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boyfriend saliva, just what a new piercing needs.

Now, I'm not one of those people that has always wanted a belly button ring. I used to think they were trashy, the equivalent of a tramp stamp, until me and my boyfriend were talking about piercings. He really wanted his lip done (one year later, and he still wants it), and I realized that I'm blessed with a flat tummy, why not accentuate it? At this time I had a bunch of self done ear piercings (4 lobes in each ear, and two cartilage-OW!) and my nose stud, so I didn't have anything to compare the pain of a belly piercing to, but I wasn't that scared. When I found out my older cousin had one done by someone where she works (at a vet clinic, so they had clamps and sterile needles), I was very, very close to going through with it myself. I figured my mom wouldn't give in, and if my cousin stole me a needle I wouldn't be doing something INCREDIBLY dumb, right? To this day I'm so glad my mom said yes, for my 16th birthday I could get either a tragus or navel piercing, but she act ually preferred navel. Evan (the boyfriend) was ecstatic, and I planned on taking him and my best friend at the time to American Tattoo with me.

Unfortunately, Evan couldn't come, but honestly I wasn't upset because I was so excited. We filled out all the paperwork and my mom showed the girl in the front my birth certificate and ID, and within a few minutes we were called into the back room. Let me just say that every time me or my mom has visited American Tattoo (I had my nose pierced here, and she's had her cartilage done twice, but unfortunately lost both to metal allergies.) the place has been not crowded, it's incredibly clean, and the piercers without a doubt know what they're doing. So we walk back and the piercer (my mom told me later when she got her cartilage done that her name was Samantha) tells me to pull my shirt up, and commented on my 'tiny tummy.' I thought this might be a problem, but I was just being paranoid. She told me to select the jewelery; I picked out a curved barbell with iridescent rainbowish crystals. She marked me off, and the placement was perfect so I sat down.

My friend held my hand really tight as Samantha put the clamps on, and my mom looked more curious than disgusted, a good sign. The clamps didn't hurt me at all, which was surprising as I heard the clamps hurt much more than the actual piercing. She wiped me with some greenish antiseptic, told me to breathe and there it was! I actually stood right up, with my mouth open like I was going to scream, but it was more shock then pain. It felt a little worse then my nose, but not half as bad as my diy cartilage. I felt a little bit when she inserted the bar, but it was over quickly and looked amazing. I left VERY happy and we were on our way.

So, because he couldn't come to see it done, the next day Evan invited me over because he just had to see my new piercing. As soon as he saw it he was in love with it. So much, he had to touch it. And touching it wasn't satisfying enough, he licked it a few times. Not gonna lie to you, it didn't feel bad. It tickled, actually. But, I knew saliva couldn't be good for it so I quickly cleaned it with some salt water spray and hoped nothing bad would happen. And fortunately for me, nothing did! It was very red for a while, a bump even started to form near the top ball, but I knew this was from over cleaning, so I cut down cleaning to twice a day, and I even put a bandage over it 24/7 so I wouldn't be tempted to play with it.

It's healed perfectly, despite a few complications (expired rubbing alcohol used to sterilize a new barbell, and getting torn very slightly after getting caught leaning over a sink) I'm surprised there isn't ANY scarring. Anyway, after almost a year since my last piercing (well, about a month ago I had my conch pierced for about...10 minutes, but that's another story) I'm getting my industrial in about a month, and I'm excited and afraid since I hear it's quite painful.

My suggestions for anyone who wants a navel piercing is not to play with it or touch it for the first few weeks. Seriously, as shiny and distracting as it is, it's not for you, or boyfriends, to touch. and although salt water is beneficial don't over do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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