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First standard navel piercing!

So far, I am 13 and I have had standard ear lobe piercings, a cartilage piercing done with a gun (even though I know thats not recomended.), a cartalige piercing done with a needle and scaffolding. I have had the first set of ear lobe piercings done about five times, every time I let them heal up but my current ones have been in for about three years now. When I got my scaffolding, I was so happy with it and proud, but unfortionately I had to take it out because after about three weeks, it had already rejected. Ever sinse then, I have been desperate for a new piercing, I feel like I lost one and that space never got filled, so my sister had her navel pierced when she was 16 and my Dad hates piercings, but because he had given her permission then I hoped he would agree to me. Luckily, he did.

So, he agreed to let me have it done on Saturday, I spent all of Saturday night trying to find somewhere in the area that was open on Sunday, but unfortionatly I couldn't. So on Monday, I got home from school and sat in front of my dad. I sighed and complained that I was bored and I would have to wait a whole week before I could get my piercing done. He sort of half looked at me, more interested in his paper and nodded. He asked me where the closest place was, how much it would cost and what time they closed. Automatically I looked up Skins and Needles, it was only about a ten minute drive from my house and filled him in on every detail possible. I put on my puppy dog eyes and hoped he would offer to take me. I got quite hyped up about the idea of getting it done that night, but after a long battle of hints, it got too late and we wouldn't have enough time to get there. Monday night out the window.

On Tuesday afternoon, on the way home from school I texted him and he offered to take me to get it done that night, I was so excited! He made me ring the place to ask if they would do it so close to the closing time and if it was okay that I was 13. I called them and the friendly woman on the hone told me that would be fine.

After what seemed like a life-time, my dad returned from work. He came through the door said a quick hello to my mum and told me to get my shoes on, we would have to leave right away. By now I had been reading up on BME and researching all about risks and aftercare. I was nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect, but with a rough idea. I got in and my dad was instantly disgusted by the morbid looking doll heads in the display cabinet covered in tattoos and piercings, I was fascinated. There where two woman looking through the tattoo designs on the wall and me and my dad bent down to look at the navel bars in the cabinet. A woman walked it, she had short blonde hair and a few piercings of her own. This was Bev. She gave my dad some forms to fill out and told me to go through to the piercing room. My dad, being a huge piercing hater, decided he didn't want to watch a woman push a needle through my skin, understandably, so he stayed in he main room.

The piercing room was a small-ish oblong room, it looked clean and white wih black shelves. I smiled as I watched Bev take the needle out the packet and told her I was a little nervous. She explained that it shouldn't hurt too much. It would sting, but it wouldn't be unbearable. So I smiled too and she asked me to lift my tee-shirt to show my belly button so she could mark it. She placed a small purple dot in and above my belly button and asked me to look in the mirror. I smiled and said that was fine.

Next I had to sit in the chair, it was at a strange angle so she could get to it well. I grabbed the handles of the chair tight and we began discussing my failed scaffolding and Pete in Kazbah. I felt really comfortable talking to her, she seemed like a nice person and easy to get on with. I asked her about clamps and she explained how she used tweezer clamps because locking clamps pinched and it hurt, I was happy with this and she clamped my skin. This did sting a little and felt quite uncomfortable but it was easily bearable. Next she took the needle and asked me to take a breath in and breath out as she pushed the needle through my skin. I felt it, it stung, but not alot. She threaded the jewellry through and cut away the lastic tubing. She raised the chair and tilted it so that I could get up easily. I admired it in the mirror and then lowered my shirt to return to the main room.

My dad looked at me and I noticed there where around five people in the room now. "Do it?" He looked at me like he didn't think I had done it. I smiled and lifted my shirt up infront of the room of people. He winced and went a little pale, the rest of the room looked at me like i was nuts, the grin on my face and my shirt up to my ribs. We payed and she explained about aftercare.

Its three days on now and I'm really happy with it. I can't feel it now and it's looking really good.

I will definatly reccomend Skins and Needles in South Wigston to anybody wanting a piercing. I will return there soon.


submitted by: Loopi166
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Bev
Studio: Skins+and+Needles
Location: South+Wigston

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