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My Double Navel Piercing!

This is my story of getting my double navel piercing! When I was thirteen I convinced my father to bring me to get my first belly button piercing. My mother was strongly against it, so my dad promised if I improved my school grades he would bring me to get it done behind her back. Instantly I agreed and consequently brought my grades up, and he brought me to get it done. The salon was called Peter Tattoo, and from that experience on I knew it would be the only piercing salon I would ever go to. I hid that piercing for nine months exactly before she found it. Let's just say she was not thrilled with my father or me!

On to my double navel piercing though. I had my belly button pierced and a total of seven ear piercings; nothing dramatic. For my seventeenth birthday my mom and dad agreed to let me get another piercing as long as it wasn't anything crazy. I decided on getting an industrial piercing, and I was really excited about it. My boyfriend however wasn't as thrilled about it, and pointed out how his very conservative parents were going to think less of me for it. After talking to him more about it and contemplating the situation, I decided to pierce something that there was a lesser chance of them seeing. I had never really considered piercing my belly button on the sides or the bottom, but a good friend of mine showed me some photos online and I instantly fell in love with the multi-navel piercings. I looked up just about every story and photo I could find on the internet of multi-navel piercings and I got dead-set on the idea of getting myself a double navel piercing. For weeks bef ore I went to get it done I stopped into Peter Tattoo regularly to get as much information as possible, and talk to the piercer there. Her name was Samantha, as is mine, and she was one of the chillest girls I've ever met. She seemed really knowledgeable, and she completely eliminated my nerves about getting the piercing. She herself had all four sides pierced, and it looked really great (it even made me consider getting the sides of mine done in the future!). My friend who had shown me the photos in the first place decided to go in with me and get hers done too so we'd match.(cute huh?) For the two weeks before we were going in, it was just about all we talked about. My parents and her parents both had no problem with us getting the piercing, and although I hadn't told my boyfriend about it yet, I hoped I'd get a better reaction than I did when I brought up the industrial piercing. We planned on Saturday, October 25th, and the night before I decided to show the boyfriend so me photos and ask him what he thought. He said it was a lot less drastic than the industrial piercing, and wouldn't be that different than simply having a navel piercing. Feeling as though I had successfully got his approval, I announced to him I was getting it done tomorrow, and that I'd show him that night and tell him how it went. He didn't object.

Saturday morning came around, and I could hardly wait. I woke up early and drove to town to get my paycheck so I could split the cost of the piercing half-way with my mom. The piercing would cost $50, but I set aside a little more accounting for a tip if I felt she deserved it, which I was sure she would. That morning I was unable to get a hold of my friend, so it looked like I would be going just with my mom. A different "piercing-virgin" friend of my decided she'd come with me and my mom, but just to watch. I was hoping watching me go through it might convince her to get her belly button pierced after her birthday (... no such luck). Around one that afternoon I drove there with my mom and friend, more excited than ever, and not the slightest bit nervous. I'm not sure whether it was because I had it pierced so long ago and I simply didn't remember that it hurt, or it actually didn't hurt, but I was convinced my first belly button piercing didn't hurt at all, thus I had no reas on to think this time would hurt either. Samantha was there waiting for me, and gave me a information sheet to fill out, and asked for my birth certificate, drivers license/school ID, and my mom's drivers license. After verifying everything she asked if I had eaten anything that day. I lied and said I had, afraid she wouldn't pierce me if I told her I hadn't. She said she was required to ask because some people who didn't eat would pass out after being pierced. I assured her everything would be fine with me, and she brought me, my mom, and friend to a back room set up like a dentists office. She showed me all the new needles and sterilized clamp and whatnot. She made a mark below my belly button and asked if it was placed exactly where I wanted it. I looked in the mirror and it looked lined up directly under my other one, which was exactly what I wanted. She clamped me (which didn't hurt AT ALL), and told me to breathe. She stuck the needle through, and I felt a sharp pain w hich made me wince, and then it felt like she pushed a little bit more, and it was through. It hurt no doubt, but it was incredible quick, and I didn't feel her put the jewelry through. I stood up and it looked perfect, I absolutely loved it. So although I believe it was a lot more painful than my original navel piercing, I would say its' definitely worth it. It's sexy, but still classy, and even my boyfriend said it looked nice. I'm washing it 2-3 times a day with dial soap and doing sea salt soaks (8oz. of warm water to ¼ tsp of sea salt). It's the day after right now and its feeling better than yesterday already. To any girl thinking about a double navel, I would say go for it, if you can take care of it until it heals, it will be so worth it in the end!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Samantha
Studio: Peter+Tattoo
Location: Danbury%2C+CT

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