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DIY Navel Piercing

I've done a lot of my own piercings and I've loved every single one I've done even if they were a bit flawed. The first one was my thumb webbing, didn't go well and was crooked but it was still my own work, I had to get rid of it because it rejected but while I had it I was very happy. The latest one before my navel was my septum (See DIY Septum Piercing, it's by me and will say -Sallygauge), it was very straight and I did a great job on it even if I used a safety pin (I know, REALLY stupid, but I ended up losing it because while I was at the doctor I took it out and some puss tried in the hole and It was way too sore to try to re pierce it. I'll do that again some day but only when I know there wont be doctor appointments and there's no chance of an infection, as tiny as it may have been, other then that I was beaming and proud, my latest one was my navel piercing.

I was in a piercing high and was in the mood to pierce something, I was thinking about redoing my septum or doing my nose stud, which has been on my list for a bit now but then I remembered how last time I was in this kind of mood I almost pierced my navel. I've been in quite a fog lately and the next thing I knew I was grabbing ice and my needles. I use sterilized hollow needles and yes, piercing yourself is stupid and no one should do it but hell, I do. I put the ice on my stomach for a few minutes, until the ice felt warm against my skin. I pushed the needle through and went about half way before the numbness wore off and I put the ice back on, then went another quarter of the way through before I put ice back on. Sense the ice was starting to not work anymore I slowly kept going and soon enough I could start to feel it on the other side.

When it finally went through to the other side I was so happy and excited, I left the needle in for a little bit but later put in a captive ball ring. The first week was very sore and for a bit I was sure it was infected but the more I cleaned it and showered it felt better. Now, about a week and a half later it's fine for the most part but still red and pusses only a little while I'm in the shower. It's healing nicely and now that I look at it it's about 97% straight but its crooked to such a minor extent I wouldn't be surprised if no one ever noticed unless they were staring at it for quite a while. It took me a week and a half to notice it and I don't know if that was the way I was looking at it or anything, oh well. The first night I got it done sleeping wasn't too bad but when I woke up the next morning it was pretty sore. The day after that I was so tired I tried sleeping on it bad and I ended up tearing it ever so slightly. It hurt a lot and I had to make sure it was o kay after that using a lot of sea salt soaks and making sure no scented soap and stuff got in it. Now it's a lot better, the top hole is still a bit red but the bottom hole is fine. Lately there's been a bit of coagulation from the soft, sensitive skin but other then that it's fine. I love it and I'm so proud of it even if it is ever so slightly crooked but It's all good. If it begins to bother me too bad or it migrates a bit or I pull it too much or something I may redo it but I may or may not.

If anyone is thinking about getting it, I would but the only problem is you cant sleep on your side without hurting it. If that isn't a big issue for you, get it! -Sallygauge If anyone has any questions or comments that aren't something like "Wow you're stupid for piercing things with a safety pin" then find a way to message me any time. I'm always on my lap top and one of my favorite things in the world is talking about piercings. My only advice is watch it and clean it at least twice a day, no one wants an infection especially a nasty one. Happy piercing everyone! (And don't be stupid like me, go to a piercer)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Navel Piercing

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