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Tongue @ Rock Bizar

First of all, I apologise for any spelling or grammar error which may have found its way into this text. My first language is not English (it's French), so I'll do my best.

Now, for the story.  I grew up in a small town in the

province of Quebec, Canada. A pretty typical town where someone can get stared at from someone just by looking a bit different. Anyway, I had a pretty uneventful childhood and pretty "normal" teenage years. But, all of that was about to change with me going to university.

Ok, it did not change that much but for a guy who did not

do anything wild in his entire life, this is a little more, let's say, different. The first semester was pretty uneventful. You know, the usual: you meet new friends, learn to avoid certain people, learn where the local bars are, etc.
During this time, I also heard of a local piercing/tattoo studio which had (and still has) a very good reputation, "Rock Bizar". I secretly wanted to go there but the shy and "politically correct" guy in me said to forget it. I did, for a while.

All this changed during a Biochemistry lab.  But before

that, I have to talk about a friend. She had had her navel pierced two months before and loved it. It had been pierced at the studio I was referring to earlier. Anyway, during this lab (which was pretty boring and excruciatingly long) about the dosage of the nucleic acids in a lobster (go figure) we (4 friends including the young woman I mentioned earlier) started talking about piercing and tattoos and general body modification. She then mentioned tongue piercing and said that it would be cool. My inner self agreed with her and I said so. She then said, if you do it, I'll do it. I said yes, people called us crazy and during a break, we went to make appointments. My decision may seem a little hasty but you have to take consideration of the fact that I had been thinking about it for more than 3 years.

So, we went to a pay phone and we were able to arrange an

appointment for the next day (Wednesday) in the afternoon.
After that, we went back to the lab and finished the experiment. When it was finished, we decided to go get thing that are easy to swallow and/or cold. So, we each bought ice cream, Jello, etc. I did not sleep a lot that night, because of the anxiety and also because I had an exam that I had not prepared very well.

The morning finally came and I went to my classes.  The

exam did go pretty well, if you were wondering, and finally came the time to go. We arrived there a little early but she (the piercer) took us because she was ready. We signed release papers, paid (they want to be sure we do not freak out, but if we do, it is possible to buy other merchandise for the same amount) and went to the back room. It was very clean and it made me more secure. Because you see, I was very nervous. She then asked us who was first and my friend said she was. I did not see the procedure well but she later told me it went very well. Next was my turn.

The piercer told me to swallow because I would have my

tongue out for a while. I did and then she placed the clamps.
That part did not hurt. She made sure that the hole on the end of the clamps were centred and I then checked if I like the location. It was perfect and I said to her to go for it.
She told me to lie down and to breath. I did and when I exhaled, she pushed the needle through. I did not feel a thing!!! I swear. She then put the jewellery in (7/8' , 14G, stainless steel barbel) and me sit up. I did feel a little buzz but not too much. She then instructed us on aftercare and to come back when our tongue would be back to normal so she could replace the barbel with a smaller one.

I went back to my apartment and went to see a friend to

show her my new "friend". She said it looked cool. I then went back to my apartment and did not tell my roommates what I just did. The did not even notice! That was great because I did not want a piercing which was too visible. That night, I ate some soup and chocolate pudding. I finally old them later that evening and they could not believe it. I also called my mom to tell her. She shouted "You did what? You pierced your tongue" , she said it so loud that my sister picked up the phone and said to me it was cool. My father just said it must have hurt, I said not and that was it. My mother said that she would prepare my grandparents for the news.

The next day, my tongue was pretty swollen.  I had some

problem talking but not too much. The most amazing thing is that it was not painful at all. During the day, I showed it to a few friends and some teachers. Most of them said it was cool and that we (me and my friend) we pretty brave.

A week later, the swelling had disappeared and I went back

to get a smaller barbel. I chose a 5/8' barbel and it eliminated the lisp I had been experiencing for the last week.

So for me, this piercing was 100% painless and I do not

regret it a bit. It makes me feel different from others. I have not tried it yet with someone ? but I heard that it is very nice for the two people. I can't wait!!

So, if you consider getting your tongue pierced, I say go

for it, you will not regret it!

Charles ?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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