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my tongue piercing experience/net meeting :P

hree years ago, I remember seeing my classmate flash his new tongue ring in geometry class. After that, I was thinking that a tongue ring was pretty cool, looked neat, and I wanted to get one. Of course, the thought of getting one faded my mind, and instead over the years, I had gotten two tattoos (which didn't hurt at all when i got it :P).

So, now that I'm visiting home from England (I attend University of Westminster in London), and after checking out the prices of getting things pierced back in the UK, I decided to get something pierced here in the US where it's way cheaper. Of course cause of the tuition fees, housing, etc. of living abroad, my parents decided to cut off my driving insurance to save some cash. So basically my Christmas vacation is a drag, and I gotta ask rides from people to get to places.

Being an avid chatter on EFNET IRC (channel

KAiBiGAN), I decided to set up a

get together of all the southern california people. I begged my mom to get "insurance for the day" (YES, they DO have that, it was 10 bucks :P) so I can drive around for the get together. It was also the only time I can actually go to the piercing/tat place to get my tongue pierced. After doing some research on the internet, and reading all the people's accounts of getting their tongue pierced on bme.freeq.com, I had a slight idea of what I was in for, and it also taught me to call around for places that have experience in piercing.

Now that was the fun part. So I take the yellow pages, run upstairs to my room, and start calling piercing places. There were so many, but i ended up calling almost all of them. Basically, the first place I called had NO CLUE on the safety procedures when I asked them if they used gloves, etc. Though it was cheap (40 bucks), I decided to keep on calling around. At this point I was thinking quality, not price. Finally at the end of calling all the piercing places on the yellow pages, I come up to one tattoo and piercing place called Skorzeny's Tattoo's. The guy was really nice when i talked to him, and he told me the whole safety procedure, what there is to expect, and basically answered ALL my questions patiently. I decided to go with that place since it made me feel comfortable, even though it wasn't the cheapest.

December 30, 1998

The day has arrived for the get together. All the people meet at my house, and then we split to Chilis to celebrate a friend's (mugen) birthday. Everyone is telling me to eat all that I can cause I won't be able to eat that much after the piercing. So, I ordered myself the usual, chicken crispers. I didn't end up eating everything, but I was full. I ended up giving half of my plate to friends cause I didn't want to see any food wasted. So after eating, paying the bill, I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and gargle with listerine so my mouth won't be all dirty for the piercer. On the way to the piercer, I also remembered to get a cup of ice to suck on after the piercing, so I stop by a Panda Express and my friend Denise goes and grabs me a cupfull.

A whole group of us internet friends enter the piercing place. My heart is pounding real hard at this time, and so I go up to the owner and ask to have my tongue pierced. He then gets a sterile needle with the bar inside a tiny plastic bag, and tells me to sit on the chair. At this point all my friends are telling me if i'm really up for it, and of course I respond yes, and sit down on the chair. The piercer then hands me a cup full of listerine, tells me to rinse for about a minute or so, and I do. After reading a lot of the accounts about how the listerine sucked big time, I didn't think so since it was cool mint and the taste didn't bother me one bit.

So I spit out the listerine, and the piercer tells me to stick my tongue. He puts on his gloves, makes me stick out my tongue and says, "whoa, you've got some big veins under there." At this point i'm starting to panic thinking that my tongue isn't piercable. He then takes me under a light, and looks carefully at my tongue. Then he marked a spot on my tongue with this toothpick dipped in ink, shows me the spot in the mirror, and asks me if it's okay. At first I was thinking that the spot he made was too up front, so I ask him if he could move the spot more towards the back a bit. He says he can't or else he'd puncture a vein and it'd be more of a hassle to pierce since he'd have to go in an angle. So i agree with the spot he chooses, and then the piercing begins.

I take a deep breath, breating through my nose exhaling through my mouth, and all of a sudden i see the needle. I close my eyes and all i remember is feeling a bit pressure as the needle and jewelry goes through. That's it! It didn't hurt one bit. So i decided to open my eyes wondering if that's it, he tells me to rinse with water till the water I spit out is clear, and then i say, "Whoa thaths ith? Thanks!" I get up, pay him his $55 as he writes down the stuff I need to buy for aftercare (listerine, glyoxide, no clicking or playing for a week, etc.).

Apparently, I had no emotion on my face as the needle went through my tongue, so two of my friends (Pat and Paul) were hyped up and wanted to get their tongue pierced as well. Pat went first, the piercer did the same thing he did to me, made him rinse with listerine, and marked a spot on his tongue. When it came to the piercer examining Pat's tongue, he made Pat stick his tongue out more, but Pat replied that it was the farthest he could stick it out. The piercer looked under his tongue, and concluded, "after a year and a half of owning this place, you're the SECOND person who's tongue can't be pierced." HAHA, it turned out Pat's tongue had veins going all the way to the end of his tongue, so it'd be risky to pierce it. Thus, after a moment of disappointment, Paul goes next.

Paul's piercing went through fine, I was the one who took the pics of him while getting his tongue pierced, but after a moment i turned away cause it looked too painful :P So after Paul gives the man his cash, we leave the place and go to watch a movie (You've Got Mail, how appropriate for a net meeting :P) and bowling. That night, my tongue was swollen and started to hurt a bit. But after rinsing with listerine, it did help to numb the pain. The ice helped as well too.

Day After Piercing

Boy was my tongue swollen. I couldn't eat anything that day, and the only thing I had to eat for the whole day was some chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, my mom had cooked soup with tiny thin noodles, so they kept getting stuck on my bar. I had taken a nap that afternoon and found green stuff and blood on the bar. I started to panic, but I remember reading on one of the accounts that swishing with salt water and peroxide would help. It actually did.

Day 2

I still can't eat regular food. I had NOTHING to eat that day, and instead to put something in my stomach, I drank loads of water. My tongue did hurt, only when i tried to eat. Otherwise, in general, my tongue felt normal. After sharing accounts with Paul, he's saying his tongue is fine, but he talks with a lisp.

Day 3

My tongue felt a little better. I finally ate one ELFudge cookie dipped in milk. I'm starting to be able to eat a bit more now, but it's still a little sore when I try to.

Day 4

So since I'm able to eat somewhat, it happens to be my parents anniversary. We end up eating dinner at this Korean BBQ place, and it literarly took me an hour to eat. I don't think i chewed everythign properly, so i kept drinking water in order for the stuff to go down my throat. That was surely a challenge, but afterwards, i was proud of myself for being able to eat :P

Day 5

My tongue seems fine, and I'm able to eat normally now. There's still a bit of swelling left, but it's bound to go down soon. My family ate at Claim Jumpers (restaurant that gives you TONS of food), and that was fun trying to eat a humungoid sandwich. I ended up taking it home, not being able to eat the whole thing :P Talked to Paul, he's complaining that his tongue is now starting to hurt :P Hehe, guess we're opposites, mine hurt right after the piercing, his didn't and only starts to hurt when my pain goes down.

So, this is my story. If you want to get your tongue pierced, I suggest you should :) I had a lot of people telling me not to get one (one being my boyfriend, who was totally against it) and that it would hurt a lot. But hey, I was able to survive. I'm sure if i did it, you could too :) Well, hopefully when i get back to the UK i'll have some pictures to post up on bme or the #KAiBiGAN get together page. Till then...thanks for reading my story :)

A special thanks goes out to: All my friends who stood there watching me (Denise, Patrick, Paul, Bintoro, Adee and John), and to Joel at Skorzeny's Tattoo's off Reseda Blvd. in Northridge, CA. I suggest you go there! :)


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