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A mother-daughter bonding day

I'd been wanting to get my navel pierced since I was 13, even making a slide show about the procedure and risks for my parents. It was a NO from them, but my mum promised that she'd do it with me when I got older.I wasn't seriously expecting her to go through with it, and was surprised when I brought it up and she agreed. As we live in different cities, we decided that the time to do it was when I next came down to see her.

Fast forward 4 years, and the time had arrived. We booked an appointment at 'Flesh Wound' in Wellington for the second of October 2009. It seemed like a huge countdown of 2 days before the time would arrive.

I ate lunch an hour before my appointment, and drank a glass of orange juice. No way was I planning on fainting. Then Mum rang my stepfather and told him what she was doing that afternoon, he just laughed at her.

The place advertised genital piercings and branding in the hallway, and mum looked faintly ill, this was a whole new world for her. Her last piercing of her earlobes had taken place over 40 years ago, now, people were piercing their 'private parts'?

We walked in, and were shown a selection of jewelery. Mum opted for a plain gold barbell, and I went with a silver one with a purple jewel on the top and the bottom. My piercing was $75 (New Zealand dollars) and Mum's was $90. She paid for it and we began to wait. If we had any reservations, it was too late.

The receptionist explained the aftercare routine, salt water and antibacterial soap, wash your hands before and after touching it, and avoid touching it if you're not cleaning it. Seemed simple enough.

I could hear the girl before us whimpering and crying, and then she let out a small scream. Not exactly what I wanted to hear just before I was having the same thing done to me. But she came out looking white and relieved, and assured me 'it was no worse than getting pinched'.

Mum went first. I could hear her talking to Hamish, and she emerged smiling, so I assumed all went well. If she had done it, I would do it. There was no way I was the one who was going to back out.

I was up next, I felt a little nervous, but as I have 12 piercings (4 in each lobe, helix, tounge, nostril and nipple) as well as a tattoo on my wrist and behind my ear, I knew what to expect. I got marked up, and lay down on the chair. The butterflies began to kick in around then, and I almost felt like vomiting.

Hamish cleaned the area around my navel, and then did a 'tissue massage', to loosen up the skin and muscle.

He then clamped the skin, which wasn't painful, just felt odd. Then, he picked up the needle.

My mum and brother poked their heads in just as I was about to be pierced. I took a deep breath in, and felt a sharp pain. Then, it was over. My brother looked worse than I did! I just lay there as he inserted the jewelry and screwed the ball on to the top of the barbell. It seemed to take ages, but I was probably just eager to get out of there by that stage. Then, I looked at it and smiled before Hamish 'soothed' the area and put on a plaster and told me I was finished.

I walked out of the shop and to my car with a huge smile on my face- at last, I was pierced, after 4 years of waiting! I couldn't believe it had finally happened.

Now, it's a bit tender and red, and there's a bit of blood on the plaster, but it's ok. Mum keeps saying hers 'pinches' but I think that's just her being a wimp. I have to do my first clean tonight, and take the plaster off.

I'm so glad I got this piercing, it was minimal pain and it looks so cute. I just hope it doesn't get infected. Time will tell. But it's also an incentive for me to keep my belly looking trim and flat, because this piercing always looks better on a nice stomach. I can't wait for summer so I can hit the beach and show it off. For now, it's just my little secret, and I really think it brought me and my mum closer together. She experienced my world of body mods, and she taught me that waiting for things make finally getting them that much sweeter.

Any questions regarding navel, tongue, nipple, nose, helix or lobe piercings, or tattooing on the wrist or behind the ear, feel free to drop me an email at: minty_fresh_@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Oct. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Hamish
Studio: Flesh+Wound
Location: Wellington%2C+New+Zealand

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