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Navel Piercing

I did not ever think of really getting my navel pierced until my friend suggested it to me. My friend, the same one that I got my tattoo with, recently got a navel piercing kit. Really it was just a clamp and needle, but it had all the items we needed to pierce. My friend already had her navel pierced which she did herself with a safety pin so I did not doubt her ability to pierce mine, so we began attempt number one.

We did not really mark where I wanted to be pierced so we just started to get'er done. I picked out the ring I wanted from her collection of them and we cleaned it in alcohol. Another friend, who had been recently pierced by the same person, held the clamp in place while helping me pick out a song. I was lying sideways on a bed and my piercer/friend had on gloves and the sanitized needle. She eye-ball'd where the piercing was going to be and asked me if I was ready. I did not want to know when it was going to happen so I responded with a 'just do it'. I was scared. I kept taking big, deep breaths until I felt the needle go through. The actual piercing hurt A LOT, especially the part where she had to put alcohol on it but there was not any blood. It was sore afterwards, but the pain lessened to the point where it was just a little annoying. I complained of how it was crooked and my friend told me to just stretch it to where I want the piercing to be so for the most part I was
just excited and happy.

I Google'd how to take care of my new piercing and also if it was possible to somehow move over the piercing so it would be straight. I tried stretching it over which hurt but did not do much else. The piercing would stay in the right spot for a few seconds than slowly move back to where it was. I even tried sleeping with a piece of tape over it stretched to the right spot but it also did not do anything. On the internet, all the stories I read said to take out the piercing, wait, and just get it pierced again. I was bummed of course because I did not want to take it out but I would rather have no piercing than a crooked one. Seriously, I would not want to deal with the pain of a piercing I was not wholly satisfied with anyways.

I sadly took the piercing out and forgot there was some dried gunk on it and that ended up scraping the inside of my piercing. The hole closed up fairly quickly and in about two weeks later the piercing healed to a small scar where I was pierced. I actually asked this piercer online what I should do before I took out the piercing but he just told me to give his store a call and I was too lazy. I probably should have called. Thinking all was well I called up my friend for round two. I gave my friend back her jewelry and instead bought my own but I think it was some unsafe cheap jewelry cause it only cost me about 7 dollars. This time I marked where I wanted it to be with a Crayola marker and she pierced it again except me on a flat surface and straight. The piercing did not hurt at all which surprised me because that was pretty much the only reason why I did not want to pierce it again. When she was done the piercing did start to bleed and that worried me because the previous
one had been completely problem free. My friend reassured me that it was okay because another girl she had pierced also bled and I am guessing nothing else was wrong. I could already think of a handful of reasons why my piercing would be messed up but so far I have not had much of a problem.

I'm thinking of changing the jewelry even though it has not healed just because my current one is this cheap plastic stuff and I'm worried it could get me infected. Also if the piercing is irritated by the material it can slow the healing time. The bleeding kind of stopped but it has been oozing with hopefully white blood cell gunk. Also the top part of the jewelry started to scab a bit but I washed it with soap and it went away. Now I'm just hoping for a quick healing process so I do not have to worry about it anymore. I'm pretty happy with my new piercing and am thinking of a couple more now that I am pretty accustomed to the pain. If anyone were to pierce themselves DIY style I would suggest buying high quality jewelry and to make sure you pierce it correctly the first time so it can be the last time. It was free to do mine so the trouble I had to go through for no expense was not so terrible that I wish I had gotten it done professionally.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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