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My New Best Friend

New Best Friend

If it weren't for BME and all the experiences people write about, I don't think I would have ever gotten my piercing...I am 19, female, live at home, commute to college, and live in Jersey...So of course, the idea of having my tongue pierced did not sound like something my parents would approve of. (I asked them and they flipped). But I decided I needed to rebel.

So, one day, feeling very spontaneous, I called up my friend, and she decided it had to be done. No turning back. So she took me for my last meal, then drove me to a place where she had her navel pierced at, Pleasurable Piercings in Hawthorne, NJ. It was a saturday afternoon, I didn't tell anyone I was going to do this today so everyone was in for a surprise. We walked into the place, and there were a bunch of little kids running around, which was kinda funny. I went up to the guy behind the counter, who was really cute, and had like, 3 tongue piercings and 2 piercings on his arm! weird...anyways, I said, I need to get my tongue pierced today. So he went through everything in detail, like...aftercare and so on. He showed me the barbell--14 gauge, 7/8", and I flipped cause it sure looked big! But he told me that it needed to be that big cause my tongue was gonna swell to that size.

Then I paid him ($70) which I thought was kinda expensive. but that's ok. So the piercer called me into the room (He was even cuter) and I made my friend come in with me. Let me tell you, this room was like a doctor's office, you could eat off the floor it was so clean. First, I warned the piercer not to show me the needle cause then we would have a problem:) (I have this huge fear of needles) so he laughed and went on--he put on his gloves, told me to rinse with Listerine. I sat down in this big dentist chair looking thing...he stood in front of me, I practically had my legs around him:) He told me to stick my tongue out as far as i could. Then he marked the top and bottom with a marker--He also changed his gloves everytime he touched something different, which was great. Now i shut my eyes, and started squeezing my friends hand cause I thought it was gonna hurt like a bitch. He then clamped my tongue (didn't really feel it) I think the listerine helped a lot by numbing my tongue. So he told me to take a deep breath...before I even finished taking this breath, the needle had gone through, and the barbell was in...honestly, I did not feel anything, the needle went through from top to bottom. I let out a sort of moan when the needle was going through cause i was expecting this excruciating pain. No pain at all. It kinda felt good. So he was done, it took no more than 8 seconds. so i carefully put my tongue back in my mouth--what a weird feeling!! It was awesome, I was on such a high. I looked at it in the mirror and was so amazed. It didn't bleed or anything. The guy complimented me on being brave:) and not bleeding or drooling on him. Then all of a sudden, I felt this rush through my body. So I sat back down and had some water. that felt funny too. I tipped the guy $20 cause he was cute, and cause he made me feel better.

So off we went to get some ibuprofen, crushed ice and Listerine Cool Mint, GlyOxide, and zinc. Ice is your best friend for the following week, it works miracles. And Zinc speeds up the healing process.

I felt like I could do anything...it wasn't a big deal but the fact that I had wanted a tongue ring for soooo long, and that I actually went through with it gave me the biggest high. So I went home, (fortunately, my mom wasn't home) I showed my sisters and they flipped out cause they never imagined me doing such a thing... I took some ibuprofen, took a nap, and woke up to no pain or swelling..yet. the next day I went away to Maryland. (I also took the week off from work) which was perfect because my parents couldn't find out about my tongue...(I am actually writing this 4 weeks after my piercing and they found out yesterday):)

Next morning, a bit of swelling, no pain. Took some ibuprofen, made sure to rinse...drank lots of water. The next few days, my tongue swelled a good amount and i got scared cause the swelling wasn't going down. But my the 5th day or so, it's all good.

The day after the piercing, I had some BK fries, not to bad, but eating takes forever! I decided to stick with baby food and yogurt. For the next 4-5 days, my tongue was swollen but there was no pain---only when i talked alot, the piercing would be sore. That's because the piercing was still sensitive and if you talk too much, it could tear and make the hole bigger....There was also something around the top barbell, since the ball rests on your tongue, it will turn white and it will look funny. but that's normal. Just be sure to clean around the ball to wipe off the dead skin.

The healing process takes about 2-3 weeks, after about one week, you can eat and speak normally. If anyone is thinking about getting their tongue pierced, I say go right ahead....it's painless, and it is so much fun. It's like having a toy with you 24/7. You can hide it when you want, and show it off when you want to...

If anyone has questions, just e-mail me at Eta is [email protected] or go to Pleasurable Piercings Happy Piercings!

Marieta, Wayne, NJ


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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