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In my family, any kind of piercing (besides standard ear) was looked down upon. Needless to say, I couldn't get my belly button pierced until I could sign for it myself. And that is exactly what I did.

My birthday is December 31st, so it's a pretty busy day. I had a lot of plans for my birthday; go out to eat with my family, get my nails done, leave with my boyfriend for the tattoo parlour, then stay in a hotel with him to watch the ball drop. After the morning was over, I went with a friend and my boyfriend to a local shop. They happened to close an hour before we arrived, and I was pretty upset. I wanted my belly pierced THAT DAY. So, since we had to check into the hotel, we dropped my friend off and tried to find a different tattoo parlour near where we were staying.

The only place that was open was Custom Kulture. I was determined to get my belly pierced, since I was asking for three years to get it done, and we left right away. The shop was located in a plaza in the middle of nowhere, but the shop looked friendly. We walked in, and Steady Eddie, the man at the counter, asked what we were in for. I said a belly piercing, and he brought out paperwork and asked for my ID. Everything was normal to me, especially since it was my first piercing done in a shop, and I was signing for it!

He copied my ID, reviewed the paperwork, and showed me the jewelry: a curved barbell. I was ready to pop, I was so excited.

Eddie sat me down on a propped up bed and marked my belly button. I looked at the placement, and thought it was fantastic. He clamped my skin, which didn't hurt at all, and asked if I was ready.

1...2...3... DONE.

I don't really remember what happened, but I remember holding my boyfriends hand, Eddie saying "there ya go!", and me running over to the mirror to check it out. I was so excited.

Going back to the hotel wasn't hard. My boyfriend and I previously bought antibacterial soap and Q-tips to clean it with, and I took really good care of it during our time together.

My belly button healed nicely, though I think I changed it too early. It was red and tender for awhile, and oozed for a long time, but it was still fantastic... Until...

I woke up on a Friday morning to a horrible pain. Horrible, horrible pain. I couldn't walk, eat, sit, stand, lay down... everything hurt. It was almost like someone was taking a hammer and hitting me in the lower right side of my abdomen over and over again. Going to school wasn't an option, even though I had a concert band competition, but I couldn't even sit straight.

At around 10 in the morning, I decided the pain was too unbearable for me to take. I asked for my mom to drive me to the clinic, since I didn't think I could do anything, and we arrived maybe around 11. At 12, I was diagnosed with appendicitis, and needed my appendix out THAT DAY. It was kind of scary.

We drove to the emergency room, and I immediately received a room. The nurses knew I was coming. After about a three hour wait in the ER, I was going to be taken into surgery... which meant all my jewelry came out, especially the belly button, since they needed to make an incision there. I was drugged on morphine, and it almost upset me into tears that I needed to take it out, but I did anyways...

Two weeks after surgery: the scar in my belly button was still tender, but I went to a local studio to see if they could re pierce it. The piercer, who wasn't all that nice, said he didn't need to, that he could taper it open and stick the jewelry back in.

Great for me =) he stuck the taper in, which I remember hurting WAY more than the original piercing did, but nothing compared to the pain of my appendix swelling. My sister came with me, and decided to get her belly button repierced after having it out because of a pregnancy, and he did a great job.

Even though I was upset about my belly, there was nothing I could really do. It's every hospital's policy that you must take jewelry off, so there's no chance that you walk out without something you walked in with.

Either way, I still have my belly piercing, and, if anyone looks close enough, a large scar with a long and interesting story behind it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Steady+Eddie
Studio: Custom+Kulture
Location: Tallmadge%3F%2C+OH

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