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Tongue piercing experience

Tongue piercing experience

For a week or so, my girlfriend and I were discussing getting our tongues pierced. She said she's wanted to do it for quite some time now, although I wasn't sure if I wanted to. However, I already have my septum and my left nipple pierced (as well as two earrings which don't count :-) and was looking for something else to pierce now. A few years back a friend got her tongue pierced and told me that it was pretty painless although the swelling that she went through was a real bitch. This is mostly what turned me off from a tongue piercing and I figured that seeing as my girlfriend really wanted it done, and I was looking for something else to do, I would read up on it a bit. This is how I found BME.

Anyway, I read other peoples experiences with getting their tongues pierced, read about aftercare and of course, the pain involved in the procedure. I figured it would hurt like hell, cuz my eyes water a lot when I bite my tongue. Another thing I did was speak with Eric, the piercer at Primal Art (the studio I go to here in Winnipeg, MB, Canada... I TOTALLY recommend him... professional with a sense of humor, clean, sterile, everything you would want). He explained the tongue is probably the least painful part to pierce as the tissue is not very condensed (or something like that).

So I explained everything I found out about it to my girlfriend, including the hassle that can come along with aftercare, and she still wanted to get it done. I made the appointment (Primal Art is quite busy although occasionally you can walk in to get something done).

The day arrived... Jan 11, 1999. My girlfriend picked me up from work and we went to the studio. They just opened so we were the first ones there. As soon as we walked in and let them know we were there, my girlfriend got weak knees (not literally) and wanted to bail. I wouldn't let her, as I knew she deep down wanted to do it (and she thanked me for not letting her bail after she got it done, by the way). When Eric came out to ask who would go first, my girlfriend went (the brave little soul) as she figured she would leave while I was getting it done if I went first. About fifteen to twenty minutes later (Eric is very thorough in explaining the procedure, making sure you're comfortable, and explaining aftercare) my girlfriend walked out smiling, surprised at how little it hurt.

My turn... I walked in, not nervous at all, knowing that it would hurt far less than my nipple which did hurt quite a bit. Eric did all the explaining (I heard most of what he said before, but listened anyway) and then bang! it was done. I must say, I was quite surprised at the fact that it didn't hurt at all. I barely felt it. So I thanked Eric, paid for the two piercings and we went to buy Listerine, soup, and popsicles. About an hour or two after getting the piercings done, I am sorry to say that my girlfriends tongue has swollen up quite large, while mine is exactly the same size as before... she's not happy about this fact. :-) My mouth is a bit sore though, which is something I can deal with, although it makes eating even soup a tad difficult (that and the fact that I have a 1.5" bar in my mouth). By the end of the night I am quite hungry and my roommate taunts me by buying a nice juicy hamburger for himself... the bastard! More chicken noodle soup for me... :-(

It is now the next day... my girlfriend has come down with a cold, so on top of a swollen tongue, she has a sore throat. I am going to go visit her after work. My tongue is still normal size... maybe a bit of swelling, but there is still about a centimeter of barbell sticking above my tongue. Had pudding for lunch, and I might try something a bit more solid tonite, although my mouth is more sore today than yesterday. I've figured out though, that it's because the bottom ball of the barbell is rubbing the web of skin holding my tongue to the bottom of my jaw and it's irritating it... oh well, just have to live with it.

Anyway, that's my story, and I recommend a tongue piercing as your first one, as it's painless (almost) and the aftercare isn't really the bitch that people make it out to be (although rinsing with Listerine sucks). It's also helping me quit smoking, as it's uncomfortable to smoke with this thing in my mouth right now. And if you live in Winnipeg, go to Primal Art... they rock there.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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