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Is that it? - My lovely little navel piercing.

I've had problems with body image for ages. Was bullied at school, and this caused my confidence to plummet. I was obsessed with my weight, and found it hard to think of anything else.

A month before my fifteenth birthday, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to get a navel piercing. Something pretty to add to my navel, to make me feel good about it.

So, my birthday came, and I wasn't feeling too sunny. I was having a depressed day, something I get alot due to my Bipolar. It was on a Friday, however, so I spoke to my mum and she said she'd take me to get pierced tomorrow. (Now, you might not agree with this, but me and my mum are like best friends. I've been through alot in my life, Bipolar, bullying, attempted suicide, to name but a few. I think things through before I do them. Besides, it's better than doing drugs and stuff, right?) I went to bed as high as a kite, the excitement and anticipation lifting me out of my depressed day. The next morning, I went to see my friend, and once I came home, I started badgering my mum to take me to the piercing studio. She agreed, and we set off straight away.

We got to the piercing studio, and there was a queue. This was a good thing to me, because I had time to stop being nervous. We eventually got to the little room, after signing the papers and choosing my jewellery (a plain stainless steel bananabell). It was the same lady that pierced my nose, so I felt at ease immediatley. She got out the equipment, showing me that it was all single use or sterile. After marking my belly button and showing me the placement, she took out some numbing solution, and sprayed me with it. Then she put the clamps on, and told me to breathe in. When I breathed out, the needle was through! My mum reassured me that all that was left over was to put the bar through. Once the piercer had done that, she put a sterile dressing on me, to prevent the piercing from rubbing on my clothes, and sent me home. Aftercare instructions were no touching, only cleaning with salt water if there are crusties, and not to change the bar for 8-12 weeks.

Sleeping on it for the first night was painful. I kept forgetting I'd had it done, and usually lay on my stomach. I noticed that it hurt less when I had the dressing on to cushion it, so for the first couple of nights I wore a wound dressing over it, just to cushion it. I also made sure that I didn't wear tops that were too tight, or trousers that were high.

I noticed that the piercing had become red and sore after four weeks, so I had to change the bar after six weeks. I found that I am quite badly allergic to metal, including titanium. As soon as I changed it to Bioplast, it was fine. I also went back to my piercer, just to make sure it wasn't infected. I'd been overcleaning the poor thing, and that plus the allergy wasn't making healing easy. Stopping the cleaning and changing the bar made it better immediatley.

So now, with my bit of sparkle, I have a totally different view on my body image. I can look in the mirror without feeling sick, and guilty. Navel piercings are, in my opinion, very sexy, and not at all connected with any taboo that some other piercings seem to hold. It is very feminine, and also very easy to hide, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need to hide it, it's so easy.

One month on from my initial piercing, I am in no pain, there's zero infection, and I really couldn't be happier. Yes, it may be a very popular piercing, that's around ALOT, but it's worth blending in to have this amazing piercing.

I love being able to hide it from people if I choose to (not that I do alot. Infact, I flash it to all my close friends whenever I get the chance!). So it's just a private little thing between me, and my close friends. Next on my list to get is my tongue, and my septum, both for this reason too.

I really really really recommend this piercing. It's totally changed my views on my stomach, and I can honestly say it didn't hurt at all. Only thing I can say is that it is quite a difficult healer. Don't let that put you off if you really want it though. Just make sure you find a good piercer, use quality jewellery, don't mess around with it, and use proper aftercare.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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