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Tongue Piercing Experience

My Experience

So, I decided to get my tongue pierced. And after reading a lot of experiences on various pages around the web I made an appointment at a local tattoo studio - Hamilton Tattoo by Gypsy (Hamilton, New Zealand). I've already had a tattoo from him and I like his manner.

I woke up on the Saturday and it hit me that in a couple of hours I would be getting a piece of metal in my tongue! The appointment was at 10am so I had a while to get a few bits and pieces. I went out and bought some mouth wash, pain killers, zinc tablets and some arnica (a homepathic remedy).

Off to the studio we went. I took my friend along with me too. She had her navel done at the same place a couple of days before.

I walked in and he was ready for me. I rinsed with a salt solution (yuck!!) and sat down on a dentist chair like thing. He sprayed the top and the underside of my tongue with a numbing spray. He told me not to touch the top of my mouth with my tongue, which is REALLY hard to do. I had to hold some tissues under my bottom lip to catch all the drool! :-)

Then he put on some gloves and set up (on a tissue) the clamps, needle and my barbell (an 14ga, 18mm). By this time I was really nervous.

I was facing him on the chair and he tried to put the clamps on. After many attempts he finally got them on. I couldn't even feel them. He said my webbing come out quite far so he had to becareful and put in on an angle. It is slightly (like really slightly!!!) off centre on the underside but centre on top. It is quite far back too which is really great!

I was sitting there with the clamps on and I was holding them trying not to shake. He turns around and he has this needle (aargh!) in his hand. I quickly close my eyes and just in time too. I felt a huge pinch and HEAPS of pressure. A few tears strayed from my eyes! I couldn't control them! That made Gypsy laugh. I felt another smaller pinch, he took the clamps off, told me to shut my mouth and it was all over! Wow!!! What an adrenalin rush that was, I was shaking all over. I jumped out of the seat so fast cause I wanted to look in the mirror.

I had to rinse a few times and I was just buzzing out. There were a few people who were watching me. I felt so wonderful and I couldn't believe that I'd gone through with it.

After a few mins I paid him $70NZD and we went to leave. A guy came in to get his nipple pierced. We ended up staying to watch that too.

I went home and started packing my suitcase cause I was off to Australia at 4.30pm that arvo! I started sucking on iceblocks and ice water....aahhh...relief! I was talking reasonably fine for the rest of the day. It didn't sound normal but not too bad!

Day 2

I thought I was okay when I woke until I said "good morning", OUCH! A noticable amount of pain. Heaps of swelling. The top ball looks like it is embedded in my tongue (I hope this is normal). Rinsed with listerine (the nice green one), brused my teeth & tongue (a bit of blood) and ate an iceblock for breakfast. Took some neurofen at around 10am. Ate iceblocks and iced coke for most of the day. Trying not to play with it but I can't help it! Ate about 5 hot chips at lunch time. That was okay apart from the salt. Ate potato and gravy for tea, after it had cooled down of course! Made sure I rinsed after every time I ate!

Day 3

Sore when I woke up. Rinsed and brused my tongue. Didn't have any pain killers. Thought I'd be okay...silly me!!! Still swollen and raw looking around the top ball. Tried to tighten the balls, too hard cause it is so swollen! I ate 2 minute noodles for tea and that was good.

Day 4

A little pain this morning. Did the usual rinsing thing! I ate a burger and fries from MacD's. It feels very strange! It is still quite swollen. I am talking funnya dn I laugh at myself sometimes! Still so swollen that I can't tighten the balls.

Day 5

Still the same! I still sound silly and eating is a little painful. Went to a piercing place in Mooloolaba (Australia) today and asked if it looked normal. He said yeah but directed me to some anti-inflam mouthwash. It even numbs it a bit too! A little bit of a gooey discharge. Can't wait till the swelling is going...I want to play with it!

Day 6 - Christmas Eve

Still a little swollen but not too bad! I still can't talk the sam. Hopefully it won't be like that forever. I can eat reasonably well, I haven't tried anything crunchy or spicy, too scared!

Day 7 - Christmas Day

A bit swollen still. I am eating almost anything. So I got to eat my Christmas ham! Finally was able to tighten the balls. I love it!!! Having fun playing with it too!

It has almost been a month now and I am loving it so much. Anyone who wants one done, or is thinking about it should just go for it! It is worth a week of discomfort that's for sure! :-)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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