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Tongue Piercing @ Mainline

b>Thursday Sept 3 1998 I am a 18 male and have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for a while now....today was the day. I went to Mainline in Gainesville, GA (decent). I told them I wanted my tongue pierced and before I knew it I had already swished with Listerine and was in the chair with clamps on my tongue. Now the clamps did not hurt, didn't even feel those but the needle hurt a little, dont let anybody tell you they cant feel it because you can. It isn't like a Sharp pain, just an uncomfortable pain but once the needle is in it seems like the Piercer just started he says "Finished". I got up and paid the cashier then got really dizzy and almost passed out, but I got over that fast. So far Listerine isn't to bad just get the minty kind!!! I am fixing to go to bed now not to much pain to report but it is really awesome and I love it already. But you know what the coolest part is....so far I have had like 10 girls tell me when It heals they want to kiss me just to see what it is like :)

Friday Sept 4 1998 Well it wasn't so bad today not like I had expected....some swelling but not much pain. That probably is because my mom got me some Codeine from the hospital where she works shhhhhh that's a secret. The best thing I found to eat is yogurt and popsicles. I have been living on popsicles--when I wake up that is the fist thing I eat because it is good and COLD!! I went out tonight and played with the barbell and showed it off to everybody, I think it made it worse. I ate 2 chicken nuggets tonight and it took me 4ever. Well, that is all for today.

Saturday Sept 5 1998 OK My tongue hurts this morning...bad, but that is because I gave my tongue hell last night. I came home and took my medicine and started sucking on ice and it feels better but still swollen. I hope it doesn't swell more the barbell doesn't have much more to go and I am about to go take a nap get back to you later.Well I just woke up and it hurts but oh well shouldn't be to much longer until the swelling goes down. Tonight I am going spend the night at a girls house that I met and her parents aren't home and it really sux that I cant try this out yet but I can always show it to her (it turns her on hehe). But that is about it for today.

Sunday Sept 6 1998 This morning when I woke up it was really sore. I didn't think it could swell anymore but it has. Last night at the girls house there were like 5 other girls there and they all kept wanting to see my piercing, I think I am going to like this :) I found one girl there and she saw it and we started talking and hit it off real good. This piercing is an excellent way to start a conversation. Well, the swelling is still here but once I wake up and take some Advil and suck on some ice the pain goes away. I just this is as big as it is going to get.

Monday Sept 7 1998 (Labor Day) OK my tongue swelled up some more, now this is just getting ridiculous. I still love it though. I think it is because last night b4 I went to bed I at 2 bowls of rice and gravy. It was soooooooo good to be able to eat real food again. My friend kept laughing at me because I had to turn my head to chew. Well I don't know what I am going to do today but I'm sure that whoever I see I will show my tongue off. :Þ

Tuesday Sept 8 1998 Well I woke up this morning and it hurt pretty bad but some ice and advil and it the pain was gone. Good thing. I am starting to eat more solid foods Chicken nuggets mainly. They aren't to tough to chew. Well not much happened today but the swelling is Finally going down. yes I am so excited

Wednesday Sept 9 1998 the swelling is going down even more, I am so excited. I can play with it more and eat more foods! Yes. But I still have to turn my head sideways a little. All my friends love it I even had one friend get his tongue pierced. I love it and it is so cool to play with. Well, the swelling should be gone soon so I will write more tomorrow.

Thursday Sept 10 1998 Well it is still a little swollen but much better. I can eat normally again and I can talk right again....Thank God I was getting tired of people saying "What did you day?" But hey that's life. I out some metal through my tongue what do they expect? Well, this is my last entry since it is going down but I will be sure to write more if I get anything else pierced! I am thinking about doing another one in my tongue but one is good enough for now LOL.

Final Thought!! Got that from Jerry Springer!! Final Thought hehe. Well, I love my tongue piercing and I recommend to anybody that even barely wants it to do it!! You will not regret it just take care of it and it will not give you much trouble....and for you other guys out there DO IT!!!! the girls absolutely love it!!!!! They won't leave me alone.

If you have any questions about the piercing are you just want to talk about it Email me at [email protected]


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on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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