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You want to know what sucks? Allergic Reactions


Let me explain how this idea came to mind first.

My whole piercing Infatuation began in 8th grade [I was 13 at the time] because my best friend had gotten her belly button pierced. I loved it, and asked her if it hurt, etc. (the whole 9 yards. haahaa)

I had asked both my parents at the same time if I could get my belly button pierced. Well guess what the answer was? yep, it was the ever-so-common NO. And I was upset, but dropped the topic for a while.

At school, we had just come back from Christmas break I believe... and another one of my classmates had gotten her belly button pierced. I was like, 'wow.' because in my school, belly button piercing weren't as common with the eight graders as nose and tongue piercing...ANYWAY I talked to my mother ALONE about getting my belly button pierced, and she said yes. We asked my dad, and he still said no. Well, apparently my mom talked to him about it, and he said yes. Wootwoot :D

The deal me and my dad made was that if I showed any signs of infection after IK got this piercing, I had to take it out.

So, me and my parents were looking for a place to get it done. My best friend came with me, along with a stuffed jack skellington I got from Disney world the past year...haahaa. Anyways, the Monday before I got this piercing [it was done Friday March 6...] my mom originally wanted to take me to the little tattoo parlor by her work. Wouldn't you know the piercer moved to California? That only left two places: Punks N' Posers and Studio X. My parents didn't like their piercer at Studio X (then). Then came the day of the piercing. We just had to wait for mom to get off work. So we were going to go to punks and posers. But no, their friggin' piercer left early that night. So we were on the way to Studio X. I was really nervous before we were anywhere close to studio X, so I sat in the back singing. It calmed me, okay? Haahaa.

So we got to studio X, and I was exited. We had to wait for the piercer Jamie, but we where fine with that. It gave us more time to look at all the extremely pretty belly rings I could wear after it healed and me and my friend looked at tattoos. So we walked back over to my parents, still waiting on Jamie, and me and my friend looked at the special belly rings. One had 69 on it, and I started laughing. Studio X has a big ass fish tank ,so I looked at fishies, and my friend almost picked up one of the tattoo magazine, but it said, 'You touch it, you buy it.' So we walked back over, and Jamie the asked us what we needed. Mom told him about me wanting my belly button pierced, so he asked the question: 'What kind of ring do you want, standard or something special?' I had already specified that I wanted a barbell, so we looked at the 'special' ones: the ones that were really pretty with the jewels, or the logo ones, like the '69'. I wanted the purple one, so he made me specify wh ich one: the heart or star. I said that since I'm not girlie, I want the star. That was the night I earned the name Hippie Chick...long ass story.

Anyway, it was time for me to get pierced. He tried to mark it, but my necklace got in the way. That's why you shouldn't wear a really long peace sign necklace when you're getting your belly button pierced. So he finally got it marked, and I laied down on the chair thing. It's really like a dentist chair, because it goes all the way back. It was cool as hell. Anyway, he got he piercing over with. It didn't really hurt, just a little pinch. He told me to stand up, and go look at it. It was the highlight of my night<3. I had chosen a purple star. It looked amazing, especially since I'm kind of pale, ant the stone was a dark purple. But I then got light headed. It sucked ass. Haahaa. And I cleaned it as many times as Jamie said to: 16 times a day.

So fast forward to May. I had it pierced for 2 months. We had figured out that I was allergic to the belly ring. Great. But there was this little place not far from my school that sold body jewelry, including the bioplast ones. So we went there and asked the lady for them, and we got two belly rings: one was sparkly and red, the other was marbleized and a green color. I tried changing it, but it would not go back in... I was pissed and upset. My mom even tried to get it to go through! When I decided to leave it out, mom brought up the idea of going to Studio X and getting Jamie to put it back in. We did, and I took really good care of it from that day...

Okay, so back up to about last Wednesday. We bought the really cute dangly belly ring. It was a pink jewel with a heart that had about 7 different colored stones on it, and not to mention the heart had a small dangly pink jewel in it. It was super cute. When we got home, I was eager to change my belly ring, so I cleaned it, to make it easier to take it out. So the first try, the belly ring wouldn't go in. The second time, I put Neosporin on it and it slipped right through. I was so amazed. I showed my rejects, and they loved it...but I figured out yesterday that I was allergic to this belly ring too, So I put the bipolast ring back in, and it looks fine.<3

So my only thing to say is if you want this piercing, do it. It's amazingly cute<3

&& sorry it's so long. Haahaa.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jamie
Studio: Studio+X
Location: Jasper%2C+GA

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