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my tongue piercing story

i've been reading the other accounts on this site from people who have gotten their tongues pierced, and although they were quite infomative, there were a couple of things that nobody really seemed to mention. so in order to inform prospective piercees (or perhaps those who are already pierced and possibly freaking out from this problem) i want to tell my story.

i got my tongue pierced by chrissy at the wildflower in fayetteville, arkansas. (for those who have never been to fayetteville, we're a pretty liberal, laid-back college town. not your average po-dunk, we don't go around wearing overalls with no shirts on while chewing on a piece of hay.) my boyfriend and i decided to have it done together, er, sort of as a sign of our devotion for each other... sweet, eh? so we mustered up the balls, made an appointment, and went down there after work one friday afternoon. i decided if i didnt go first, i would chicken out. (i'm glad i went first, by the way!)

so i rinsed with listerine, got in the chair, and chrissy explained what she was going to do. she was really nice and cool about everything and made me feel more relaxed. but i was still verrrry nervous. she told me that when she stuck the needle in my tongue, i was going to feel the urge to yank it back into my mouth-- but not to do it, or else that was going to mean trouble for her and a hell of a lot of pain for me. so i said ok and she got out the clamps.

she put them on my tongue and said they'd probably hurt me more than the needle would. i hoped she was right. then she said "ok, relax your tongue and close your eyes..." and i did. unfortunately she lied about the pain. i felt the needle enter the top of my tongue and that was ok. i hardly felt a thing. it was when it was passing through the rest of the tissue i started to feel it. and it hurt so bad. i felt it pop out the bottom of my tongue and i was trying not to freak out and i heard her saying, "keep your tongue out! dont pull it back in!" and her voice sounded like it was a mile away. then she pulled on my tongue and i guess she was putting the jewelry in. i was trying to focus on nice, relaxing thoughts, but it's damn hard with a needle jabbed through your tongue!!!! finally she said "oh, geez, did you drink last night??" and i'm thinking, "why is that any of your business?" and i didn't know what she was talking about, but i opened my eyes and then i figured it out... blood was gushing all over the place!!

"oh...hehe...imamemik... ifodada tehyoo..." what i mean to say was, "oh, hehe... i'm anemic! i forgot to tell you!" ...er, but it was a little late by then. she shoved a wad of gauze in my mouth and told me to put pressure on it. then when i went to close my mouth on it...i felt like i couldnt!!! there was this big ass THING in my mouth, and i almost retched. it was such a weird feeling with the new barbell. i looked at brian, my boyfriend, and he looked kind of ill. i think he was thinking HE should have gone first...

but i didnt pass out. in 30 seconds i was laughing and happy again. i encouraged him to get in the chair and just do it. so he did. before he got pierced, he asked me, "did it hurt very much?" he looked so scared... and i just couldn't tell him.

"oh...no..." i lied. "it hardly hurt at all."

"oh, ok...good." he looked so relieved. but then he figured out i was a dirty liar in about half a minute, cause when chrissy put the needle in his tongue, he had the most horrible look on his face. i mean he looked like he was about to die. and he started to shake violently... i squeezed his hand till it was over, but then he nearly passed out, so chrissy and i had to put him in a different chair in front of the a/c unit. he laid there looking sick for a while. it was so funny-- i thought that, being the girl, i would be the one being squeamish and fainting!! i couldn't help but laugh out loud a little.

well, she gave us a care insruction sheet and we paid the $40 each, and then i hauled brian out of the chair and we went home. he soon recovered from the shock and we were all proud of ourselves. the first thing we did was go to the 7-11 for some crushed ice. we put it in those thermal travel mugs, and then we spent the rest of the evening in front of the tv, watching anime and eating crushed ice and talking like idiots. we also smoked a couple of cigarettes, but were careful to rinse afterwards.

the next couple of days were hard, my tongue swelled a bit and hurt a LOT, and i was popping advil like it was candy, and i couldnt talk. my speech was impeded for two weeks. i couldn't eat, either... in fact i couldnt eat solid food for five days. and even then it still hurt like a mother. what i did was live on slim-fast. thats like all i ate during that phase! my co-workers all gave me a hard time. they made fun of my silly speech and my liquid lunch. at least my boss didn't make me take out the barbell, although i know she wanted to.

well, then came the next problem: slim-fast is made of milk. and since thats all i was drinking or eating, i developed a nasty case of oral thrush. i went to see chrissy and she told me that's what it was. it's a yeast infection in your mouth!!! arghh!!!

she said you can get it from milk, and also from not diluting your listerine enough. it looked all white and carpety on my tongue, and it was really sore. she told me to go to the pharmacy and get some stuff called gentian violet (pronounced GEN-shun violet)... anyway i did, and i brushed it on my tongue with a q-tip for about a week, and the thrush went away. but the medicine is bright purple and it stains your mouth!! be careful to cover your lips with vaseline first!!!! and dont get it on your clothes, obviously.

the other problem i had while recovering from the piercing, was that i got bronchitis. and i had a horrible cough. i coughed all night long for a week or so, and that really messed up my recovery time. i ended up tearing my hole. please, if youre sick, avoid coughing at all costs!! take a cough suppressant or suck on a lozenge, because hacking and coughing will really slow down the healing process. it has been five weeks since i got pierced... and my hole is only just now beginning to look normal and healthy. tearing it is really yucky.

also, i have a 14-gauge, 3/4 inch barbell in. i think maybe my mouth is too small for it, or something. it knocks against my lower teeth when i talk. i'm going to get a shorter one when i'm all healed up! i can't wait.

otherwise, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! it actually looks pretty now! and brian's looks (and, um, feels....grin...) wonderful also!!!!!!!!!! i think enduring pain and recovery for your loved one is a groovy way to prove your love. i'd highly recommend it to any couples who feel the urge to do something crazy. before you go and get his or her name tattooed on your butt, consider getting your tongue pierced. it looks nicer and you can have fun in bed with it, too!!!! (wink)

mitzi...................age 22.....................fayetteville, arkansas


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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