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Tongue Piercing Journal Entry

font size=+1>JAN. 23,1999 3:45 PM    Well, the time has finally come. I've waited 9 years to finally get my tongue pierced. I should have done it in NY when I was younger. I just can't wait any longer. I wanted to get this done on my birthday, Jan. 9th, but, I had a throat infection with a slight cough and I was told to wait a couple of weeks for my infection to go away by numerous MD's whom I contacted through my online service through IM's. A little upsetting to me because I wanted to get it done as a symbolic gesture to me for turning 29 years old. On my birthday was going to be the ultimate. However, I just had to be sick. I'm here now and that's all that matters. Thankfully I have my best friend Lori here to share this experience with and to take pictures of it being done. First picture taken was the store front...Ancient Arts Tattoo's and piercing's. There was one girl ahead of me getting her tongue pierced. We waited for about 15 minutes total. Just enough time to scope out all of the interesting photographs of satisfied tattoo customers and the signs on the wall like cash only "ID for 21." Hmmm... I misplaced my driver's license. I hope they take some other form of ID.

4:00 PM    I'm up. We walked into the little room in the back. The piercer was really cute. Black hair and blue eyes. WUAH! He then told my friend she couldn't stay in the back with us. No pics, that sucks. Oh well, such is life. The room was quite small with just a desk with all the piercing equipment, 2 small rolling stools and a trash can. He gave me a release form to sign and when I was through he asked for ID. He accepted my birth certificate and my work ID. I also had a picture on my Visa. Thankfully, that was enough. I mean, C'mon I'm 29! After the ID check he made me rinse for 2 minutes with what I figure was cool mint Listerine. After rinsing he told me to through away the cup and then he told me, "Lean forward." I tilted my body forward and he said, "Come closer to me." I moved up a little closer. Then finally, he told me, "You need to move your whole body closer to me cause I can't pierce your tongue across the room." OK, you want close, I thought, and I moved in so that his knee was practically touching my crotch. He then picked up the clamp and told me to stick my tongue out. I didn't get a paper towel so I had hoped I wouldn't drool all over him. He then started checking out my tongue under and on top he placed a blue ink mark. I kept trying to remove my thoughts from the piercing process so I stared into his eyes thinking, man, this guy has got some gorgeous blue eyes. OK, I can't do it. I'm a realist, I have to zone in again. Here it comes, TADA, done. No pain. I do have to mention that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. He then made me drink a cup of water and told me to be sure and drink the whole cup. He then said, " That will be forty dollars." I forked over two twenties, picked up my little paper on after care and left the room.

4:10 PM    My friend and I get into my car and I'm checking it out in the mirror, she looks at it and says "Ewww, that looks gross." It had a drop of blood and the blue ink on the surface of my tongue. My friend then asked to see the bottom of the piercing. She said that looked better than the top. I figure it will look a whole lot better when the blood and ink are off. It says on the after care paper to start eating crushed ice so we went to a Circle K to get some. They only had small ice cubes there, but, I got that anyway. Better than nothing, I thought. I get to the car and as we're driving, We decide to get some tastier crushed ice. We then pull up to the Frozen Daiquiri Hut and we ordered the strongest, fruity drink they have. The name of it was "Crazy." I drank the first sip, waiting for the painful feeling of alcohol meeting my fresh piercing. Nothing but a slight tingle. We're now off to Wally World to pick up some Peroxly. Got it. I'm glad we ate at the Olive Garden before I got this done. It feels very strange in my mouth. I can't stop playing with it and looking at. I love this thing.

7:00 PM    I am at the ICE GATORS game. (by the way, they won the game 5-1) GEAUX GATORS! I got a frozen margarita. Hey, it's crushed ice, right? I take a taste, YOW! Now, THAT I FEEL. It doesn't hurt. It just feels weird. About 7:30 I notice my tongue is feeling a little hard and it feels like I pulled a muscle in my tongue. Kind of like the feeling you have when you kiss for a long, long time. Still no pain and I forgot to mention, no trouble with my speech.

11:00 PM    I return home after a long day and rinse my mouth out for the first time since the piercing with Listerine. I also forgot to mention, I have been taking ADVIL religiously every 4 hours. I started taking them 4 hours before I got the piercing done. I log onto the computer to check my E-mail and then went to bed.

9:15 AM    Hmmm, feels swollen. I talked to my dog and I still sound OK. I go to the bathroom and check it out. I have tooth imprints on the sides of my tongue. That was to be expected though. Brushed my teeth and rinsed with peroxl. Yucky, foam.

11.10 AM    I think I need to take some advil. I don't have pain, but I think I've played with it so much it is sore from moving so much.

3:00 PM    I ate some chocolate pudding. It went good. The swelling is just about gone. Solid food tonight for me. I'm sure that will be quite interesting. I am sure everything will be fine with this piercing so I'll end it here. Want an update? Any questions? drop me an E-mail.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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