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Jessica Z tongue piercing secret!

Jessica Z tongue piercing secret!

Well first off I'll tell you that my name is Jessica Z. I am 15 years old and I'm from Chesterton, Indiana. Well next I guess I'll start by telling you a little bit about the other people in my life that this whole thing revolves around. First, there is my best friend Heather.
She also wanted her tongue pierced. So one day we both decided that we would get it done but there was on major problem...we both had asked our parents and we also both knew that the answer was no! Well we both decided that we would get it done for sure in September.

And I knew that the next month my parents were both going to be gone, so we agreed that when my parents were gone that we would get it done together. See the good thing is that me and Heather both were friends with this guy named Jim. He knew how to do piercings and since he liked me he said he would pierce our tongues for free so that was really helpful. So when October rolled around and my parents were gone Heather and I stayed after school and I brought like $100 bucks with me, but the store that we went to that day didn't have the barbells we wanted so we had to order them that monday which was the 12th. Well the bad thing was that my parents were going to be home on thursday and in case of swelling I wanted it to be done already but instead we had to wait till wednesday. Also, Jim didn't have a clamp so at the store I had to buy that along with two barbells, two needles, and the clamp, which came out to about $80. So after we got the stuff we went back to our town park and Jim got everything prepared and I was too scared to go first so Heather said she would go. Jim put the clamp on her and I sat there and held her hand and I watched him push the needle through and then follow it up with the barbell. I thought it was really scary watching it and then I had to realize that I was the next to go. So then he put the clamp on me and I once again was squeezing Heathers hand and then he pierced mine. We both got ours pierced with 16g but I'm going to stretch mine soon to a 14g or 12g.

Well after we both had them done it was kinda tough to hide from out parents but we both did. Heather's tongue got really swolen and she couldn't talk that well so that was really bad. Once her mom even asked her why she was talking so strangely and Heather just said that she bit her tongue during lunch and her mom believed her. But Heather the was not able to keep it in anymore and on the 3rd day she cracked and told her mom. Her mom didn't like it but then again I guess it didn't matter cause she then swallowed the ball of the barbell and had to take it out.
She was pissed.

Me on the other hand, I hid it from my parents for a month and then one day I came home from school sick with a sore throat and my mom asked to see my throat and she just caught me. She wasn't ok with it at first because she wouldn't talk to me for like an hour. I ended up talking her into it though and my dad too but it sorta sucks now cause in order for me to keep it I had to give up the one and only most thing I loved.
The internet. I'm now grounded off it forever. The only way I get to get on is in the middle of the night while my parents are sleeping.
Well the really cool thing is that I've had it for now about 3 months and I love it I want to get it double pierced but that won't happen for a while my parents would kill me. Ohh and another good thing, I'm now going out with Jim and its really cool. We started going out a week and a day after he pierced it for me. Well that is what happened to me. I hope you all enjoy my story. And if you want to email me my email address is [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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