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My Tongue Piercing Experience

My Tongue Piercing Experience

I am a male and had been thinking about getting my

tongue pierced for the longest time, probably about 6 months to a year and heard about these people who were doing professional piercings out of a shop they had in their backyard. I thought this was odd but they charged like half as much as everywhere else so I looked into it.

Before all of this happened I had been asking all of

my friends about their piercings and then I tripped over this page and haven't need to find an other one for info. Anyways I read every tongue experience and that made me want to do it even more. My girlfriend wants hers done too but she is poor so that won't be happening until we can raise enough cash for her.

So after I got the cash together I called my bud Kim

and tried to get a hold of the piercers. This took like 2 weeks because we both procrastinate. So I got tired of waiting and decided to call them myself and made an appointment for that Wednesday. I was so stoked I couldn't think of anything else that was happening.

School took, what felt like 63587625873652 years and

it was finally through with, but then I had a to do more crap for 2 hours, THEN take a half hour guitar lesson... damn did this ever take a lot of time. When I got home I ate so much hamburger helper it hurt and realized that the appointment was at 7 o'clock and it was 6:30. My mind was buzzing around and all I could think of was what the next few days were gonna be like.

7 finally came and I went to the house{they only lived

3 blocks from me}. When I got there I was met by a guy with glasses a septum ring and a tongue barbell, his name was Justin, then out came the girl who had cool eyebrow rings and a tongue ring, it turned out I knew her from going to concerts and from downtown and stuff, that put my mind to rest a bit. Oh yeah, her name was Jenna, she was going to pierce my tongue.

After signing the papers saying that if I die because

of the piercing I wont come back and kill them I went and sat down in the dentists chair they had. The place was sickeningly clean, everything was sterilized and looked very professional {I dunno what professional looks like but it was good enough for me}. She told me everything that she was going to do. The first thing she said was that everything was sterilized and clean and she got me to rinse with Listerine, coolmint tastes good. Then I sat down again. She told me to stick out my tongue and she dried it off with some papery stuff and said I had a huge web so it would be closer to the tip. She then marked it and asked me if I was ready. I just told her to get on with it and she put the clamps on. People always say the clamps are the worst but they were nothing compared to the needle going through. She got me to breath in my nose and out my mouth. I did this a few times and she stuck it through. DAMN! that was a weird feeling, it wasn't really a hardcore pain but it stung and it went numb so it was alright. It was neat then she stuck the barbell in and screwed on the top. I tried to get up but she said I would be all dizzy so I stayed sitting. I rinsed with Listerine again and looked at it in the mirror.

 The barbell is soooooooo big. Its like an inch long..

14 gauge and the balls are huge. Oh well it kicks ass and I love it. Justin took everything that was used and started cleaning them right away. I got up and was just about to leave when they informed me that I had to pay them{I kinda forgot}so I gave them their 45 bucks and got my after care stuff and left for home.

Day one:

Lotsa ice and cold water. Not much swelling yet and total can't eat. Sleep came easy. rinsing with mouthwash LOTS.

Day two:

More ice, Swelled up and couldn't eat showed all my friends and they thinks it cool or disgusting. Oh well its not for them anyway. My girlfriend thinks its cool:) mouthwash LOTS.

Day three:

Tried eating, sucks, swelled up lots and have had a major lisp the whole time. oh well painkillers are fun. still mouthwash LOTS. Have weird dead skin on bottom that wont tear off and tongue is going white but I was told to expect this.

Day four:

Tongue hurts like a bitch!!! the whole thing is really swollen and it hurts. I got painkillers again and its a little better. Its my fault really because I wont stop playing with it but oh well. I also noticed a little growth on the top I dunno what to do about it.

Well that's it for me I can't wait till it heals and hope to maybe get an industrial. I also am hoping to get some pics of it soon so if I do I'll definitely send them:)


email me with questions or tips at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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