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14 and pierced

p> A little background: First of all, I had wanted my tongue pierced since about 12 years of age. Around my 13th b-day I finally got up the nerve to ask my mom if I could. (it was the perfect time cause all I had got for my b-day was money, and I'd have a better chance if I had the dollars to put up for the piercing) So I asked her, she bitched at me about infections and a whole bunch of other motherly stuff. Finally I gave up on her and decided when I had enough money again, I'd get one of my friends much more open-minded mother to sign for me, since I wasn't of legal age, yet.

On my 14th birthday I asked Karen, my friend Jills mom, to take me to Doc's piercing and tattoos (in Okeechobee, FL if anyone's interested) and she said YES!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited that they couldn't even get me to shut up about it the night before the trip. The next morning, Feb. 18 (a Saturday I believe), we got up, went to pick up my other best friend Sandy and headed out to eat breakfast at Mickey-D's (McDonald's for you crazies out there) cause I heard it's wise to eat as much as possible before the piercing, since it'll be jello and soup for a week or so. Our appointment was at 12:30 (Sandy was also getting the tongue thing done), so we sat around and waited for the best couple seconds of our lives. About 12:20 we headed out from McDonalds and sped our way to Doc's. Sandy and me ran into the place like two bats outta hell, thinking this would be the defining moment in our lives ( we were 14 and 15, OK). As Karen and Jill took their sweet time, we looked around at all of the tattoos and jewelry on the walls, wondering which one we would get. We later found out that there is a standard bar they pierce with so we were a little disappointed.

After all the papers and legal crap was outta the way, the piercer ( Ricky was his name) called me into a little, but suprisingly clean room. He sat me down and told me all about the procedure and also told me that he would tell me as he was doing it. I wasn't the least bit nervous, scared or any other emotion I should have been going through, after all as was getting an inch piece of metal stuck in my tongue.

Next, Ricky put on some sterile gloves and took a needle out of a sealed package. He laid the needle along with a clamp thing, and my barbell out on a little table that resembled something you'd see at a dentists office. He then changed his gloves again (that certainly won some brownie points) and put a couple of paper towels under my chin, in case of drool ( which I'm proud to say I had little of). Ricky gave me some Listerine to gargle with for a couple minutes. He then told me to stick my tongue out of my mouth as far as possible so he could mark where the piercing would take place. He dotted it with a red marker thing and asked me if it looked ok.

I said "Fine".

Ricky then proceeded to dry off my tongue and put on the clampy doodad I spoke of earlier. It was kinda hard to relax my tongue with the clamp on, but I somehow managed. He told me that he was about to stick the needle in and told me take a deep breath. I did this and before I had exhaled he was already screwing the top ball on (well not really but it seemed that quick).

Ricky told me to gargle with some more of that Listerine crap and gave me some to take home with me. I didn't realize I was going to be using so much of it, so I didn't buy anymore till after the next day, when my tongue got really gross lookin around the bar because of all the plaque. He also told me I should get some Glyoxide and possibly even some pain killers like Aleve or Advil.

When I was done, Sandy told me she wasn't gonna do it after all, cause she was afraid her mom would find out about it, and make her remove it.

So, I paid Ricky my $60 bucks and went on to Wal-Mart to get the Glyoxide and stock up on Chicken soup and Ensure (kinda like a milkshake, it feels you up really well). Well we couldn't find the Gly so I decided to wait till Monday when the drugstore would be open. Here is what happened to me in the days following my piercing:

Day 1-Monday, Feb. 19

When I woke up at about 11:00 o'clock this morning, I didn't really have that much pain, but took a couple of Advil just in case. I couldn't believe how swollen my tongue was!!! I rinsed with some Listerine and applied the glyoxide to my top and bottom holes and proceeded to make me a milkshake with that Ensure stuff. I really loved the feeling of the cool liquid flowing around my barbell.

It felt so different and mysterious that I had a high from the feeling of it!! After I drank my Ensure, me and my friends decided to go shopping to celebrate my new piercing. At the mall, my tongue started to hurt so I got a cup of crushed ice (one of the things we take for granted). About 5 or so in the 'noon we got home and I decided it was time for some soup and some ice water. By the way I have gargled with the Listerine about 8 times already cause I had been smoking (not a good idea at 14) and Ricky told me to rinse everytime anything entered my mouth. Around 12:00 pm I went to sleep after doing the Listerine and glyoxide thing and taking some well-deserved Advil. No problems talkin do far except with my th's.

Day 4- Thursday

I realized that I left out days two and three but they were pretty much the same thing, nix the mall trip. If any of you are wonderin, NO I don't live with Jill but we are having a spring-break kinda deal, so I'm crashing with her till I absolutely have to go home ( yes I was afraid of mommy). Today, I went through my usual morning routine: brush teeth, put on glyoxide, drink Ensure, and then gargle with Listerine. I'm getting so tired of jello, soup, milkshakes and crushed ice. DAMN I'm hungry!!

My speech has cleared up and I finally ate my first semi-solid food today, also. I had a cup of yellow rice. Nothing never tasted so good. I chose rice cause it's small and doesn't require too much chewing, although it took me close to a half hour to eat it all.

Day 10- One of them days

My tongue doesn't hurt at all!!! I'm on solid food such as fries and potatoes!!! My speech is totally back to normal!!! No swelling, in fact in a couple more days I'm gonna get a smaller guage bar, cause it's too big!!!! I absolutely love this thing!!!!! I'm back at my house, mom still hasn't noticed. I went back to school a couple days ago and everyone is talking about it!!!!

Well I'm 23 now, still studying to be a research scientist at Stetson College in Florida. Stll have my tongue ring, definately one of the top things I ever did. I'm getting ready to have my Clitoral hood pierced here in a couple of weeks!!!!! Hope I like it as much as the tongue. Note: I also have several tatoos now in taboo places because of the type of career field I'm trying to get into.

Your pierced and tattooed friend, Miracle D. Hall

Any of you pierced or wanna-be pierced people out there need questions answered you can e-mail me at [email protected] Peace,Love,Tranquility!!!!!!!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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