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pierced at last!

h3>Leading up to the Piercing

I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for SO long. I mean I have

ALWAYS wanted my tongue pierced. Ever since my friend got her tongue pierced, I was hooked. I am under the age of 18, which means legally - no tongue ring without your folks. That definitely "killed the mood." My parents would never go for something like that! They cringed when I asked to get my belly button pierced! So, after careful planning, I sprung my idea upon my unsuspecting parents.

"YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?!?!?!" was the first reply. I was very bummed. The

reaction was exactly that of what I planned. I got back to the drawing board and came up with something that totally cornered them on the idea. They had to go for it. And you know what? Hook, Line, and Sinker. I had permission!

So. I asked a few of my pierced friends and they all recommended the Hemp

Factory. Its a small shop in a small shopping center on the outskirts of a small town. I called them up and made an appointment. The appointment I made was on a Saturday, and I called on a Thursday, giving me Friday to brag. I would be the first one with a tongue piercing in my school!

The Day Before

All through the day I would go up to a different friend "Guess what I'm doing

tomorrow! Getting my tongue pierced!". I have a feeling some of my friends got sick of hearing it. So, after a full day of bragging, and a Friday night of partying, it was almost my day! I could hardly sleep that night, the anticipation was building up very quickly. I had been waiting for this moment for years!

The Day Of

I woke up Saturday morning, and just chilled at my house. The appointment was

at 4pm, so I had time to kill. Then, finally, after what seemed like days, it was 3:45, time to go! We went the 15 minute drive to the Hemp Factory. I had never been there before, so whatever it would be, was a surprise to me.

I walked in and glanced around. It was a small clothing store with shirts,

pants, and shoes. At the counter, there was a case full of body jewelry. I came to the counter and told them I was there for my appointment. The guy at the counter told me the piercer was just finishing a customer and would be right out. I leaned on the counter and waited.

A couple minutes later a couple of women walked out. One of them had just

gotten her eyebrow pierced, and it was done rather nicely. She paid, and I noticed one of the women had her tongue pierced. She had gotten it done there a while ago, and reassured me that it wouldnt hurt. The piercer walked out. He was nice, and led me into a small curtained-in room.

I was seated in a dentist's office kind of chair, and i could feel myself

shaking. He hugged me and told me it wouldnt hurt too bad. Nice guy, i thought to myself as i held on to the chair for dear life. He pulled out his tools, which looked like things you carry in your bag when your looking to kill someone..but anyway, and sterilized them. I felt a little better at that, but still awaited the pain.

He handed me a dixie cup of mouthwash and told me to gargle for a minute. I

though, hey no biggie, but it stung after a while. After that he put a little napkin bib on me, in case i drooled (which, of course, with my luck, i did) and told me to stick out my tongue. He clamped the tongs onto my tongue, which i found to be the most painful part, and shoved the needle quickly though my tongue.

He made me rinse my mouth again, then told me i was done. I went to say

something, but he stopped me and told me not to talk for a while.

The Day After

My tongue swelled a little bit, alot less than my friends. I had a slurpee, and some water, and i slept for the rest of the day.

The Week After

It stopped swelling. I begin to eat solid foods. I usually put the foods to the side of my mouth. As a "beginner" i bite the bar a couple times, but its not too-too painful. But, I live. I now talk with a slight lisp.

The Month After

There are zero signs of swelling. I have mastered eating without biting the "ornament in my mouth" (as my dad calls it). My lisp goes away, and I can eat whatever I want, and play with it constantly.

2 months after, or today

Everything is back to normal now, except I'm pierced! I now have the privaledge of scaring little kids + little old ladies. My mom hates it, and pleads with me not to show her relatives. My dad gets more used to it. My older brother thinks its cool.

Moral of the story - GET YOUR TONGUE PIERCED!!

=) Feel free to email me or instant message me if you wanna chat or ask me about my tongue ring. [email protected]

thanks for reading, -kinky klown-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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