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Stretched Navel

About two years ago I got my navel pierced, I'd wanted it since I was 12 when my older friend was and I thought it was amazing. But my mum had always said "You can get it on your next birthday" and a few months after my 16 th birthday she said this again, but I told her right back that I would be getting it anyway, and she didn't seem to be able to argue. Which I was glad of because I'd actually gotten it pierced a month and a half before, haha!

So we went to our usual piercing parlour but they wouldn't pierce me because I had forgotten my ID. Which was fair enough, they were just being sensible piercers, and I'd just been dumb forgetting my ID. But I was desperate to get it done that day so we decided to try another piercers just up the road. So we got there and there was no problem with ID or anything, I guess they were more relaxed with ID than the other place. So we went through the procedure, everything was fine.

There were a few hiccups with the healing, but it was nothing a few months of sea salt soaks wouldn't fix. I had one of the dreaded pink bumps! It was on the bottom of the piercing and eventually healed just fine.

Then one day, as is normal with me, I got bored and started rifling through my tapers and tunnels, and I eventually found a little 2mm ring, and thinking through all of my existing piercings and had a brain wave, stretching my navel! I'd seen a few on BME and thought they looked cool and pretty unique but up until the last month or so I hadn't even thought about doing it to my own navel. But I stuck the 2mm ring in easy as hell, without any pain, just feeling a little tight, I guess all my fiddling with my navel bar before had loosened and stretched it.

So the 2mm ring was looking great in my navel so I decided to order some bars and pinchers from Body Art Forms (and if you didn't know, they are great for stretching gear and tunnels). I decided I would stretch to 4mm, I didn't want to go too big, half because I wasn't sure how it would look on me and half because I knew I'd probably end up tired of stretching it at about 4mm. So I ordered my stuff and waited.

It only took my stuff a couple of weeks to come and by then my navel was ready to go up to 3.2mm. I had been expecting it to be pretty easy seeing as getting to 2mm was so simple but it was a lot more challenging. However after pushing through gently (I suck at being in pain) and massaging cocoa butter in, I got to 3.2mm. It was stingy but not overly painful but it felt strange having such a large piece of plastic in my navel.

After about a month and a half I decided to go up to 4mm, this however was much more difficult, after pushing for about ten minutes the stretcher eventually refused to go any further, even though I'd massaged it like crazy with cocoa butter! So I left it as it was, halfway through my navel. It was soo much more painful than any of my other stretches, but it wasn't unbearable so I kept the stretcher in. The day after I could easily slide the stretcher all the way in, and after a few hours and lots of cocoa butter rubs I put the 4mm bar in. It looked great! I couldn't wait to show it off, and I took a photo to show everyone.

Sadly after a few more days it got red and itchy. I figured it just wasn't happy being 4mm just now, so I downsized to 3.2mm, I was upset about this but I knew it was for the best and it stopped my navel itching- I was so paranoid about it migrating just now that I wasn't going to take any chances. After 2 months of healing I tried it again. It was simpler than the last stretch but still pretty sore. I managed to get the bar in immediately this time simple as hell. The next day I showed my friends and they all thought it was rather strange to be stretching your navel but all agreed that it looked pretty cool. Its been about 6 months or so since I finished the stretching and it looks great and has had no problems except occasionally getting a bit red and itchy, but nothing salt water and cocoa butter doesn't fix. One problem with stretched navels though is the lack of pretty large gauge barbells, the only thing I have just now is my plain steel barbell, because any other jewel lery has been massively expensive. Oh well, its worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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