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Tongue piercing @ Fingers

am twenty-two years old. One night when I was in Albuquerque NM, with my best friend Jenny I decided it was time to get my tongue pierced. I had been contemplating the idea a bit, but was not sure if I could actually go through with it. I knew that Jenny could do it because she has a really high tolerance for pain. I was trying to convince her to do it just so I could see how it was done first. She had to work the next day and little desire to do the piercing so she decided not to. First we drove up to the shop that Jenny had taken her friend to (she has seen this done nine times), called Fingers. We were talking and she was having a cigarette outside. Finally we went in and saw the jewelry and asked the blonde guy like 40 questions, still unsure, he said, "go hang out for a while and come back when you are ready". That is what we did, we drove to an ATM to get money and then went back to Fingers, and sat outside for a long time and finally Jen said "come on lets go get you pierced". We went in and I was in a daze still thinking I was going to back out. The guy said, "you just made it" looking at his watch and he asked what we were going to get done. Jen replied that I was getting my tongue pierced. He said okay and handed me 3 pages of consent forms that I filled out. Billy the piercer came out and the blonde guy told him what I was having done and he told us that he was going to set it up and he would be back for us. I had never even seen this done so I really didn't know what I was in for. While we were waiting, we flipped through their piercing portfolio and ran across pictures of it being done step by step to someone. Um . . . I should have looked at this first I told Jenny as I was starring in horror at the needle sticking through this chicks tongue. Don't worry you will be fine she assured me. Billy came out front and took us to the back and sat me in this chair. Now I was definitely nervous! I started shaking slightly. Billy started talking, I can't remember the exact conversation, but mainly he was just trying to relax me. He showed us his tongue, he has four in there. First he gave me a paper towel bib in case I drooled. He gave me a cup of Listerine, I rinsed and he looked at my tongue, marked it and told me to pick up the mirror and asked if it was okay. It was. He then told me not to look over at the table with the needle on it anymore. Then he brought out the clamps. I had decided after I had given the blonde guy my money, that there was no turning back, so at this point I was just along for the ride. As he clamped my tongue he said that the clamps would probably be the worst part. I hoped he was right, because I could handle that. He was of course. I felt the needle; to me it was no more than just a pinch. He talked through the whole thing saying that it was just pressure. He put the bottom ball on and it was all over. No drool. Jen said that I was the only one that she had seen that didn't drool. He said okay you can put your tongue back in now. Wow! What a weird feeling! I think that was the best part, the weird feeling when you first put it back in. Billy went over aftercare with me, gave me and Jenny's little boy Willy, a popsicle and then we headed out. Jen was shocked at how well I was able to talk. All I kept thinking was wow I actually did it. Jen went home and I went back to my husbands parents house. This, I was nervous about. I was hoping that everyone would be asleep so that I could hide it from them. They weren't, but I was talking well enough that they didn't notice. My husband and I went to the movies and I sucked on ice the whole time. On our way to the store he finally asked, "Do you have something in your mouth"? I showed it to him and he just freaked out a little and got quiet. The next day I called Jen and she was even more amazed at how I was talking okay. Went out to breakfast with my husband, his parents, and my mother. The first thing I put in my mouth was cottage cheese, I figured that would be easy enough to eat. It was really weird eating. Jell-O was way easy to eat. It took me longer than everyone else; I just told them I was not hungry. It didn't really swell too bad or hurt. Eating was normal except for a little slow. I could eat what I wanted. I started being able to see more of the bar the next week, so I know it did swell but not enough to actually bother me. The next time I went in I asked Billy about the crater around the piercing. Its like a circle where when your tongue swells, it makes an indention.

I decided that piercing is an experience that everyone should have, and I wanted to have it again. So the next weekend my friends Alfred and Robert accompanied me to Fingers. Alfred got his tongue done. Alfred's experience was just like mine; hardly any swelling and he ate three times right afterwards. Robert and I got our right eyebrows pierced, which hurt a little more than the tongue. The next weekend I got my lip pierced and a friend of Robert's got her labret pierced and Jenny's little sister Angie got her ear (upper cartilage) done. The lip hurt more than either of the former piercings, not bad though.

Two weeks passed and I had the craving for it again. Robert and I had bought some jewelry on the web and it came in so we headed to Fingers again to get it changed out. Robert really wanted a second eyebrow piercing and I had been thinking about doing my tongue again. Before we went to Fingers we headed to the mall and checked out the jewelry there. I bought a 12ga 5/8 barbell that was cool and went to another store and bought a 14ga 5/8 blue barbell. Robert bought a blue barbell for his second eyebrow piercing. We went to Fingers and I showed them my jewelry they said cool, but if we are going to pierce your tongue again we need it to be 3/4 in for the swelling. Damn! There goes my cool new purchases. They had gotten in some new colored barbells, they were 12ga. I decided to purchase one of these. So I was going to stretch my current 14ga to a 12ga and pierce my tip with the barbell that I got over the web. Robert was going to switch out his current eyebrow ring 16ga, with the purple one he got on the web and pierce with the 14ga barbell he got at the mall. Then Robert decided he liked the spiked barbell that they had at the store. So he decided to get that instead of the blue barbell and I took the blue barbell to switch my eyebrow ring out with.

I was still a little nervous, but not near as nervous as the first time. I had done this before, it shouldn't hurt right. . . WRONG!!! I promise the first time I got my tongue pierced it didn't hurt much. This did. First Billy marked my tongue for the tip piercing, then he switched out my eyebrow ring with the barbell. Next was taking out my current 14ga and putting in the 12ga. He took out my ring, which felt really strange not having it in there. Then he took the 12ga and started to shove it in. He was telling me to lift my tongue up and it was not going in. Now this was hurting a bit while he was doing this. He tried once more and then grabbed a 12ga needle. He started to shove the needle in very slowly. Ugh! The pain!! Ooohh this did hurt. He did it very slowly counting one, one thousand, two, one thousand, ouch! He finally got the barbell in, I was slobbering all over the place. So much that he couldn't tighten the bottom ball. All I wanted was for it to be over. He said swallow, but don't swallow the barbell, you know how to do that. I am thinking no, I have never taken my bottom ball off. He finally got the bottom ball on. I was in pain at this point and I still had my tip to do. I was like no, no I don't think I can do this. Billy was like come on and finally I just stuck my tongue out again. He clamped me and shoved the needle through. It hurt like hell! He put the jewelry in and that was it. He didn't bother with aftercare since I had been there so many times. Billy said, I told you when you first started that the tip was the most painful part of the tongue to pierce. I was in pain for the next 3-4 hours, then it subsided and I was fine. I sucked on ice for the rest of the night. The next day I went in and got my ear pierced (top cartilage) and Billy said my tongue looked fine. It has been 4 days since I had that done and it is still a little sore. The most annoying part is the 3/4" barbell right there on the tip, it is rather hard to eat. I love all of my piercings and if you are ever in Albuquerque NM, then go to Fingers piercing on San Pedro. Those guys are great. I want more, but my husband says that I have enough, so I think I will take a break now.

I totally recommend getting pierced. Everyone that I know, who has gotten something done, totally loves it. As do I.

Jenny [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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