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my new piercing

w piercing

my new piercing

I wanted to go out and get a tattoo on my 18th b-day. I looked around, but still wasn't really too confident in getting a tattoo. I felt too pressured getting it on my b-day even though it's something I've planned on for years now. I decided why not wait a couple more days. I decided to get something less permanent. like a tongue ring. I had really wanted one but I was afraid of my parents finding out. My mom warned me if I ever pierced or tattooed any part of my body I wouldn't be living in her house anymore. And my parents are mad strict! I had gotten my belly button pierced 6 months earlier (under my belly-button age:17) and managed to hide it lovely...so I was pretty confident in hiding my tongue from them also...a little too much. Plus i'm the type of person that doesn't really think before I act.

I decided to go 3 days after my b-day. I borrowed my mom's car, picked up my boyfriend (who wasn't really happy with the idea of me getting a tongue ring. mainly cuz he knows how my parents are i guess) and went to body designs on long Island. I told the lady to pierce my tongue and she asked me if I ate yet.. I said "no...why?" and she told me to go out and eat as much as I can. So me and my boyfriend went to Boston Market. I was too jumpy to eat so I didn't eat as much as I should have. I rushed back over, knowing I'd have to have my mom's car back before it got too late. I showed my ID and she's like "hey-happy b-day".Then she gave me a bottle of listerine...i kissed my boyfriend...and went and washed out my mouth. She gave me a paper towel to hold on my lap... I asked her if it was to catch the blood and she's like "no..your drool". Then she explained how it's a painless procedure unless I start moving...then she's gonna have to squeeze the clamp. I was nervous. Esp. with my boyfriend trying to talk me out of it and telling me how much it was gonna hurt. I couldn't even hold his hand cuz I had to hold that papertowel. I heard the clamp was the worst...but it was nothing. The needle was also painless. Piercing my ears still hurt more. But everyone's different. Some people might have more nerves in their tongues or whatever or maybe their piercer's not too good...but it was so painless I was disappointed.

For about 15min. I was fine. Then my tongue swelled up. I had to keep stopping for ice and I couldn't even talk right anymore. The next morning it hurt like a bitch. I tried not to talk much and sucked on ice as often as I could. I went food shopping and stocked up on baby food, apple sauce, pudding and ice cream. i told my parents I had a bad sore throat, when they asked me why I kept sucking on ice. I tried eating real food, but it was impossible. The following nite I was able to eat chicken with very little pain. my tongue was so swollen that my teeth were indented on the sides on my tongue. The first week was horrible.It definetly made up for my disappointment. After about a week it was fine. 2 weeks later, It's still somewhat swollen. I still have slight indents along the sides of my tongue. A little indent has also formed around the ball. I could lift up the barbell from the bottom and see a big round whole where my tongue goes in under and around the barbell. I hope this is normal. I guess I don't have to worry about downsizing anytime soon. But the piercing feels fine! Kissing my boyfriend feels weird because my tongue's not totally healed yet. So kissing does feel a little tender.

I wash my mouth with cool mint listerine after eating, smoking or kissing. I dilute it whenever i can and I use Glyoxide twice a day. I put a few drops on the the top and bottom, leave it on my tongue till I feel like I'm gonna drool then spit out as much of it as I can.

Unfortunately my mom noticed it when I was talking to her. She's extremely pissed and has done everything she possibly can to punish me. she'll get over it someday. But she's not making me take it out or anything. So far I love it. I love playing with it. My boyfriend's starting to like it too ;) Next week I'm taking one of my friends to get it done. Right now I'm trying to decide on what my next piercing will be.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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