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Eric's tounge peircing story

ell first off ill start by telling you that im a 16 year old ale from a small town in pennsylvania. Ive always been interested in peircings since i was a little boy. one day in the mall i say a boy with his ear peirced and asked my mom if i could get mine done, of coarse she said no. well years later when i turned 14 i asked again and finnally she said yes. Then i started seeing people with other things peirced. People with their eyebrows, noses, lips, and TOUNGES which i thought was the coolest. I didnt even attempt to ask my mom cause i knew what the answer would be, no. So i waited a bout a year and a half till last summer and asked the answer was "not while you live under my roof" so i figured that ment no. Well i knew someway or another i was going to get this done, i had to not just cause other people had it o to be cool but because it was just the coolest thing that i ever saw. Well now ill stop boring you with that stupid crap and thell you the story.

Well since i had nooe to sign for me i knew there was probaly only one way do it myself. So thats when i came to BME to see if there were any people that would give me advise or tips. I sucessfully found a couple people that did just that. Now after talking to them and to other friends i figured i had enough knoladge to do it myself. So i got my friend that works in a peircing shop (he sells clothing and jewelery he doesnt peirce) to get me a 14ga needle and i bought a 14 ga 7/8 inch barbell with blue titanium ballz cause silver is so worn out. Well since i stayed over my friends house the night before to go to the shop to get that stuff i got him to drive me to the closest drug store and got a bottle of ibuprofin, Gly-Oxide and Listerine. then he took me home to an empty house, my mom was at work so i had penty of time to do this task.

So now to just do it well iheard that i u take a ibuprofin about a half hour before you do it it reduces swelling, and it did so i waitd about a haf hour then i went into the bathroom turned on the makeup mirror since i figured it would be the best thing to use to see what i was doing then i felt my tounge to find a good spot in the center and mark it with a sharpie permenent marker. Well i was ready so i rinsed out with listerine and then i put the needle on the mark and began to push, not really a lot of pain at first but once you get to the bottom layer damn it hurts. so noe i got it through so i got the barbell which was soaking in alchol(to sterilize it) and stuck it in the end of the needle and pulled the needle out ha its through, now just to screw on the ball, this will be easy i though since it was internally threaded, not realy cause i was shaking like a leaf, you would too if you were shoving a 14ga needle through your tounge. Now i was so happy i ot my tounge peiced. it didnt really start to get sore for about 3 hours then it startd to hurt but i really didnt care. id didnt even really effect my speech al all really but a small lisp hardly noticable.

i talked to everyone i knew no one noticed unles i shwed them or heard from some one else. evryone i know loves it. hell ive only had it 4 a week and 2 grlz already kissed my cause they wanted to know what it felt like. Well heres the happenings of my first week:

DAY 1 Sore not able to eat, minor swelling, sucked on ice, frozen grapes(they taste real good), water, took ibuprofin, used Gly-Oxide 3 timez, listerined alot

DAY 2 More swelling, still hard to eat kept up with the ice, grapes and water, ate fritos bit my bar OUCH!!!!!! that really hurt. Kept up with the ibuprofin, Gly oxide 4 timez, Listerine a whole lot

DAY 3 NEW YEARS EVE, still swelled still hard to eat not as hard though, kept up with all the medicines and stuff, I had to drink its a tridition so i tried to stay away from the hard shit till midnite i had a shot of GOLDENSCHLAGER Damn it burned like hell sucked on ic the rest of night OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 4 swelling started to go down not s much pain still used ibuprofin, GLY OXIDE, listerine regularly. ate some cheese and cracker left over from my moms party.

DAY 5 Just alittle swelled so i figure what the hell lts get McDonalds... not a good idea too much grease...kept up with the ibuprofin,Gly-Oxide and listerine its still helping

DAY 6 McDonalds deffentaly not a good i dea it made it swell back up but oh well... still using ibuprofin not as much, gly oxide and listerine regulrly

DAY 7 Feels reall good took an ibuprofin when i woke up and thats it still gly-oxide and listerine regularly...not alot of swelling or pain

DAY 8 1/6/99 feels great no ibuprofin, still listerine and GLY-OXIDE regularly ate any thing i wanted exept 4 dinner i had spicy chilli kinda burned but thats all

Well thats my peircins story i hope you liked it.


If you are thinking about doing it yourself id either no what im doing or no someone that does. if you have any questions ill answer them to the best of my knoladge. E-mail me at [email protected]

Peace and good luck to anyone that gets their tounge or anything else peirced



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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