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A navel piercing to call my own...

Hi! My name is Caroline, I'm 19, and am writing up my experience of my navel piercing 25-10-08 :)

I first started getting interested in piercings over two and a half years ago, around the time I finished School and started 6th form College. Initially, a navel piercing was the piercing for me. I love the way it looks, subtle yet very sweet. I can be a very indecisive person though! Over the course of two years, I obtained a couple of cartilage piercings to go with my lobes, which although I love to this day...the thought of a navel piercing was always in the back of my mind!

Fast forward to last week. Sitting at home, I remembered I had a three day weekend. The thought of getting a navel piercing entered my mind, but I had put it off for so long, I didn't actually think I'd go for it! Needless to say, I continued to mull over the thought until I finally decided Saturday would be the day...as long as I didn't chicken out! I have been researching navel piercings for years now, reading endless experiences on bme, videos and forums...all in all, I probably was too prepared for it, thinking about what could potentially go wrong!

Saturday morning, I was feeling sick (nerves!). I slept in, missed the train and had to wait till the next one at 12:45. I hopped on and went into Guildford, which is a town I know well, having attended College here for two years. The piercing place I went to is called Electrik Ink. Being a relatively new piercing place, there were not many reviews on the internet, but the few I found were positive, and they seemed friendly in their e-mail-so I went for it, as there is a real lack of decent piercing places in Surrey. At around 1:30 that day, I got off at London road station, and slowly began the short 5 minute walk. Butterflies in my tummy, I looked in the window...and walked straight past. I kept on walking. My nerves literally wouldn't let me in! I continued to walk down Guildford high street, and then stopped. I didn't want to regret not doing this, as I'd wanted it for so long. I began to walk back, and I eventually went inside, with a bottle of Fanta to keep my sugar leve ls up!

I asked the young girl behind the counter if I could get my navel pierced, she was very polite and friendly, telling me I could get done it there and then. I opted for a blue jewelled titanium bar, which came to £32.80. After grabbing some money from the cash machine outside and signing the form, I was greeted by my piercer Lee, who put me at ease straight away, being nice and chatty, and explaining the whole procedure.

The piercing room was small, but perfectly formed. All the needles were wrapped and on neat shelves, and all jewellery in packets after being autoclaved. Lee explained how all needles are one use, and then destroyed. He marked me up and I mentioned how my navel is slightly wonky, "nobody's perfect!" "Well, except me of course" He joked :) He cleaned my navel, made sure the piercing was deep enough by using a little electronic device, and marked on the entry and exit holes-then we were ready for the piercing! I couldn't quite believe I was doing this...having not told anyone, I did feel slightly naughty, but I had wanted this piercing for so long, I was having no second thoughts. I lay down, and felt an almighty pinch...for about a second. Before I knew it he was putting the bar in and it was done- all the while chatting to me and telling me step by step what was going on (which is more than I can say for my previous piercer!) He put a square pad over it and held it on with tape...t hat was it!

I paid my money, thanked him, and will be coming back every month for a check up until it's healed, which I think is a nice customer touch, showing they actually care about you after you've left the shop!

So far, my piercing has been relatively easy, cleaning it 2-3 times a day. I can't even feel it most of the time, which often means I forget its there and end up knocking it! I will learn eventually I guess! I am a little worried about rejection of course, as i've read so many horror stories, but I'm going to keep it clean, look after it and what will be will be!

Moral of the story...the longer you leave something, the harder it is to do...I almost never bothered getting my navel pierced, but now I've bitten the bull, I feel really proud of myself! It also makes you feel pretty cute...knowing there's a hidden gem in your belly :)

Thanks to Electrik ink In Guildford, and thanks for reading...you've been great!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Lee+Lewis
Studio: Electrik+Ink
Location: Guildford%2C+Surrey

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