almost anything i want as long as it's small enough, my tongues starting to unswell now i can see the bar poking out on the bottom and top a little bit.

all my friends tell me i had balls to go get a needle stuck through my tongue AGAIN, but it's not as bad as anyone can say, i think if you want to get it done, DO IT, as long as it's legal and your parents won't kill ya


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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