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Piercings Come To Those Who Wait

The first time I came across navel piercings I was staying in a tiny flat in Wimbledon, London visiting my cousin one summer in the late nineties.. Two of his flatmates were girls in their late teens that I, a rather shy seven year old, idolized. The played their music loud, wore clothes that made them stand out, smoked (although they tried to do that while I wasn't there) and each had a sparkly piece of metal that seemed to dangle from inside their navels. Considering I was really young and came from a small town where even cartilage piercings were considered odd I was fascinated by these and kept asking them how it was done and when they got them. When I finally had to return to Scotland I asked my parents for one- the answer was an obvious no. My little determined self was still positive I'd have one someday though.

Fast forward a few years and the attitude towards piercings in general has changed and navel piercings are considered the height of fashion. When I was 13, my father offered to pay for me to get my navel pierced at a dodgy shop in Falkirk. My mum freaked out and said no, and I later moved on to wanting other piercings, as well as getting my lobes pierced again. Last year finished off with the addition of snakebites to my two lobe piercings, and I thought that would settle me for a while. Of course the idea of a couple new additions flew around the back of my head for a while but I pretty much ignored them.

Skip forward nine months; I've just started uni, I live in a student flat and I get the impulse for another piercing. I had been debating between a nostril and a navel piercing for the past couple of months, as I've wanted them both since I had my last snakebite done. Considering I had the money and ID I didn't see why I shouldn't get it done; the only problem was picking a piercing studio to get it done at. I knew about a well-known piercing shop in Glasgow where my friend had her smiley done as well as the Glasgow Piercing Studio, a leaflet I'd taken off one of my flatmates while he ranted and went through his bag from the Freshers Fair. After pinning it to my notice board all I could think about was how desperately I wanted a new piercing.

The day I got the piercing I was wandering around the city centre trying to pick up things to get ready for a night with two of my flatmates. We were standing in a shop and as I queued I still felt angry from an argument I'd had with the flatmate who had given me the studio leaflet the previous day- and I wanted to do something I'd like but would annoy him extremely. I remembered his rants and thought it was time for that new piercing I'd been thinking about! I said goodbye to the people I was shopping with and practically ran down to Merchant City, only stopping to grab a quick bite to eat since you should always have eaten at least six hours before getting a new hole punched in your body! The first shop I tried told me their piercer wasn't in for the week, so I left quite disappointed. I then decided it was time to look for the Glasgow Piercing Studio... which was just round the corner but took me half an hour to find thanks to my utter fail sense of direction. I got in and found an hour-long que ahead of me, so I sat and waited while people went in before me to get their new piercings. When it was finally my turn I walked into the room (pure white; it even felt clean) and I noticed in her office my piercer had put on a My Chemical Romance CD too as she'd guessed I was a fan by my bag and thought I looked a little jumpy at first. I signed for the piercing, went over the aftercare sheet and got ready!

First of all my piercer put on a new pair of surgical gloves, marked the area she was going to pierce and wiped it with an antibacterial wipe. I had already asked for a plain silver bananabell as jewellery to match the studs I had as my snakebites. Once everything was ready she asked me to lie on the bed and when she said, take a deep breath and breathe out. I did so and felt the tiniest pinch, to which I freaked out and asked if she'd started yet... turns out it was done and she was just putting the jewellery in! After that she covered the new piercing with a bandage, told me not to take it off until the next day and when I did to make sure I kept washing it with salt water and patting it dry. On the way out I mentioned I thought I might have been too large to have the piercing done, to which she laughed and said she'd seen people ask for the piercing yet were MUCH bigger! I paid with a smile on my face and nearly skipped back home.

When I got back to the flat I showed my anti-piercing flatmate the bandage and thanked him for the leaflet, even though he started ranting at me as soon as he found out. I later tried to explain bod-mod culture to him, but all he still sees it as is "paying someone to stab you with a rusty needle". I suppose some people aren't meant to get tattoos or piercings.

It's been two weeks since the piercing and I've been cleaning it as recommended. So far it's been the least trouble aftercare-wise out of any piercing I've had before, although I'll admit I've had a few nights out and forgotten to cover it up to let it heal instead of getting caught on my waistline. It's back to healing well though, although being a bit lax and sleeping on my stomach are faults on my part. If you're going to get it done? GO FOR IT! Just make sure you get a good piercer at a good place and know how to take care of it well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Forgotten
Studio: Glasgow+Piercing+Studio
Location: Glasgow

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