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4th time's the charm.. what?

I always thought navel piercings looked so good on any girl, so of course I wanted it for myself. I get that piercing 'itch' every once in awhile, and piercing my own navel has always been on my list.

My first attempt was in about 6th grade, making me twelve years old. All I really remember was having a sewing needle, a post earring, a lighter and ice. It didn't work of course. I got it through the top layer of skin but it refused to go though the bottom. It hurt so bad from the pressure I was applying, that I had to stop. It was very disappointed, but I'm very truly happy that it didn't work out because number one, it was completely unsanitary the way I was doing. I was guaranteed to get some sort of infection. And number two, at twelve I didn't know anything about piercings. Period.

So this brings me to the most recent past and attempt number two. This summer sometime, I'm not exactly sure when, but I remember talking to my friend on the phone in the middle of the night, and I was wide awake. We were talking about all of the piercings we wanted. We got on the subject of navel rings and the idea sparked. I had 14g needles from a friend who ordered them. I cleaned everything well and tried to shove it through. It didn't hurt at all. Maybe because I was definitely adrenaline high. The only thing was that again- It wouldn't go through the bottom! It was starting to hurt my fingers because I was pushing so hard my fingers were red. So I gave up.

Fast forward to about five days ago, attempt three. I set up the cleanest that I had so far. I cleaned the bathroom counter top, put small garbage bag over the sink to keep things from going down the drain, soaked the ring's parts in alcohol that I was going to use, wiped the garbage bag off with peroxide, got gloves, sterilized the needle very well, got some ice and paper towels. I dried all of the ring parts off (btw, I was using a curved barbell) and set them on a clean piece of paper towel.

I cleaned in and around my navel well and dried it. I then put on the gloves and pushed the needle in through the bottom. And finally for the first time, it went in all the way. I actually stopped in between for awhile because it actually hurt, which I don't know why. And when I pushed it through the top a lot of blood was coming out. It really surprised me. After about five minutes of sitting there all teary eyed and with a needle shoved through my navel, I grabbed the curved barbell I was going to use and put it through the needle's opening. this is where my problem started. the way I pierced was way too high up on my navel. So the barbell was too small to reach the top hole.

After a complete bloodshed, I decided to give up. I was very upset because this was the first time I actually got it through all the way. It was really sore the next four days. But on that fourth day, I bought a new navel ring at the mall to give me something to look forward to for the future.

Now this brings me to last night. This is five days after my third attempt, making this fourth. I decided to try again. Since set everything in alcohol since my last try, everything was clean already. I took the parts out of the alcohol and dried them, marked and iced my belly, put on gloves and cleaned in and around my navel. This was beginning to feel like fucking clockwork. After my navel was very numb, I shoved it through. Success! It looked perfect. I put a horse shoe ring in this time, to be certain it wouldn't be too short. I cleaned it with anti-bacterial soap when I got everything screwed on. Very little to no blood was definitely a relief to see. I bandaged it up for the night like you would get at a shop. Waking up this morning, I was a little disappointed to see that it looked too low and very slightly crooked. After a lot of thinking I decided to put in the new navel ring I bought at the mall two nights before. I was a little scared to do it because it was a lit tle wider than the horse shoe ring. So I lubricated the navel ring with some ointment and it slid right in.

I can honestly say I'm happy now. After years of waiting, I finally have my navel done. It was definitely a journey to get to this point. I chose to do this piercing DIY for many reasons. But my number one reason would have to be for the rush I get when I do piercings on my own. I've done four holes in my lobes and my smiley, all which are perfect and I have never had a problem with.

Call me stupid, I don't care. I know I am. Especially for going through with all of this. But when I want something I just go for it. There's a fine line between desperation and aspirations. This was definitely one of those aspiration kind of things. Seriously though, I don't recommend anyone doing this, ever. There are so so so many risks from doing DIY piercings. See a professional, and save yourself from any harm. Anything could happen.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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