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Did I just really do this??

Did I just really do this??

I think I'm always going to remember getting my tongue pierced....not only because it was just last week...but because it was so amazing! I had been thinking about getting my tongue peirced for quite a few months before. I had gotten my navel peirced this summer and, since then, it was a motivational factor! Some of my friends also had it done, and honestly I could feel a little envy on my part!

The day I finally got it done though was sort of a surprise. I'm from Montreal and I was driving up to a friends house in Ottawa... I was sort of in a bad mood then because of something that had happenned at home and I remember saying to myself in the car.."I'm tired of getting pushed around! I'm going to do something I want now! I'm gonna get it done today when I get to my friends house!"

I have said that a lot of times though...

Actually she was working that day until 6 pm, and I got there at around 3 pm. So when I get there (She works at Second Cup) she was expecting me to be sort of bummed...so I walk in say "Hi" and then "Hey Kat, I want to get my tongue peirced today!" and she said "Cool! We'll go right after I finish work". I just stood there sort of shocked because deep down inside I guess I was expecting her to laugh it off and say forget it or something! SO I nervously laughed and said ok! Wow I was going to do this! All her firends at work were encouraging me to do it! And they told me about this great place just down the street called "In Living Colour".

So while she was working I decided to go and check it out...I walked in the place, and right away I was greeted really nicely! The guy at the counter was so friendly...i wasn't nervous at all..I asked him how much it was for a tongue percing and what was their methodology etc...he answered all my questions...never made me feel intimidated!! What I really like was how he said that they take their time with every client..they don't like to rush and will spend about 1/2 and hour with each person: explainaing what they will do, after-care, and simply making them feel comfortable!

So I told him that I wanted to do it at 6 pm, when my friend finished work, and so i made an appointment.

I went to my friend's apartement and invaded the fridge!! I hadn't eaten all day (And the peircer told me to eat, if not he wouldn't be happy! :) ) so I did like he said and ate what I thought was going to be my last normal meal.

Six o'clock came a lot faster than I though and before I knew I was walking through the doors of "In Living Colour". My piercer, named Steve, came to meet me and made me fill out some forms. At that point I was shaking a little still thinking " Oh my God! I'm really doing this now!" Steve reassured me over and over that it was going to be ok...I guess he could see i was a little nervous..but everything he said helped! We went into a private studio and my frien also came. He made me sit on a sort of doctors table while he ttold me all about the pericing itself and the aftercare...I asked him questions like how long the swelling was going to last (he said usually 3-7 days ) if I could drink alcohol (he told me to try and stay away from it, especially dark colored drinks like beer or cofee etcc...but that if I did I still had to rince!) So once my questions were answered, he sat me down on a really comfortable seat, and asked me to rince my mouth with some Listerine for about 30 seconds and to spit it out...he then checked out my tongue ( I asked him to put the jewel as far back as he could) but he told me that since my tongue wasn't very long he couldn't put it that far. He marked my tongue with a toothpick dipped in some sort of ink. He asked me if I liked it and I said yes. Everything was going really well so far, and Steve was really sweet to me the whole time. He took out the clamps and placed themon my tongue...that's when I started getting nervous...Steve told me not to worry...so I tried to calm down a bit. He showed me the needle...blood racing a little more...and then told me to take some deep breaths...I did and it helped a lot to calm down... "Ok are you ready?" he said, "aaaaa" is all that I could manage to say since my tongue as sticking out! That meant "yes". All I felt was a sharp pressure that lasted about 1 second as the needle went through...yeah it did hurt a litltle but it wasn't the end of the world!! I held the little cup (which was to catch my saliva, the falling needle, and the bottom ball if it was to fall off while he screwed it on) and the process was done in about 10 seconds! I remember while Steve was screwing on the bottom ball...he kept telling me " You're doing so good! Your so excellent!" But I wasn't doing anything really!!

WoW!!! It was finally done!!! I was really excited then, and i stuck out my tongue and looked on the mirror! Cool I thought! It looked great, 2 seconds after that I felt a little week. Steve noticed that and helped me sit down and gave me a glass of water and put up my legs a bit...I guess I was a little too excited!!

I felt fine about 3 minutes later and so he explained to me again the after care procedure.After thanking hima few times for being so nice..we walked out of the studio and I sat down in the lounge a bit and talked a bit with some of the other guys working there. We all ended up at my friends work after to have coffe...naturally I had ice cold water with chipped ice. One of the workers there was too sweet and had prepared me a cup of ice cubes with cute little decorations ( I learned later he had a crush on me, and got his tongue periced too cause when he saw it on me he thought it was really cool!)

It's been a week now, and my tongue feels a little sore now, but everything is going as planned...I talked with a lisp the first few days cause my tongue was so swollen, and I could only eat baby food, or mashed potatoes! I'm still afraid to eat anything really solid now but I'm improving!

So all in all, I'm really glad that I finally did what I wanted to do!! And the fact that the peircing itself was done so professionally was a great factor! Thanks to all the satff at "In Living Color!"

josiane [email protected]


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on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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