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My navel piercing!

For months all I had wanted was one thing - my navel pierced. I begged and pleaded with my mom and dad, both separately and together, with the same answer every time: absolutely not. I had nearly lost all hope when one day, my dad caved. Well, almost.

"If its okay with your mother do whatever you want. Tell her I said it was fine if you think it'll get you somewhere."

My hopes newly revived, I went and asked my mom again, saying exactly what he had said. She seemed a little flustered, and said that she was mad that my dad said I could, since it was her secret birthday present for me!

Needless to say, I was more than excited for my birthday, which would be coming within two months. I waited, and waited, and waited. Once my birthday was two weeks away, I started researching like a madman everything I could about navel piercings, including reading dozens of stories right here.

Me and my mother went to the shop the Tuesday before my birthday (which was a friday) to check it out. Neither of us had either been in a tattoo shop before, and we wanted to make sure it was sterile. We talked to a woman, I can't remember her name, and left feeling relieved that it was, indeed, a clean, sterile, safe place to get pierced.

The day came, and it was all I could think about in school. As soon as my mom came home, we left straight for Pins & Needles to get that bar through my stomach. We got there, and was greeted by the same woman we saw earlier that week. She said that a man named Cracker was piercing someone right then, but by the time that we finished the paperwork, he should be done and ready for me.

During this process, I was instructed on what would happen, what to clean it with afterwards, and being told "Cracker will explain everything in more detail after."

We finished, and just as this woman said, Cracker was done and ready to stick a needle through my belly button. A man covered with tattoos and huge gauges, but very nice lead me and my mother into a small room towards the back of the building, and proceeded to take out the hollow needle, bar made from surgical steel, and the other necessary parts out of their packages and marked my stomach.

I looked in the mirror, and was kind of unsure about whether it looked right or not, but I didn't think that it looked wrong, so I said sure, it looked good. I sat back down on what I will swear is a dental chair, and Cracker pushed a foot pedal that made it lean back and raise up.

He told me that it was okay to grab onto his or my mothers arm, so, not to be discriminatory, (and because I was anxious out of my mind) I grabbed both. He clamped the top of my navel, and told me to take a deep breath, so I did, anticipating the pinch of a needle going through the gaps in the clamp. When it didn't come, I was a little confused, but figured that he did this so that I wouldn't expect it.

I was told to breath in again, so I did, and felt a tiny pinch in my midriff. I couldn't believe that that was all the pain I had felt! I felt a little lightheaded, so I said this, to no one in particular.

"Almost done, I just need to put in the ring."

He did this, and I felt another small pinch. Then, totally unexpectedly, I fainted. Now, I have a history of fainting when I get needles taken, but I was completely blindsided.

When I woke up, (around 10 seconds later according to my mom) Cracker got me a soda to get my sugar level up and let me sit there for a couple minutes. I couldn't help but peek at my newly pierced belly button, and was thrilled!

Once I had a glass of the soda in my system, I was told in more detail about the cleaning process, and when it was okay to change my ring (four to six weeks, closer to six). I got up and we walked out, no problems. I called my father to tell him the deed was done, but ended up hitting some major bumps in the road, and fainted, again!

When I woke up (again) my mom finished driving me home, and I layed down on my couch. There I stayed, for the whole weekend to be safe, while the pain was the worst. Let me tell you, this is the two days that you should keep a bottle of your pain reliever of choice on hand. I cleaned it as instructed, three times a day with the medicine given to me at Pins & Needles, and twice per day with antibacterial soap on a Q-Tip.

Now, five weeks later, my navel is looking as great as can be! It is still tender if I hit it on something, or if it is touched too much, but for the most part I can't even feel it.

Just yesterday I took out my ring, cleaned it, and put the same one back in. I plan on changing it to a new one sometime in the next week, or a couple of days after Halloween at the latest.

To anyone considering getting this done, I would completely recommend it. I think that, although seeming torturous, it was a good idea that I had to wait for a period of time to realize that I really did want it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Cracker
Studio: Pins+%26+Needles+Tattoo%27s
Location: Brockton%2C+MA

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