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   Well lets see? My tongue pierced? Would it hurt? How would I

eat? These are all of the questions that were running though my head as I took the ride down to the tattoo and piercing shop. But lets start from the beginning......

     About a year ago, I came up with the idea to get my tongue

pierced (It started when I heard from my buddy that it would be good for girls, and since I like that already, I got it done).

      Of course my mom was totally against it.

But since I am a 24 year old male that doesnt live at home anymore, I went and got it done.

      I work with my buddy who has a few piercings already, and he

wanted to get one in his nipple. I decided that it was now or never.

       We went out to lunch and had a few drinks (I wanted to

remember what eating a real meal was like). After lunch we went to my house and had a few more drinks. At this point, I was starting to have second thoughts about this whole tongue thing. Is this such a good idea? So many things about this piercing. Will it be had to care for? I was very afraid of infection because I heard a few horrible stories about piercings gone wrong.

       So I came up with a fair way of deciding....... I flipped a


     After the coin toss, I was in the car with my buddy James on the

way to get a piece of metal shoved though my tongue. Second thoughs came up again, and I think to myself... you went this far.. to late to turn back now.

      We went to a real good place in Las Vegas called Tattoos are

Us. That is where he had all of his other ones done. We step inside and I see alot of people here with piercings. So I think.... ok these guys know what they are doing. I walk up to the counter and looking at me is a woman who has a few piercings herself... including one in the tongue. Whew. I feel a little better. So I cough up the 20 bucks to get it done.

       I sit in a chair next to were the tattoos are getting done. I

am looking at all the cool designs of the tattoos on the wall. Then I hear "Ron". I take a deep breath, smile at my buddy James. and walk towards the room.

      I step into the room and see that the girl I gave the money to

is "doing me". Cool I thought, if she can do it, so can I. I rinsed with a minty mouthwash (it tasted pretty good). I sat back down in the chair and stuck out my tongue. It was over before I knew it. After the clamps went on, the next thing I knew she was screwing on the jewelry. That was it huh??? Wow..... that wasnt so bad!Didnt even feel it. I got up out of the chair and started to walk out of the room. Then it hit me, all of the sudden, I was dizzy and feelin sick to my stomach. My buddy was right outside the door. He saw me "stagger" out of the room. He got up out of is chair and grabbed me. "Are you alright?" he asked. I felt bad. I sat down in a chair and waited for him to get his nipple done. He came out of the room and we walked outside and got some fresh air. I was starting to feel much better now. Wow... I finally got it done!!!!!

     All the rest of the night I kept on playing with it. I was happy

that I finally got it done. All my friends think that it "fits me".

      The next day I was eating solid foods. As long as you keep it

very clean (the mouth is a dirty place) it will be just fine. Everyone had me worried about how much it would hurt, and how I wouldnt be able to eat normal. So I was ready for the worst, but it wasnt that bad.

       The final step is showing the family. I always have to make an

entrance at family events, but this time my mom nearly fell over. "I knew that you were strange but now I know for sure" she said. Yea, that is the impact I wanted. Then I saw my dad, he just smiled. "If it makes you happy your a big boy now" he said. I knew that he would think it was cool (for me anyway. Everyone else in the family did not like it at all. But so what, its my tongue I can do anything I want.

      Now it has been better than a month since I got it done and I

really like it. It is still new so I play with it alot. I am eating completely normal now, everything I was eating before. I have to eat a little slower now, but that is the things we do for fun right???

       I learned one thing, piercing is like a disease, once you get

one you want another. I cant wait to get one more in the tongue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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