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Tongue piercing at "American Illustrators Tattoo & Body Piercing"

Tongue piercing at "American Illustrators Tattoo & Body Piercing"

I got my tongue pierced at "American Illustrators Tattoo & Body Piercing" in Harker Heights, Texas by a lovely lady named April. April had done a few of my other piercings (hood and nipples, which my hood piercing won best picture for December at www.piercingpics.com). Although I had a few piercings before this one I was, as always I was nervous as hell. April has this way about her that just puts you at ease which is exactly what I need in a piercer. Unlike the rest of the piercing population I am one of those people who don't want to know what is going on I just want to get it done and over with and be on my way. On with the piercing...

On the day of the piercing I began to dred it even though I had my appointment for over a month. I went with my husband and my girlfriend had met us down there. Before going inside I must have smoked a dozen cigarettes. Finally, I made it through the front door. The sterile envioment smell started to get to me, adding on to my nervousness. I gave my husband one last wet kiss and walked up to there counter where April had greeted me with her as always warm smile. I filled out the consent form and then asked April to let me pre-pay and I tipped her in advanced (like I said before, after it's done I like to just get the hell out of there). After paying and tipping April told me "You know the way..." and made a darling jesture with her hand guiding me into the "room". Now onto the real thing...

I asked April if she could numb me since this was the only piercing that I had that had offered numbing. She said no problem which took a great deal of the pressure off of me although I was told by dozens that it didn't hurt. I rinsed my tongue, then numbed it, I stuck it out, she put the marking offered me to look at it, as usual I told her no thank you, I trust your decision. She then put the clamp on had be bite down on my tongue and then I had all sorts of crazy thoughts flying through my mind such as I can not believe I was about to get a piece of metal rammed through one of my muscles, but before I could finish that thought she had rammed the needle through and jewelry, although I had no idea that the jewelry was already in and since in the past that was always the most painful part and I hadn't felt any real pain I tried to ask her if it was in while she was screwing on the ball, she laughed and said all done!

One my way to Dairy Queen to get some ice I was starting to feel a little woozy with my new piercing. After Dairy Queen I was ready to take it out! I kept thinking I'm going to swallow it or my tongue My husband took me home where I slept until the next day. Swollen, Swollen, Swollen.... after four days of that I went down to the piercing shop to see if my swelling was considered normal. The shop owner Kacie, was kind enough to humor me and take it out, clean my hole and make me feel all better. My tongue remained swollen for two and a half weeks and I must of been at the piercing shop just as much as the staff during that time. All of the employees where great to me. Wendy, another piercer who had done my girlfriends piercing took care of me as well.

I lost 16 pounds in those few weeks, I can't blow bubbles with bubble gum and it's really hard for me to wet kiss but all in all I love my tongue ring and I am very thankful to Kacie and her staff, if it wasn't for them caring and encouraging me to keep it in I wouldn't have my new friend today. I feel that any point in time they could of just told me to take it out since they already had my money and they could of been rid of me but they never did! They took great care of me and never charged after the piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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