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16/M Tongue Piercing @ DNA + STRETCHING

bout 3 weeks after getting my frenum pierced I had the urge to get something else. Actually I've had the urge to get another piercing since the day I got my frenum. Finally, the day has come! I decided to do my tongue, why? Hell I don't know, something I could hide from my dad (mom doesn't mind) Plus I like attention and I'm sure this could possibly help.

Day 1. I set up the appointment for about 10pm. I ate my last meal, Del Taco, mmmmm.. how good cheap mexican food tastes when you know it will be your last for a while. I head down there and we chatted for a bit. I chose an internally threaded 14 gauge 7/8" barbell with clear plastic balls. I wanted around 10 gauge but 14 was the only thing I could do with the clear balls. I rinse w/ listerine... mmmm good. Ha, yeah right but I better get used to it! He dried my tongue and had me hold a paper towel under my lip. He pulled out my tongue and clamped it, and marked it. He had a bit of trouble because my tongue isn't that long and there wasn't much room. Finally he got it set right and got the needle. I wasn't that scared, but I wasn't relaxed, I was very excited about what was about to happen. My tongue was allready hurting from being held out so long (like I said it's rather short) and my jaw was getting sore too. But he pushed the needle. It actually kinda hurt. Brought a tear to my eye! I've had plenty of needles through my body and none have hurt before. I mean it wasn't that bad, I could definately handle it, but I just didn't expect anything because everybody says it doesn't hurt. I'm guessing it's because my tongue was so short and was held out so long. Well he put the barbell in and I was ready to go.
It felt so weird! Really long, uncomfortable, and those balls felt out of place. But I just figured that it was ok and I'd get used to it. That night I showed 2 friends before it started swelling. They liked it. Later that night I attempted to eat some ice cream. Who was I kidding... I emptied it into the sink.

Day 2 Swelling wasn't that bad yet. I had a couple slim fast shakes, but other than that no solid food. I went to a party that night and tried to eat some Quesadilla (sp). Didn't happen. But I did manage to swallow a piece of bread.

Day 3. Pretty darn swollen by now. I actually got a couple french fries down and some more slim fast.

Day 4. First real food! I ate a plain whopper from Burger King!!! Took me about 30 mins but I got it done... and some fries. I also ate a tamale later that night.

Day 5. First day back to school from summer break. Showed EVERYBODY. Played with it all day. Swelling was still there but not that bad. I would hit it against my teeth during classes and drive everybody crazy! It is tons of fun.

Day 6. Tried to eat a bagel before school, didn't work very well. After school I was fed up with it. It was getting on my nerves. It was just so long and those balls were driving me crazy. I couldn't like my lips, clean food from my teeth or anything. I was on the verge of taking out but the nice guy @ DNA gave me an extra barbell. It was the same gauge (14) but 5/8" and all stainless steel and externally threaded. He said I could put it in when the swelling went down if the other was too long. I didn't notcie, but these balls were much smaller. Yay! It was hell trying to put it in. I had to push it through the bottom, I took the old one out.. no big deal. I tried from the top down first, that didn't work well cause I couldn't put the ball on the bottom. The hole in my tongue was easy to slip the bar through. I couldn't even feel it, but damn those balls are hard to put on when you've got drool all over your hands. I finally got it through, after almost giving up and letting it close up because it seemed like my tongue got fatter all of the sudden and I couldn't get the bar all the way through, it just wouldn't come out the top. But eventually I got the ball on. Man it was great. It felt sooo much better because it was a great deal shorter and those smaller balls made the world of a difference. I could talk normal all of the sudden, eat, spit, everything! Just by changing the bar. I was so stoked. Now, I regret ever thinking of changing it. But here's a word of advice, if your new tongue piercing bugs you, try a shorter bar w/ smaller balls as soon as your swelling is down and you'll love it! I can't even tell it's in my tongue anymore until I bang it on my teeth!

Stretching My Tongue

I don't hear many stories of people stretching their tongues. Here's mine.

First, my goal. To fit a clear, glass barbell. It is 8 gauge, but has 6 gauge balls that must be pushed through because it is one piece. I chose this for a couple reasons.

a) It's clear. You can't see it unless I stick my tongue out and show you. Easy to hide from my dad (my mom doesn't care about it).

b) I just think it looks cool!

I started 9 days after my tongue was first pierced. 14 gauge to a 10 gauge. Slipped right in w/ minimal effort, didn't hurt much. Just a little pinch and it was through. Getting the balls on was a different story.

The next night I tried to get the 6 gauge ball through. Very, very hard. I pushed and pushed and pushed. Just wouldn't go. Finally I pressed real hard and it popped in. It hurt very bad and was bleeding. I kept trying to push it through but couldn't get it to go any farther. I decided I'd wait another night and removed the barbell and put the 10 gauge back in.

Next morning, pressed a little hoping it'd be a little looser. Nope. Didn't feel like dealing with it right then.

On the 11th night of my new tongue piercing I decided that I had to get the glass bar in. 8 g. bar, 6 g. balls (non removable). I took a clean toothpick, making sure it was perfectly smooth and round. It started out small and got bigger in the middle. I pushed the entire thing through my tongue (yes I took pictures!) You should have seen the look on my family's faces when I was walking around the house with a toothpick stuck through my tongue.

I tried the glass bar. Still wouldn't go. I took two toothpicks, put them in and pulled them to stretch the hole. I took the glass barbell and pushed it in. It hurt, and was bleeding a bit but it wasn't as bad as the other night. I would push and push and push, going a bit farther with every push. I really had to push hard! I'd turn the barbell to make sure it was stretching good (the end that was meant to go through was at a bit of an angle). Finally it was almost through and I gave it one last strong push and POP there it went. Instant relief. It didn't hurt after it was through.

I reached my goal about 2 months before expected! 11 Days of having my tongue pierced. I stretched it 8 gauges in over the course of one weekend.

I don't suggest trying this to anybody with a fresh tongue piercing. It could have been dangerous. It hurt, it bleed. But I'm glad I did it.

This glass barbell is nice. It's somewhat thick (8 gauge), short, easy to eat/talk with, but my tongue did swell a little bit the day after I got it through. Only downside is that it's not very loud when I brush it against my teeth (I love driving people crazy during school) and it's not very long and I can't play with it as much as my 7/8, or even my 5/8" old barbells. This one is a bit smaller than 3/4".

The best part is when I lift my tongue up and look at the underside. You can see through my tongue and into the back of my throat. It looks really cool but grosses out some people!

Look for my pictures soon!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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