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Tongue Pierce by Adam @ The Wall

Tongue Pierce by Adam @ The Wall

I've been piercing mad for about a year and a half now, completely obsessed with pictures, procedural stories, anything and everything I could get my hands on. In three months I'd all but coated my ears with metal and healing holes, all of them done by my roommate at the time. A tragus, anti-tragus, two orbitals, rimmed lobes, so much that I had to learn to sleep with my hand cupped a special way so I wouldn't be putting pressure on my piercings as I slept. But after a while I came to the realization that I'd prefer quality to quantity and the numbers dropped down to ten in my ears and one in my hand. And then finally down to just four in each lobe and two cartilages horizontally next to each other.

For an about six months I stayed like that, occasionally missing my old piercings, but knowing I'd get killed by my conservative family if I dared start doing it again. Its one thing to be living in a dorm four hours away from them and a totally different thing to see them everyday, interacting a living overlapping lives. But a out came that little worm of desire, working its way into my conscious mind once again. And without my realizing it, I'd start playing with some of my old jewelry that was just around my room whenever I was in there, just reading or whatever. And I was talking to my friend, my ex-roommate by now, and we were discussing the tattoos we were going to get (She'd known what she wanted for as long as I'd known her, three years, and so had just been waiting to get it done to see if I was going to get one with her or not. Three months ago she doodled a drawing and entitled it the Celtic Squid of Life, after one of the funny answers to stupid questions about Body Mods on the internet somewhere, and I couldn't get it out of my head. I'd draw it everywhere without thinking… and I knew I had my tat) and she told me about the tongue piercing she had. We were heading into Gastonia, North Carolina to get our tats anyway, and I figured it was time that I got my tongue done. I've wanted one since I was fourteen, but knew my mom would kill me for even asking, so, I put it off.

We drove into town, to a clothing shop called The Wall, where she'd met and talked to the piercer before about how he cleans his stuff, so I felt pretty safe going in there. They took my information, copied my ID (kidded me for just having turned 18 two weeks before) and I signed the waiver. Adam, the piercer, took us back to the room where he works (he said he didn't mind someone watching and since my friend was dying to see someone in action so he had an audience) and told me to sit down. He put his gloves on, showed me his equipment in their individual wrappers and asked me if I was scared or I wanted to wait a minute. I told him no, I figured it couldn't hurt worse than my tragus, and we got started. I got to clean up, use Listerine and everything, which burned so much it brought tears to my eyes, and I sat back down. He pulled my tongue out and told me this was going to be a snap. Which made me happy, I'd always thought my tongue would be great to pierce, it sticks out farther than normal and I've got a nice clear channel going down the center. The only thing was I have a really thick tongue so he had to pierce me with a 1' instead of a ¾ inch. He sticks the needle in from the bottom, which comforts me, but I've got really strong connective tissue so the sound as the needle goes through my tongue is loud and scary, but I live and he threads the jewelry in. I bleed just enough to get a little redness on my tongue and drool a lot. He gives me more Listerine and off to swish I go. When I get back, him and my friend are discussing piercings (no big surprise) and he tells me it's the best tongue he's done in a while, and the best piercing he's had all day.(Plus I think he got a kick out of the fact he didn't have to pierce at an angle.) He asks me questions about aftercare, and seemed satisfied with my answers but gave me a sheet anyway. We take a picture and drive to the store to get the cleaning supplies on the aftercare sheet. My tongue doesn't hurt at that point, but I'm trying my best not to talk because I don't want to mess anything up because it's a two hour drive to get it fixed. We go to Skin Arts down the road and get out tattoos and then we decided to treat ourselves to ice cream, and stupid me gets a Good Humour Strawberry Shortcake Icecream Bar. This is something covered in little pieces of crunchy coating and probably the world's dumbest thing to eat at that moment, and still I buy it, not thinking. I take the first bite and realize something is really, really wrong, there are all of these little things in my mouth, getting under, and annoying this relatively big thing going through my tongue. I don't scream, but I'm not so happy anymore. I make my friend eat the rest of my ice cream and vow to stay off of solid foods for the rest of my life.

The next day my tongue decides to swell up to occupy the whole 1' of my 14 gauge barbell and I'm miserable, but still not in pain. I wasn't still used to chewing around the barbell but managed to get some food down before going into my cleaning ritual.

It's been 5 days so far, and the swelling has disappeared except right around the hole. The piercing itself still hasn't hurt, but there's a sore spot beneath my tongue when I wake up because the ball digs there when I sleep, but nothing major. I get this thick ooze coming out of it about once a day, but it just sits around the hole waiting to be rinsed away, so I'm not swallowing it, which is my biggest fear. And a little lump of skin (like a swollen taste bud) forms at night, but it comes off easily, so I'm not worried, as my friend related a similar experience. I can eat normally now, a little slower, but I'm getting used to it. It's like having braces again in a way. I'm being more careful about keeping it clean than I have with any other piercing before, I'm paranoid because I know if anything really yucky starts oozing it's going directly into my mouth. But that's about it. If anyone has any questions or anything, my email is [email protected]

I have an appointment with Kevin Thomas in Greenville from Soul Piercing for Saturday, the 26th, for a bridge. I'll let you guys know how that went, because there's only one other bridge experience on BME that I've seen. I'm not going to hide the bridge from my family, so I may be homeless by then, well see.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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