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Lisa's Tongue piercing and Uh Oh Braces.

Not that long ago, about 4 weeks ago I got my Navel pierced. My mom

was ok with that. She thought it was cute. But I decided this wasn't enough. I want my tongue pierced. My mom sorda warped my mind by saying it was discusting but the more and more I thought about it, the cooler and cooler it seamed. It was Sunday the 15 of August. I was to start school Monday 24. The 25th I get braces. So I started talking to my mom about it constantly!! When we went grocery shopping I would Point out people in magazines with it and ask the clerks what they thought. She was not to happy about this. I called everywhere and found out everything there is to know and got online and got lots of pictures and info. So the day I wanted to do it I cleaned the whole house and hung up signs ALL over the house saying Please. So she said ok and off we were.

    It was a nice place Called Ink Masters in St. Louis, Missouri. I like

the guy there from the last time I got my Navel done. So I got there and went through the picking out the barbell. I got a plain silver one cuz it would show up better. ( : I sat down, Swished Listerine, Stuck out my tongue and he was ready.(He had aready measured my tongue for the barbell) My mom got to hold the Clamp while he got the needle. Besides what people say THE CLAMP DOES NOT HURT! She kept yelling at me too. She kept saying, " KEEP YOUR TONGUE OUT!!!" So he stuck the needle through and put the ball on. He told me toswish listerine again and so I did.. I was ready to go.

   It took 3 full days for the swelling to start dramatically going

down..I hated the first whole day. I felt soo sick but I also was talking alot because I had to go school shopping. It is ok to eat solid foods but I love spaghetti'Os but I keep getting the Os stuck on my Tongue barbell!!

      It is day 4. The swelling is not that bad anymore. I dont really

notice. I have a tiny lisp and the only way I can tell its swollen is looking in the mirror.

    I start school tomarrow and then I get braces Tuesday. I am not

looking forward to this. I am praying all the swelling goes down by Tuesday. Or else I am dead. Because I HAVE to get my braces. But if I had to do it again, I would.

  Ok today is the 26th. I got my braces yesterday. I got there and opened

my mouth and the lady said, "O My God! Whats in ur tongue cuz the last time I was in there I did'nt have it and was only talking about it. I purpsly did not tell them, but it didn't cause a problem anywayz. They had to keep my mouth open for the longest time but my tongue wasn't bothered by it. I have wires in the back that keep poking me And It is harder for me to stick my tongue out cuza the brackets. Eating is wordse then when I got my tongue done!! They hurt soo bad and Food gets stuck in them..!!!!!!!!!

    I got to school and everyone was like Woah!!! How kewl! I tryed to

make everyone shut up..and I even got in trouble a few times..LoL Every time my friends see me there like stick ur tongue out.. Even by now Its getting sooo Annoying! But I think it'll go down.. But then I got braces and people were Like Woah!! again.. Now other people are wanting to get there tongue done.(copy cats) (JK) HeHe,,, I dun mind. But I love to play with it and I know i'm not supposed to But its sooo Tempting! I love to rub it against my teeth..(This is not a good habit. IT is WAY bad for your teeth) I also love Pushing it up and down,,HeHe but I keep getting this gross film on my tongue. Its gross. And I have bad breath way more easy now..) : But don't worry I brush. HeHe and my friends don't notice so..( >: The teachers are getting mad but only cuz everyones always talking about it.. But I am soo Way glad I got it and not cuza the FAME at school but cuza I just LuV it. I just sit in class and play wiff it secretly,,HeHe,,And I can chew gum easily except now that I have braces I can't really.. But I am pretty sure it will get better. Well I am going to eat some sketti O's!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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