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My tongue piercing experience

Well, I have never written something like this in my life, so

bear with me. First let me tell you all that I am only fifteen, and I still have a lot to experience in the field of piercings.

It all started when I was a small child, when my brother who was

seventeen at the time came home with his nipples pierced. I was the only person in the family not to shun him for any amount of time, mainly due to my age and that fact that I was very naive and open-minded. I can actually say now that I look back that I admired him more for it, and his ability to stand out without being too obvious.

Well, after that day, that I saw his nipples, I have been enthralled by piercings of all sorts. When I was twelve I decided that I would like to get my navel pierced, not to be trendy, but because it meant something to me. My parents though denied me of the opportunity. When I was thirteen though, they permitted me to have it done, and even paid for it. Although I had to promise that I wouldn't get anything else pierced. Let me also say that piercings are addicting, for me at least.

After I got my navel pierced, my love for piercings soon escalated, and I set my mind to something a little more daring, my tongue. After thinking, debating, weighing pros and cons for quite some time, a year actually, I decided to have it done. This time going about getting it done was significantly harder, because of the lack of my parents' consent. I started reviewing piercing shops near my house, which was really time consuming. Who would have known that a San Francisco suburb would have a hundred shops? When I finally found a shop that would do it without parental consent, and was yet very professional, I had a long conversation with the man that was the piercer.

He was very honest about the risks, and didn't treat me as if I was an insignificant child. His attitude towards me was very positive and respectful. I would like to say that if I hadn't had that conversation with him, and developed a trust; I would have never let him pierce my tongue, or even my ear for that matter.

My next goal was finance. Being fourteen years old, my only source of income was baby-sitting and allowances both too meager to support me. I needed to find a way to get sixty dollars, and keep it. I wasn't, and still am not the best person at saving money. After I had collected forty dollars, I went back to the shop, and told him it would be impossible for me to get that much money any time soon. I was surprised when he told me that I could work for him, doing odd jobs like answering phones, and sweeping floors and such. Another benefit of working for him was that I was allowed to witness many piercings, with the people's consent of course. I asked them many questions before and after, and they were all very nice and described everything for me. Within a week, he told me that I had well earned enough, and we set up an appointment for the following week.

I was anticipating it for what seemed like a year. When that day came, I was so excited that I couldn't concentrate on anything in school, or anything my friends said. When my classes were finally over, I sprinted to the parking lot where my best friend waited for me patiently and understandingly. He himself has many piercings, and the gift of empathy.

Driving took another year it seemed, even though it was only a five-minute drive with traffic. I wasn't scared, but anxious. So anxious I was shaking. When we arrived, the piercer, (I don't think I mentioned his name) Angel gave me a form to fill out which basically stated that if I was injured due to infection, or died, it wasn't his fault. That wasn't the most comforting thing to read, but I was glad I read it, even though he had already told me all of the possible risks.

We picked out the jewelry, and decided upon a fourteen gauge piercing. He went into the back room and retrieved the needles, clamp, cork, medical oral disinfectant, a facemask, and gloves. He made sure I witnessed him remove the gloves from a sealed package, and the needle as well. He gave me a small paper cup filled with the oral disinfectant, with which I was to swish with for three minutes. I sat down on the table and watched him prep. The exact same way he had done all the times that I had seen him before.

When I had swished for more than three minutes, he asked where I would like the piercing to be, and I decided on a center pierce. He took a toothpick-like thing out of a package, rolled it in ink, and asked me to stick my tongue out as far as I could without being uncomfortable. I remember a comment he made "Wow, you have a long tongue!"

He then proceeded to make a vertical line in the center and then a horizontal line in the center on my tongue, making a x where the piercing was to be placed. He held a mirror in front of me and asked me to raise my hand if I liked where it was marked. I gave him the okay, and he then marked the underside of my tongue in the correct place for a straight pierce. He then placed the clamp on my tongue, positioned the cork underneath, and I squeezed my friend's hand then, harder than I thought possible. He saw me do this, and explained that if I relaxed, it would go easier. He told me that when you squeeze something, your whole body tenses to a certain degree, constricting the skin and cells. I let go of my friend's hand, and he moved behind me to put his hands on my shoulders.

Again, Angel placed the clamp on my tongue, positioned the cork, and brought up the needle. I closed my eyes, and was surprised when all I felt was a tiny pinch on top of my tongue as the needle penetrated and then another small pinch on the bottom when it exited. I opened my eyes to see a needle through my tongue. He placed the jewelry in the end of the needle, pushed it through, screwed the ball on the bottom, and gave me some more disinfectant to swish with.

After about two more minutes, I spit it out into another cup, and he held a mirror in front of me to admire my new addition. I loved it. He cleaned up, and gave me the necessary items to clean my tongue, which included a mouthwash called peroxyl, a small bottle of droplets that I was to carry with me to clean it after eating, drinking or smoking, and a small bottle listerine. He also gave me a pamphlet on how to care my new piercing, and scheduled a time when I would come back in a few weeks so he could check up on the progress to make sure it was healing right.

I was overjoyed at how little it hurt, and how good it looked. He gave me a bag of ice to suck on so that the swelling would be minimal, and sent me on my way.

The swelling went down in a few days, and it never interfered in my speech, even just after it was pierced. The only thing that was a problem was eating. It didn't hurt to eat, but because of the swelling, my tongue simply didn't move in certain directions for a little while, and chewing food was impossible. I ate mainly soft pasta, and spoon-fed myself smoothies for about a week.

All in all, it was a very good experience for me, and I'd do it over in a second. For anyone considering getting his or her tongue pierced, I would recommend it if they were sure they wanted it for the right reasons. Although I am young, I still know that you should never get your tongue, or anything for that matter, pierced for anyone else, or for looks. Make sure it means something to you, and that you can take care of it. I also recommend that you meet the person that is to do the piercing beforehand, and make sure that he or she is qualified to do the piercing. Make sure they use clean and new everything, and that they give you detailed instructions on aftercare. Good luck to you all, in all of your quests, and remember: "a mind is like a parachute, it works best when open" -anonymous.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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