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My Tongue piercing at 14

Well, I had wanted to get my tongue pierced for what seems forever. The reason why I didn't get it sooner? My mom.. She always said, "NO WAY IN HELL CAN YOU PUT A RING THROUGH YOUR TONGUE!!" Even though she did let me get my navel pierced when I was 13, tongue was out of the question... Then after about 6 months and showing here all the people that actually DO have them done I persuaded her to finally say ok. (I also got her to pay for it by offering to help with her school work) hehe so Now to find a piercer... I'm sitting here thinking, "I'm 14, I live in California, which means almost impossible." Because the law says a minor can not go into a tattoo parlor, or get pierced without parents permission.

I called the two places in The Antelope Valley, (where I live) Because my mom wouldn't drive down to LA for me to get it done. Then I went online and found a piercer from one of the two parlors I called. Her name was Debbie from Physco City. After about a month of begin and pleading I finally got her to say she would come to my moms house and do it. She had Nov. 1st off, but that was the day my mom was moving. I talked my mom into letting her come to our new place at around 1:30pm. My friend David, who's 19 was helping us move and decided he wanted his done also. I told him that he HAD to go first cause I was really nervous. So she gets to my moms house and I'm like shaking. (literally!)

Then she sets up, David washes with listerine and blah blah blah.. Then WHAM shoves it through his tongue and he shrieks.. I swear he looked like he was going to die.. I grabbed some ice and started to suck on it to try and numb it a little (big mistake) washed with listerine and sat on the counter. My hands were shaking and my foot was too.. I mean the adrenaline was ssooo awesome though. She handed me a paper towel in case I drooled (which i didn't smile). I looked at my mom and in surprise she was standing right behind the counter, wow she's actually watching? It took her two weeks AFTER i got my navel done for her to even glance at it, and now she's actually watching them shove a needle through my tongue? kewl!! Then Debbie marked my tongue and put the clamps on. Her trusty assistant held them and she told me to breathe and wham i squeaked a little but it actually didn't hurt too bad.... (honest!!) It feels like I bit my tongue, nothing more, nothing less. The worst part was when she turned my tongue to the side to screw the ball on the barbell, that stung a little. I put my tongue in my mouth and it was all done. WOW I actually did, after all this time I finally got a hole in my mouth!... Then I rinsed with listerine and found out my tongue was bleeding. The reason is because the ice I had sucked on before hand. Oooppss someone should have told me not to.. oh well :) i lived.. Then I called my best friend Mellissa and told her what I did.. I was so proud of myself! Before the piercing I took 2 aspirins then an hour after the piercing I took 1 more. My tongue was kinda sore during the day, but that wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was going to my dads house. My speech was pretty messed up, and it hurt, so I just wasn't going to talk to him, BUT he just got a new van that day and had to take me for a ride. He straight out says "I know about your tongue pierced, your sister told me" what?!?!?!?! I told my sister I MIGHT get it done and gggggrrrrrrrrr ok, but he wasn't mad at me so it was all cool. I tried to slurp down a yogurt that night but it stung so I just quit. It was Sunday so I decided to go to bed cause tomorrow was going to be a LONG day at school.

School: I woke up and my tongue was pretty sore, nothing I couldn't handle. I skipped breakfast because my tongue was fairly swollen, and I had to walk to school because my best friend decided she wasn't going that day. I grabbed my listerine, put it in my backpack and off I was. The first person I saw was Rick, I opened my mouth, (Debbie told me to try not to stick it out, plus it was really swollen) He was really happy I got it done. Everyone as soon as they saw me, came running and asked if I got it done. It was ssooo hard to talk, especially when everyone surrounds you. People either lied it, or shrieked "eeeww how could you??" At our high school your not supposed to have any piercing besides your ears. My first period teacher is a real b*h and she did outloud reading.. great my turn..now what do i do? I can't even talk!! So she calls on me and I mumble out I have a cold and she just looks at me, marks me down.. 3rd period is a blast, my crush/best guy friend is in there and flipped out when I showed him smile then the teacher asked what we did over the weekend and shouts out, Tina got her tongue pierced. everyone just looks at me all weird.. haha oh well. Lunch time I was starving, and I wanted a bean burrito ssooo bad, hehe so I bought one.. I had to tear off each bite, put it on the side of my mouth, suck on it then tilt my head to the side, my friends had a fun time laughing at me for that one... hehe but it was so much fun have people I didn't even know come up to me and ask me to see it.

The rest of the days were better each day... After 1 week David (the one who got his tongue pierced with me) came over to my moms house and before we left we scammed. WOW what a difference.. It was truly weird when you hear the clicking noises of the two rings... I went inside and noticed my tongue ring had a little tear in it... oopss The next weekend I go out with this other guy (who also had his tongue pierced) and found out tongue rings are VERY useful...

Well, I've had my tongue pierced for 2 months now and I really love it. I now have a rainbow barbell in and it looks pretty niffty. I just say that whoever wants it done, get it done. It's really worth it, and not painful. Also, Thanks to B.M.E. for all your info that helped me on the aftercare and everything else!!

Anyone that has any questions about me, my tongue or navel ring or anything that I would know about, feel free to E-mail me at: [email protected] Thanks~ Kristina


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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