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Tongue, Navel, and Lip

eah! I got it. I've got three new piercings for 8 weeks now and I love them! It was not so easy as normal, because I'm 16 Years old and this is a difficult age if you want to get pierced. I needed more than three month to convince my parents, specially my dad, that piercing are very normal these days and much fun for a girl of my age, too. I wanted to do my lip, tongue and the navel.

July 24th was my day! I managed a date in a very good piercing studio in Munich (cutglass) in the afternoon. The night before was very hard, I was so nervous and couldn't sleep. In school it was the same and I was very lucky as the bell finally rang.

We went to the city (my dad and me) and arrived at cutglass, a very big studio with a lot of funny horror masks. In the waiting room were a lot of people (I was amazed, that so many people wanted to get pierced -- it's really a trend, even in Germany!). My dad and I went to the counter and a nice men (I think he was American) asked us if he can help. I answered that I want to get my tongue lip and navel pierced and he gave us a form where my dad had to subscribe, that we agree with the bodily harm. Then he told us a lot of about the care and the risks and gave a leaflet about all these things to me. After that I had to choose my jewellery -- for the tongue and the lip between barbells with a big or a small ball and the navel between a ring and a banana barbell. I took the big balls and the banana barbell.

The next twenty minutes were the worst in my hole life. I was so nervous (I think my dad was as nervous as me :-) ). At least my name was called and we two entered a back room with a very friendly piercer (he had an enormous ring through his nose!). I had to lay down on a kind of a couch (like the doctors have). After laying down I had to stick out ma tongue and put a very strange tasting spray on the top and the bottom and the inner side of my lip. After a short time I had a numb feeling all over my mouth. But he started with the navel, he marked it fixed it and I had to take a deep breath- and the needle was trough my navel -- and no pain! He took in the jewellery and my first piercing was done. The next was the tongue. I had stick it out and he fixed it the he pushed the needle trough. There was a strange feeling when the passed the top and the bottom, but again no pain. It was no problem to put in the barbell and the second one was ready. Then he marked my lip, fixed it and the needle was going trough -- the first time, I was feeling a bit pain. He put the barbell with the flat side in my mouth in and I was ready. Now I had to rinse with water and he asked how I feel. This was the moment I realised that speaking with a 30mm barbell (20mm bar and two 5mm balls) in the mouth is not as easy as I thought -- I had an enormous lisp. But I felt okay. We said by and left the studio -- I as a lucky owner of three new piercings!

On the way home the I felt how the navel starts burning, tongue and lip swelling. And speaking was nearly impossible (it sounds like speaking with a potato in your mouth). When the numb feeling went away the pain started. It was very hard. I tried to eat some icecream but even this hurts. To rinse with hexoral (a medicine against sore throat) was the only alleviation. I went this evening very early to bed, but I wasn't able to feel asleep because my tongue was throb with every hard beat and the navelpiercing was very painful.

Day 1:

I awaked (hey a good sign that I was sleeping for a while!) My tongue was swollen really bad, the upper and lower ball nearly disappeared and a white coating was on it. The lip was not better (no coat but bad swelling) and the navel still hurts. I wasn't able to speak and my parents were very concerned -- the even wanted to call our doc but the didn't (luckily!). To rinse with hexoral was very good - in the evening I was able to speak a little bit and took my first meal for this day - a joghurt. The night was better than the first one but I was very tiered after two nearly sleepless nights.


Same thing as yesterday but I was able to speak and eat some baby food. But the swelling and pain were still horrible.


First day on school with my new jewellery! The swelling was still hard but I was able to speak - with a heavy lisp - and the piercings didn't hurt so much anymore. The teachers were really shocked but my friends were keen on my new style.


The swelling was much better and I was able to eat (very soft) kornflakes. The pain was over, only when I was eating or speaking it starts to hurt.


Same as yesterday.


The swelling is much better. If I stick out my tongue, I can see about 3mm of the bar! And I love playing with it. The lip is very normal. It looks a bit strange that long barbell inside. The navel is still burning a little bit.


It's getting better and better! My tongue has reached its normal size but there is still a lisp when I'm speaking.


Every thing is normal again (unless the lisp). On Friday I changed the lip barbell with a ring - very nice feeling.


I changed the long barbell in my tongue with a shorter and thicker one and there is - oh wonder - no lisp anymore!

Now I've got the piercings for 8 weeks and I love them. I love playing with the tongue barbell and the lip ring. The navel is nearly healed (not yet but soon). If want a piercing and you're not 18 go to your parents and get them on their nerves till they say yes. After one or two difficult weeks it's the best feeling you ever had!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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