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My Tongue Piercing Experience

ell, finally, after 3 years of wanting..actually obsessing, and begging my parents, on the 15th of September, I FINALLY got my tongue pierced. My mom agreed to do it because my dad was away on a business trip, and she didn't want him to know she was taking me. (Isn't my mommy deviant? haha) So that morning, I got up, and my mom brought me the phone book, and told me to pick out the place I wanted to go and give her the number. I found a place called, Expressions Body Piercing, and I decided on it. I took the number to my mom and she called...well, some guy who was too enthusiastic for his own good answered the phone, and mom asked him all the typical questions...cost, appointments, etc...and she said, "Now you have to do a good job on her because she's my daughter." And the guy answered, "If she can stick out her tongue, we can do a good job."

So after I finished my Chiropractic appointment, we started on our way to the piercing shop. When we walked in, there were bongs, leather bikinis, and more fetish type things all over the place...my mom's favorite "decoration" were the dildos hanging on the wall. I could tell she was thinking, "Why in the hell am I letting her get this done in a place like this?" Well, as soon as we walked in, I saw 3 people standing behind the counter. One was this weird chick with HELLA long hair, and a tye die jumper on...when she walked out to where we were, I noticed she doesn't shave her legs. haha Then I saw a guy with a cowboy hat, TONS of tattoos and facial piercings. (I was PRAYING this was the guy that would pierce me...he was cute!! =Þ) The other guy was playing with a bong..I didn't pay him much mind. After we told the girl what I wanted, she told us to sit on a couch and wait while she got papers for my mom to sign. Then she came back, and gave it to us...it asked my name, age, address, phone number, etc. Then we both signed it. She introduced me to my piercer, who was the guy in the cowboy hat! WOO HOO!!! hehe His name was Darren, but they called him "Tex" for obvious reasons. He grinned at me, and told me to come with him...asking my mom if she wanted to watch. My mom didn't want to watch, but she came with me anyway.

We started the death march...I wasn't even nervous...just wondering what I was in for. He took us through a door, and told me to sit in the "doctor's chair", and my mom to sit on a stool that was right across from me. He put on his gloves, and showed us all his tools...taking extra care to show my mom how safe and sterile everything was. I saw him laying out the needle...gasp!...and my barbell. After he had everything that he needed, he gave me a cup and filled it with "green" listerine. gag He said, "Swish this in your mouth, and the longer you can keep it in there, the better." So I knocked it back, and started swishing for dear life. While I was doing this, he explained to us exactly what he was going to do..and he kept stressing how important it was that I DO NOT move when he inserts the jewelry. I finally spit the listerine out, and Tex was quite amazed at how long I kept it in my mouth. haha It made my tongue feel kinda

numb...this I was grateful for!!! Then he tucked a paper towel in the neck of my shirt, telling me, "This is in case you're a drooler." Then he told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could.....then he looked UNDER my tongue and freaked out..."DAMN! You have some huge ass veins in your tongue!" hahaha I got a kick out of this. Then he said he was ready...so he pulled out the clamp and told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could, and to keep it fully extended and don't move. So I stuck out my tongue, and he positioned the clamp on it, and squeezed it shut. He got the needle (my mom was already COMPLETELY turned around on the stool by now). He talked to me through the whole piercing...as he started to push it through (the top of my tongue) he said, "I'm pushing it through now. You'll feel a little prick." And he was right...I felt a little prick, NO PAIN AT ALL, and in a matter of seconds he said, "We're through." So he corked the end of the needle, and got the jewelry out. While he was opening my barbell from it's little sterile pack he said, "You're a little bit of a drooler...you got my gloves slippery, but it's all good." Then he threaded the jewelry through, screwed on the top ball and that was that. It was done...over with. He said, "You were very calm and casual..you did a great job." I was bleeding a little, but not all that bad. They gave me a paper to tell me how to take care of it, and we walked back out front. The piercing costed $44, and it was totally worth it!!! I can't wait to go back in two weeks and thank Tex for the great job he did. While my mom was paying him, he looked at me and said, "So, wanna go for a belly button ring next time? It's only $29.95." I looked at him and laughed, and said, "I don't think so."

Then when we finished, we walked next door and got me a cup of crushed ice to suck on while we shopped. Every mirror I passed in stores, I looked at my tongue. My mom told me, "My stomach was doing flip flops when he said, 'We're going through." haha But my mom was a real trooper, and she's been taking good care of me. For dinner that night, I tried to eat noodles...I couldn't get them to go down, so we had to put them in the food processor, and that made them VERY easy to swallow. And I basically ate popsicles all night. So far, I've had very minimal swelling, and it is still virtually painless, unless I talk or try to lick my lips. haha I strongly recommend tongue piercings to anyone who has thought about doing it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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