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my tongue piercing -- Yippee!!! :)

cannot even tell you how scared shitless I was of getting my tongue pierced. After a week of reading personal experiences and obsessing about it to my boyfriend and my friends, I decided that I had to have it. The only thing that was kind of stopping me was my fear of the pain, and of course, the parental units, but I wasn't too worried because Dad works in a different country and Mom is pretty oblivious most of the time. After reading every tongue piercing story on this website I felt pretty educated about what was going to happen and for the most part, I felt pretty encouraged. Most of the stories said that it didn't hurt at all, you can't even feel the needle, bla, bla, bla. All the positive stories made most the difference in my decision of whether of not to do it. Even though it seemed highly unlikely to me that shoving a needle through your tongue wouldn't hurt, it was still encouraging. I didn't really believe it. Or I figured, knowing my luck I would probably be one of the only people who have a painful experience. I was afraid that I would faint. Man, I am such a baby. Anyway, despite my fear and anxiety, I decided that I had to have it. I wanted it so badly and I wouldn't let anything stop me. (not even my boyfriend and friends who were all against it claiming that a tongue piercing wasn't "me"). Well, after a week of bugging everyone with repeated questions and senseless babble I finally did it!!!! And I am soooooooo glad.

I went on a Saturday afternoon to a place called Ipso Facto in Fullerton, CA. I think it was around $65 bucks for the jewlery, the piercing, and a tip. Anyway, when I got to the piercing place I wasn't even as freaked out as I thought I would be. I filled out the short information sheet and asked the piercer if it would hurt. He assured me that it was probably the least painful piercing. With that in mind, my piercer (whose name was Jared by the way), my two moral supporters, and I went into a little room in the back. I sat in this high black chair and watched Jared prepare all his stuff. He gave me the listerine which wasn't too bad for me at all, and tried to relax. So far, so good. I was dreading the clamps because I had read and heard that the clamps were the worst part. Jared put a little cotton thingy between my bottom lip and my teeth to suck up the saliva and got out the needle ready to pierce me. What? No clamp?! I don't use clamps, he said. Oh ok... hmmmm. At this point, I was pretty scared. I was shaking and breathing hard and squeezing my boyfriend's hand so tightly, I just couldn't calm down. After I finally got myself together I stuck my tongue out as far as I could (which was not that far). Jared held my tongue with a piece of gauze and stuck the needle right through!! It was so fast and it was so painless!!!!!! The actual piercing did not hurt me at all. However... when he put the barbell through, that was a teeny tiny bit painful. But the pain was nothing. It was just like a little bit of ouchiness that is totally bearable. It's like biting your tongue, that's how little it hurt. Seriously, getting my ears pierced hurt less than the tongue. Anyway, after he put the barbell through I was like shaking from adrenaline, shock, and excitement that it made it hard for me to keep my tongue out. But after about another 20 seconds, I was done baby!!! The first time you have your tongue in your mouth with the barbell thing in it it feels sooo strange.

Afterwards, I went and got some ice, listerine, gly-oxide and advil. My tongue never really hurt me at all. It could be because of the advil which I took everyday about 4 times a day. It did swell but there really was no pain involved. Only when I would bite on it accidentally or talk for a long time or yawn. Yawning was pretty uncomfortable.

Other than that, my entire experience was very, very painless. I was eating Denny's the next day and I never even talked funny. No one noticed until I showed them. I know that everyone's experience is different and whether or not it hurts really depends on your piercer. If you are scared that it is going to hurt, seriously, don't worry about it. Most people have painless experiences, and even if it does hurt, the pain is temporary and the piercing is definately worth it. I am sooo happy that I have it now I love it. I am the biggest baby on the planet and if I can do it, then anyone can do it. If you're interested, just go for it and you will be a happy camper after it is all done and over with. It's really fun to play with, easy to hide, and a nice accessory. If you want to do it, don't let the fear of pain stop you like it almost did me. After you do it, you will be proud of yourself! :)

If you want to ask me anything, drop me a line. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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